Used Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

On this page, you can find used tires for Dodge Aries 1987 Base Model with tire size 175/80R13. For other trims please see the table below.

Please note that different trims on the same year models can have different size tires, and in some models, the same trims can have different size tires from the factory. Check detailed information about the different trims for Dodge Aries 1987 by visiting the Dodge Aries page.

TrimTire Sizes
Dodge Aries 1987 Base Model175/80R13
Dodge Aries 1987 LE185/70R14

Used All Season Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

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Used Summer Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

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Used Off Road Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

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Used Winter Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

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Used Truck Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

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Used Tires for Dodge Aries 1987 – Find Affordable Tires for Your Classic Car

If you’re looking for affordable used tires for your Dodge Aries 1987, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of high-quality used tires in excellent condition from top brands to ensure your classic car has the best performance on the road. However, before you buy used tires, there are a few things to know to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

About the Dodge Aries

The Dodge Aries was a compact car manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation from 1981 to 1989. It was available as a four-door sedan, two-door coupe, and five-door wagon. The Aries was known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance costs, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers.

The Dodge Aries 1987 came equipped with a standard 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 93 horsepower. It had front-wheel-drive and either a three-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission.

Things to Consider When Buying Used Tires

Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing used tires:

  1. The tire’s tread depth: Check the tread depth and make sure it’s above the minimum legal limit of 2/32 inches or better.
  2. Age of the tire: Look for the tire’s manufacture date on the sidewall. Avoid tires that are older than six years as they may have degraded over time, even if their tread depth is good.
  3. Tire condition: Inspect the tire for damage, such as cuts, punctures, bulges, or sidewall cracks that could compromise its integrity.
  4. Matching the tire size: Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure the used tires you’re considering are the correct size for your Dodge Aries 1987. Using the wrong size tire can affect your car’s handling, fuel economy, and safety.
  5. Seller’s reputation: If buying from a private seller or online, read reviews and verify their reputation to ensure they are trustworthy.

Benefits of Buying Used Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

Here are a few advantages of buying used tires for your Dodge Aries 1987:

  1. Cost savings: Used tires are often significantly cheaper than new ones, making them an affordable option if you’re on a budget.
  2. Environmental benefits: Buying used tires helps reduce waste by extending the tires’ lifespan and reducing the demand for new ones.
  3. Unique tread patterns: You may be able to find used tires with rare or discontinued tread patterns for your classic car.
  4. Matching tread wear: If you only need to replace one or two tires, buying used can help you match the remaining tread depth of your other tires.

Drawbacks of Buying Used Tires for Dodge Aries 1987

Here are a few drawbacks of buying used tires:

  1. Potential safety concerns: Used tires may have hidden damage or wear that’s not immediately visible, which could make them unsafe to use.
  2. No warranty: Most used tires are sold as-is, meaning there’s no warranty or guarantee of their performance or lifespan.
  3. Less tread life remaining: Used tires have less tread life left than new ones, which means you may need to replace them sooner than expected.
  4. Difficult to find: Used tires can be harder to find, especially if you’re looking for a specific size or brand.

Find Quality Used Tires for Dodge Aries 1987 Today

At our company, we offer a wide selection of used tires for your Dodge Aries 1987. All of our tires are thoroughly inspected for quality and performance to ensure they meet our strict standards. We also offer fast and reliable shipping to get your tires to you as soon as possible.

Whether you’re restoring a classic car or trying to save money on a tight budget, buying used tires can be an excellent option for your Dodge Aries 1987. Browse our inventory today to find the perfect set of used tires for your vehicle at an affordable price.