Used Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009

On this page, you can find used tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009 LS AWD with tire size 255/55R20. For other trims please see the table below.

Please note that different trims on the same year models can have different size tires, and in some models, the same trims can have different size tires from the factory. Check detailed information about the different trims for Chevrolet Traverse 2009 by visiting the Chevrolet Traverse page.

TrimTire Sizes
Chevrolet Traverse 2009 LS AWD245/70R17
Chevrolet Traverse 2009 LS FWD245/70R17
Chevrolet Traverse 2009 LT AWD255/65R18
Chevrolet Traverse 2009 LT FWD255/65R18
Chevrolet Traverse 2009 LTZ AWD255/55R20
Chevrolet Traverse 2009 LTZ FWD255/55R20

Used All Season Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009

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Used Summer Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009

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Used Off Road Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009

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Used Winter Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009

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Used Truck Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009

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Used Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009 – Get Maximum Value from Your Mid-Size SUV

Explore our selection of used tires for your Chevrolet Traverse 2009, a mid-size SUV known for its versatility, comfort, and spaciousness. Discover a wide variety of top-quality tires from leading brands that have been previously owned but still offer excellent performance, durability, and value. When purchasing used tires, it’s important to consider your driving style, vehicle requirements, and budget to find the best options for your needs.

About the Chevrolet Traverse 2009

The Chevrolet Traverse 2009 is a mid-size SUV manufactured by the American automaker General Motors. It was first introduced in 2008 as a 2009 model and has been in production ever since. The Chevrolet Traverse offers a spacious and comfortable ride for up to eight passengers, making it an ideal choice for families or groups who want to travel in style and comfort. Some key features of the Chevrolet Traverse 2009 model include:

  1. Available in LS, LT, and LTZ trims
  2. Front-wheel or all-wheel drive options
  3. 3.6-liter V6 engine with six-speed automatic transmission
  4. Up to 24 mpg on the highway, according to the EPA
  5. Large and versatile cargo space

When searching for used tires for your Chevrolet Traverse 2009, it’s important to look for options that meet your driving needs and the requirements of your vehicle.

What to Consider When Buying Used Tires

When purchasing used tires, there are several factors to consider to ensure a safe and satisfactory driving experience:

  • Tire condition: Check the tread depth, tire wear patterns, and sidewall damage to see if the tire will perform well and last long.
  • Tire age: Make sure the tire is not too old, as tires that are older than six years may be unsafe to use.
  • Tire type: Choose a tire that matches the type and specifications recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Tire size: Make sure the tire size matches that of the other tires on your vehicle and that it is appropriate for your vehicle’s make and model.
  • Tire price: Compare the price of the used tire to that of a new tire to determine whether a used tire is a good value for your money.

Remember that not all used tires are equal, so it’s important to carefully inspect each tire before making a purchase.

The Benefits of Buying Used Tires for Chevrolet Traverse 2009

Choosing used tires for your Chevrolet Traverse 2009 comes with several advantages, including:

  • Cost savings: Used tires are typically less expensive than new tires, giving you the opportunity to save money while still getting quality tires for your vehicle.
  • Environmental benefits: Reusing tires instead of disposing of them helps reduce waste and conserves valuable resources.
  • Matching tread: If you only need to replace one or two tires, buying used can help you find tires with matching tread to maintain the balance and stability of your vehicle.
  • Rare or discontinued tires: Sometimes, it can be challenging to find specific types of tires, especially if they are rare or no longer in production. Buying used can offer you the chance to find these tires and save money at the same time.

The Drawbacks of Buying Used Tires

While there are many benefits to buying used tires, there are also some downsides to consider, such as:

  • Quality control: Because you cannot be sure of the tire’s history, there is a risk of choosing a tire that is in poor condition or one that has been damaged and could fail prematurely.
  • No warranty: Unlike new tires, used tires do not typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so there is less protection if the tire fails.
  • Matching sets: It can be difficult to find a matching set of used tires, so you may have to replace all four tires even if only one is damaged.

Shop for Quality Used Tires Today

Discover our vast selection of used tires for your Chevrolet Traverse 2009 and find the perfect fit for your mid-size SUV. Each listing provides detailed information on the tire’s specifications, condition, and pricing, as well as user reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Remember to inspect each tire carefully and compare the prices to new tires to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. With the right set of used tires, you can enjoy a cost-effective and safe driving experience while getting maximum value from your Chevrolet Traverse 2009.