Toyo Proxes St III Review

Toyo Proxes St III

We are writing this article as a comprehensive review and guide to help you review the pros and cons of the Toyo Proxes St III tires and see if they are right for you.

Our tire experts have researched manufacturer stats, real-time tests, and user reviews and compiled the data to ensure you have the best information.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


To summarize our research, we concluded that the Toyo Proxes St III is a tremendous all-season performance tire that can do its job quite well. 

It isn’t the top of its class, and despite being an all-season tire, it provides good dry grip and can maintain its stability and control steering through any temperature.

Although this tire is quite expensive and struggles with ice and snow, keep in mind if those factors are significant considerations for you when purchasing your new tires.


  • Quiet ride on the highway
  • Wet traction is superb
  • Resists hydroplaning
  • Steering is responsive and straightforward
  • Excellent dry traction as well
  • 40,000-mile tread warranty is above average


  • Struggles in icy conditions because of poor ice traction
  • Not built for snowy or frozen roads

To see how we came to these conclusions, we invite you to read our detailed guide on the Toyo Proxes ST III. In this article, you will find these main sections tacked:

  • Overview
  • Breakdown of Performance
  • Recommendations for this tire and conclusions reached

Keep reading if you want to find out the exciting features of this premium high-performance tire!

Toyo Proxes St III Overview

The Toyo Proxes ST III is designed for an SUV or truck with a high-performance engine.

It is classified as a sports tire, which means it is a tire with an all-season tread pattern and enhanced traction. Sports tires are primarily used on streets or the highway because of their higher speed rating and, in the case of the Toyo Proxes ST III, higher performance.

The Toyo Proxes ST III is not available for heavy-duty because it isn’t available in the correct sizes, so if you are driving a heavy-duty truck or want to haul a lot of cargo or a heavy trailer, this tire isn’t a good choice.

Still, if you aren’t looking for heavy-duty, the Toyo Proxes St III comes in an extensive range of wheel diameter sizes. It comes from 17-inch to 24-inch, whereas most of the tires in its class only offer 20-inch to 24-inch by comparison.

Toyo Proxes St III Performance Breakdown

Next, we will dive into the specifics of the tire’s performance through these primary categories:


The overall performance of the Toyo Proxes St III is excellent. It has a directional tread pattern to perform well in various temperatures and road conditions.

It is a tire with lots of stability, and user reviews report that the tires are super quiet and handle corners quite well. They are excellent at eliminating noise from imperfections on the road surface and can tackle dry conditions the best.

Some reviewers praised the Toyo Proxes St III as the quietest tires they have ever had.


The wet performance of the Toyo Proxes St III is respectable, good even. Thanks to its directional tread, the grooves in the tire form tiny “lightning grooves” that allow water to escape the tire quickly, allowing better contact with the road surface.

You will get increased grip and traction on highways and wet tarmac thanks to longitudinal traction that maintains traction during acceleration and braking. 

The longitudinal traction gives the tires a tendency to steer linearly, so they can resist sliding and hydroplaning as long as you can maintain a straight direction.


Dry conditions are probably where the Toyo Proxes St III excels the most. The gorgeous tread pattern has directional shoulder blocks which eliminate excessive noise while improving the braking ability and corning grip on the dry road surfaces.

You also get shorter braking distances in dry conditions because the tread pattern makes it hard for the tires to lose traction quickly. 

This quality lets you get the most out of your high-performance engine and accelerate and decelerate quickly without worrying about your vehicle sliding or coming unglued.


While these tires are better than summer weather tires dealing with snow, an all-season tire is no substitute for a solid winter tire. You should not expect excellent performance out of them during snowy or icy conditions, but the Toyo Proxes St III is not undrivable.

The directional tires will still give you some linear traction, and you will experience shorter braking distances than a summer tire, but your ride still isn’t the safest.

You will see the worst performance on the ice as the lack of contactable road surface is a directional tread tires weakness, and you will find sliding relatively easy if you aren’t careful.

In tests on snow surfaces, the tire can perform okay, but to be safe, you will want a better-equipped snow tire for the winter season.

Braking Distance

The Toyo Proxes St III will reduce braking distance significantly compared to less competent competitors.

User reviews were surprised how quickly the Toyo Proxes St III was able to stop in rainy conditions, and some even found success in breaking in snow. Still, these tires are not recommended for wintery conditions.


Some reviewers report some squeakiness while corning, but it is a responsive tire that handles well under multiple conditions.

Thanks to its high-hardness bead filler, you are going a stiffer sidewall, which leads to better handling responsiveness.

Noise and Comfort

The Toyo Proxes St III shines in this category as it can provide a comfortable ride with some of the quietest road surface contact in its class. 

It can even handle rough patches on the road, and the directional tread keeps it going forward crisply, even on broken roads.


Toyo uses a wider tread and silica-based tread compound that gives it some increased durability compared to its competition.

The arrowhead tapers in its tread design increase the stiffness of the tires, which decreases the wear on the tires because these tapers ensure the tire is heading straight at much as possible.

These aren’t heavy-duty tires, however, so adding weight from trailers or hauling will reduce the longevity of the Toyo Proxes St III tires.


The price is reasonable for the Toyo Proxes St III’s features. As a performance tire, it will cost a bit more than your standard fare, but with the excellent dry and wet handling and the quiet quality ride it provides, the extra cost will probably be worth it to you.

Recommendations and Conclusions

Before you go, look at our recommendations and conclusions we reached about the Toyo Proxes St III.


Customers recommend the Toyo Proxes St III for its excellent features like its superb handling, quiet ride, and superior performance in dry and wet situations.

Most customer reviews gave this tire five stars and were impressed by its standout features.

The Toyo Proxes St III performed at its best for customers looking for good acceleration and increased handling responsiveness when they are going fast down a dry road surface.


Considering the user reviewers, specifications, and other data put forward into this review, we can say these tires are highly recommended.


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