Toyo Proxes Sport Review

Toyo Proxes Sport

In this article, we’ll help you by looking at the Toyo Proxes Sport tires and their strengths and weaknesses. We have taken the time to research manufacturer stats, tests, and user reviews.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Toyo Proxes Sport performs decently on dry surfaces, and better than most summer tires on wet surfaces. The steering wheel is also very responsive in almost all conditions.

While they are not the number one sport tires in the industry, that is not what is intended by Toyo. They are a cost-effective option for people that want good sport tires for the summertime. If that is what you are looking for, the Toyo Proxes Sport tires are worth considering.


  • Great performance on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Good handling.
  • Quieter than most sports tires.
  • Cheaper than most sports tires.


  • Not great traction on snowy and icy surfaces.
  • Some users report a shorter lifespan for these tires.


Toyo Proxes Sport tires are seen as an average tire by users. In 13 reviews we examined, the tire received a 68% rating over 64,312 miles driven. 

Users with positive reviews of the tires have praised them for being a cheap option that performs well enough to deserve their Sport name. They handle long and short drives effectively, and after 2000 miles they still perform well.

However, there have been some notable complaints. Users do not consider the Toyo Proxes Sport to be comfortable tires. 

Some people have also complained that these tires do not last very long. They have been reported to deteriorate in quality after 4000 miles, and they do not often last more than 8000 miles. 

That being said, most users were still positive about this product, and as a result, we feel comfortable recommending it if it suits your needs.


Performance on wet and dry surfaces is important with sport tires. Here’s how this tire holds up.

Dry Performance

According to reports, these tires perform very well on dry roads. Despite having a slightly softer sidewall compared to stock summer tires, these tires change direction and react to driver input quickly. 

The inner tread blocks are optimized for acceleration and braking, whereas the outer blocks are great for cornering.

When accelerating quickly, the Toyo Proxes Sport tires provide plenty of grip on the pavement. That being said, they do not perform as well when starting quickly on mixed-surface roads.

Furthermore, some user reviews have said that these tires perform slightly worse on grooved pavement. Specifically, if the pavement lines up with the direction of the vehicle, the tires drift between the lines as if they are trying to find a safe space between them.

Wet Performance

When it comes to performing on wet surfaces, the Toyo Proxes Sport does an excellent job compared to other sports tires. The tires come equipped with fewer sipes and extra grooves, which should help with water evacuation. 

Simply put, this means that these tires have better control when driving on wet road surfaces. Users have indicated that they are not nervous about turning corners at normal speeds in wet conditions with these tires.

Snow and Ice Traction

While the Toyo Proxes Sport performs well on wet surfaces, the same cannot be said with snow and ice. There is no mention of snow or ice traction on the Toyo website. 

As a result, we can only assume that there was no intention of making these tires suitable to icy conditions when manufacturing them.

The tires have extra siping on the outer shoulder blocks, which makes these tires better on ice than average summer tires. However, the results are not very impressive. These tires might get you through light snows if you live in hotter areas of the country like Texas or Florida, but they won’t be effective in places with harsher winters like New York or Minnesota.


User reviews have found that these tires do not perform noticeably differently from stock options with regards to cornering. While there might be a few slight performance differences, they are not big enough to affect most drivers. 

The general sentiment around the Toyo Proxes Sport is that they handle worse when sweeping corners, but they change direction rather quickly. 


Most tires that focus on performance are very loud, and as a result, that is a reasonable concern to have about these tires. That being said, most user reviews have reported that they are quieter than they anticipate.

User reviews state that road noise is similar to that of a passenger sedan tire. However, they can be pushed harder, and when that happens, they get much louder.


These tires can be purchased for $160 for the 245/40R18 size. That price makes them cheaper than most well-known performance summer tires. They are rated to last up to 50,000 miles. 

There is a 500 mile or 45-day trial available for customers to purchase. Additionally, if they choose to buy the tires, they come with a warranty. Y-rated tires come with a 40,000-mile warranty, whereas V and W-rated tires have a 50,000-mile warranty.

Other Notable Features

While most tires look very similar, there are usually distinct differences from tire to tire. The Toyo Proxes Sport features a variety of features that are in place to enhance your experience.

Dynamic Taper Design

These tires come with a dynamic taper design which helps drivers grip the road. This feature should help improve contact and handling. 

This is one of the features that contribute most to the performance of the tires on wet surfaces. 

Notably, this feature also helps enhance wet and dry braking. More contact with the ground generates more friction, allowing you to brake more effectively.

Improved Rib Design

The improved rib design is another feature that contributes to the braking and handling of the Toyo Proxes Sport. This new design adds more contact pressure, ensuring that the brakes are reliable.

New High-Grip Silica Tread Compound

Another popular feature is the new high-grip silica tread compound. This feature helps deliver high-end handling and improved grip on wet and dry surfaces. 

Additionally, it improves flexibility for improved adhesion to the surface of the road.

Different Tread Patterns Based on Width

One of the unique aspects of these tires is that there are two different tread patterns for tires of varying sizes. Notably, tires with a width of 285 or more have an extra center rib.


After looking at everything these tires have to offer, should you consider purchasing them for yourself? The biggest downside to using these tires based on the information provided by the manufacturer is the snow traction. 

However, complaints from customers have come in other areas. 

Most notably, many drivers have complained about the length of time these tires last. While that is concerning, there is a warranty in place should the tires start to fail before you reach 40,000 miles. However, keep in mind that the warranty doesn’t get you new tires, instead you’ll get a discount if you want to buy the same tires again.


These are sport tires, and as a result, they are designed to get up to speed quickly and handle well at high speeds. They succeed in these areas while performing better than most summer tires on wet surfaces. 

While they are not the number one sport tires in the industry, that is not what is intended by Toyo. 

They are a cost-effective option for people that want flashy tires for the summertime. If that is what you are looking for, the Toyo Proxes Sport tires are worth considering.