Toyo Proxes R888R Review

Toyo Proxes R888R

This is a review of the Toyo Proxes R888R tire model. We have researched dozens of tire brands and know what to look for in a high-quality tire. We analyze the durability, cost, handling, and other essential factors so you do not have to.

The Toyo Proxes R888R falls under the Trackday summer tire classification. It is the newest model of the Toyo competition tire line, replacing its predecessor, the Toyo r888. Therefore, they designed this tire with a competitive driver and track performance in mind. However, it still contains the DOT street rating for everyday trips, making it versatile for in-city driving.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our extensive research, we highly recommend the Proxes R888R tire for competition drivers. Alternatively, those drivers with a lightweight car who prefer not to switch between track and road tires and are looking for the best bang for their buck will also be satisfied with this model.


  • Provides an excellent dry grip
  • Is road legal for versatility
  • Offers improved steering handling
  • Has minimal road noise


  • Their wet grip is not optimal
  • It is not ideal for heavier cars

Throughout this review, we look at how this model performs in various conditions, their handling, price, durability, and more. So keep reading to examine all the details and whether or not it is the best choice for your vehicle.

General Overview of the Toyo Proxes R888R Tire

Toyo has outdone themselves with the newest model, the Proxes R888R. Replacing the r888 was a challenging task, but Toyo successfully created an exceptional competition radial tire that not only has excellent control and handling but is legal for everyday driving.

This tire has improved gripping, cornering, and braking performance with its high-grip race compound and optimized contact patch. Ideally, the Toyo Proxes R888R is only for use on light passenger cars, as it is not for heavier vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs, or vans.

Although it contains a built-in water evacuation channel and large tread blocks, it is not ideal for inclement weather or winter driving situations. They are better for dry handling but can still perform decently in some wet conditions.


If you have any experience in competition driving with Toyo high-performance tires, you will understand how high they set the bar. Its wide center rib ensures precise steering response and directional stability.

Users have reported that these tires maintain very good traction on the dry asphalt, whether you are using them on the street or track. This is expected – after all, it’s a tire designed for extreme grip on dry tracks. As mentioned before, however, their grip is not as good in wet conditions.

When it comes to competition tires, the time it takes to reach optimal operating temperature on the track is vital. Therefore, Toyo uses a high-grip race compound material with the Proxes R888R that helps to maintain consistent performance, even after prolonged use on the track. 

Many users have reported that this tire needs to be warmed up before it achieves it’s optimal performance. Hence, for best lap times, do a few warm up rounds first.


When shopping for a competition tire, handling is key. The improved large tread block design with the Proxes R888R model provides exceptional dry handling, especially around corners and at high speeds on the track.

The optimized contact patch aids in accelerating, braking, and cornering, especially for dry conditions. In addition, the wide center rib ensures stability and accurate steering control, giving drivers the confidence they need in this high-quality model.

Noise and Comfort

After examining many road tests with the Toyo Proxes R888R, some drivers report the noise is comparable to other competitor brands. Of course, you should not be too bothered by its excessive road noise. Although, some customer feedback states that it is not a completely quiet tire during operation.

The best way to describe the comfort level of this model is that they are comparable to other summer tire brands. Since they contain a stiff sidewall, some people claim that this can make it more uncomfortable than other tires. If you do not mind the stiffer sidewall, you should not have an issue with the Toyo Proxes R888R model.


Tire Rack tells us that they are above average in the length of tire life compared to many other tiers in it’s class; this is, in fact, the main reason users recommend them. Furthermore, the website explicitly gives the Toyo Proxes R888R a 7.0 on treadwear, which is higher than the others in the Track & Competition category. This score is only higher for the RA1 model, also from Toyo.

Naturally, the more you brake and accelerate, the quicker a tire will break down. Therefore, the durability and life of a tire will be relative to your driving habits. Moreover, it’s a track tire, so the tread-life is naturally much shorter than in for example touring tires.


Tires are not usually cheap, but you can often find great deals if you shop around. For example, the Toyo Proxes R888R tire varies in price like other brands. Depending on the width, diameter, ratio, and load index you need, you will see the cost of the tires rising or falling.

For example, for the Toyo Proxes R888R tires in size 195/50R15, the tires are $146.97 per tire. That means you can get a set of four for $587.88. On the other hand, for these tires in size 225/45ZR17, each tire is $192.50, or $770.00 for a set of four.

These are just two examples of how the cost of the Toyo Proxes R888R tires may vary based on size. Therefore, you will need to know what size tire your car needs to get an accurate price.


Because the Toyo Proxes R888R has a DOT rating, you can drive your car to the track and back without having to haul it on a trailer. This versatility is an attractive feature to many owners. In addition, drivers who like to compete but do not always have the option of using a truck and trailer for transportation will appreciate this model.

Not all other performance racing tires have this feature, making the Toyo Proxes R888R stand out among the competition.


Naturally, the Toyo Proxes R888R is a specialized model meant for track use, but it is versatile enough and completely legal to drive around the city if you need. It boasts exceptional dry handling performance, but is not a tire to use in extremely wet conditions or sub-freezing temperatures with ice and snow.

Because of these limitations, you should only use this tire in dry summer conditions, or with minimal wet surfaces.

When these tires are not in use, the manufacturer recommends that you store them indoors at above-freezing temperature to maintain their quality. However, even when your vehicle is not in use, proper tire storage and care is vital to extend their life.

Conclusion: Toyo Proxes R888R – A Tire Ready to Hit the Track

Are the Toyo Proxes R888R tires worth the money? Will this model give you the performance and handling you want in competition?

After all the research, we would have to say yes. While they are great for those with a sports car, most drivers who use these tires report being happy with their choice. In addition, the price is comparable to other quality tires without breaking the bank.

The reviews of this tire conclude that it is a great investment for any sports car enthusiast. While there may be some pushback on the tire, most reviews readily available state it drives well. This kind of general thinking leads people to see that this tire is not only worth the price but a solid move for any car. So, before you hit the track, check out the new Toyo Proxes R888R. It may be your best move yet.