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The Sumitomo Touring Plus LST is a well-rounded all-season tire that provides a comfortable and quiet ride. While it may be a good option for some drivers, there are better options that live up to the all-season title that perform better in all weather conditions.


  • High level of quiet and comfort
  • Long Treadwear
  • Predictable and stable performance
  • 5 year/65,000 treadlife warranty


  • Poor wet and snow traction

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Sumitomo Touring LS T

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Sumitomo Touring LS T

45 Out Of 114

in All-season tires


Miles Reported


User Reviews

Full review

This is a comprehensive and complete review of the Sumitomo Touring LST tire that will cover everything you need to know before purchasing. In order to provide this information, we researched manufacturer stats, user tests, and reviews. We investigated how the Sumitomo Touring LST performed against wet, dry, durability, and noise and comfort tests. This review will take an in-depth look at everything the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST has to offer so that you can decide whether or not this tire is right for your needs. Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed. Upon reading this review, you will have a great understanding of the stats and specs offered by the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST. We’ll cover user experiences and test results. We’ll review the warranty offered and provide recommendations based on the best performing all-season tire. The Sumitomo Touring Plus LST is an all-season tire designed for passenger vehicles. It comes in a variety of sizes that range from 15 to 17 inches. The tire may be a good contender if you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of winter weather. So, if you’re ready to learn more about the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST to see if it will fit into your lifestyle, then let’s get started!

Sumitomo Touring Plus LST Overview

The Sumitomo Touring Plus LST all-season tire was developed for individuals with daily drivers such as coupes, dedans, and crossover vehicles. They are constructed to help drivers be prepared for whatever their day throws at them, from rain to snow and even sunny days. These touring tires feature Sumitomo’s computer-designed carbon black tread that creates long treadlife alongside all-season traction. The built-in shoulder blocks give drivers cornering traction while circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning. You’ll also appreciate the twin steel belt reinforcements that enhance durability and make for a stable and comfortable ride.

Sumitomo Touring Plus LST Performance Breakdown

Now that we’ve established the general overview of intent and construction of the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST, let’s talk about how it performs.


According to tests performed by the Tirerack team, the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST scored much lower than the General AltiMAX RT43 in road manners dry, wet, snow traction, and handling exercises.


Tirerack documented that the difference in wet traction between the two tires was the most significant margin in performance they’ve ever seen across classes. Unfortunately, the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST came in last due to its lack of traction. Panic stops were also practiced to determine the distance of a 50mph maximum pedal pressure stop. It took the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST 45 more feet than the General altiMAX RT43. Consumer surveys rated the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST at 7.4 with a 7.5 in hydroplaning resistance and a 7.4 in wet traction. Honestly, these reviews seem quite favorable compared to the results that Tirerack came up with. One thing to understand here is that just because the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST performs less than the other tires doesn’t mean it’s not a solid tire.


Dry traction for the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST was favorable. However, compared to the General AltiMAX RT43, it still fell in second place. The great news is that the Sumitomo tire was less than two-tenths of a second behind the other tire. Consumer surveys rate the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST at 8.3 with an 8 for cornering stability, an 8.5 in dry traction, and an 8.4 in steering response.


Winter conditions are a big concern for all-season tires. What is the point of having an all-season tire if it can’t perform in the winter? Although the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST was developed to provide all-season traction, it scored the lowest. Not to mention the tire provided overall poor snow traction. Reviewers on Tire rack noticed how the tire not only struggled to start, turn and stop, but it took much longer to come to a complete stop from 20mph. Consumer survey results show that customers only rated the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST at a 6.1 with a 6.7 in light snow traction, a 6.0 in deep snow traction, and a 5.6 in ice traction.


When it comes down to everyday handling, Tirerack concluded that the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST appropriately fits in and is appropriate in comfortable and road manners. Even most users rate the tire at a 5 out of 5, which isn’t too bad.

Noise and Comfort

Tirerack rated the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST favorably for comfort and noise even though it came last. Consumer survey results show that the Sumitomo tire scored 7.9 in overall comfort performance with an 8.1 in ride quality and a 7.6 in noise.


The Sumitomo Touring Plus LST tread is engineered to last up to five years or 65,000 miles, which means you can expect the tires to last even longer. However, keep in mind that treadwear will significantly vary depending on how and where the tire is driven. Users rate the treadlife of the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST at 7.9 out of 10, which proves that the tire can last long if driven carefully.


The Sumitomo Touring Plus LST tire features impressive treadlife and workmanship and materials warranty. The tire covers 5 years or 65,000 for T-rated tires and 4 years or 55,000 miles for H-& V-rated tires. You’re even covered by the manufacturer’s special warranty of 2 years that includes roadside assistance. It is evident that Sumitomo is confident in the performance of its product.

Price vs. Quality and Durability

The Sumitomo Touring Plus LST tire is not the cheapest option on the market. Still, it does offer a pretty solid manufacturer’s unique warranty that will help cover any unforeseen circumstances. Overall, the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST tire is a good option for those looking for a decently priced all-season tire that offers a good mix of quality and durability. The tire may not be the best performing all-season tire on the market, but it is a good option for those looking for a tire that will last.

Recommendations & Conclusions

Our meticulous research has concluded that the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST tire is a decent all-season option. There is a bit of confusion between Tirerack tests and favorable consumer reviews. Coming in last in every test doesn’t mean the tire is a complete dud. The General AltiMAX RT43 is the top-performing all-season tire compared to the Sumitomo Touring Plus LST. Not only is it a higher-performing option, but a cheaper one as well, making it our recommendation.

Wrapping Up

The Sumitomo Touring Plus LST is a good contender for durability and treadlife. It’s not the best performing all-season tire, but it’s a good option for those looking for a comfortable and quiet tire that will last for years to come. With its 65,000-mile and 5-year workmanship and materials warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is protected.


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