Sumitomo HTR Z5 Review

Sumitomo HTR Z5

This article reviews the Sumitomo HTR Z5 summer tire and is designed to help you decide if these tires are right for you. 

Our in-depth research put the Sumitomo HTR Z5 to the test. We have researched Sumitomo’s manufacturer specifications, customer reviews, and various tire tests. Our research will help you decide if the Sumitomo HTR Z5 is the right summer tire for your ride.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our in-depth research, the Sumitomo HTR Z5 is a formidable ultra-high-performance (UHP) tire that provides a budget-friendly alternative to other brands. The Z5 doesn't necessarily have the performance of more expensive tires, but it does perform well in all areas. 

We recommend the Z5 as a solid budget-friendly UHP tire. The Z5 is durable and should provide many miles of satisfaction to car owners looking to save a few bucks but still get quality tires.


  • Great value, a lot of tire for the dollar
  • Durable long-lasting tires with a great warranty
  • Excellent braking and stopping power
  • Smooth, quiet ride


  • Cold weather can cause significant damage
  • Slower response on the track compared to other brands

High-performance cars require high-performance tires. Unfortunately, most high-performance tires can blow the budget rather quickly. 

While drivers want something affordable, they also need quality. Traction, braking, and control are important factors when considering a high-performance tire. 

The Sumitomo HTR Z5 provides a capable tire that won’t break the bank. We researched several tire sites, customer reviews, and performance tests to get the most accurate information on the Z5. While some people aren’t fans, the fact of the matter is, that the performance you get out of this tire is well worth the value. 

Read on to see how the Sumitomo HTR Z5 stacks up. 

Sumitomo HTR Z5 Overview

The Sumitomo HTR Z5 is billed as an ultra-high performance summer tire. The Z5 improves over the previous Z3 models with widened circumferential grooves providing better wet traction. The new Z5 also has an increased shoulder and contact patch providing improved handling performance. 

The Z5 is strictly a summer tire. The specialized compounds used in the tire do not handle temperatures below 20 degrees F. Sumitomos that are exposed to colder temperatures can experience severe cracking that will ruin the tire. 

While the Z5 appears to be a great value compared to others in its class, it is lacking in some areas of performance. The Z5 looks good on paper and has some impressive statistics, but on-road tests reveal its weaknesses. 

Overall the Z5 delivers considerable performance for the price.

Sumitomo HTR Z5 Performance 

The Sumitomo HTR Z5 delivers acceptable wet and dry performance for the price. The Z5 has impressive braking data compared to other tires in its class. 

The stopping power of these tires provides a true sense of security. Overall, street performance for Z5 is good, but some reviews indicate track performance is lacking.  

In our reviews, some customers complained about a lack of responsiveness from the Z5. Mostly this was found by customers mounting the tire on heavier vehicles. Many customer reviews reported excellent handling and responsiveness. 


The Z5 has integrated an improved design for better wet performance. Sumitomo added wide circumferential grooves to help evacuate water and reduce hydroplaning. The wide channels move water efficiently and improve the grip on the road in wet conditions. 

Test data for the Z5 found on indicate the Z5 underperformed other tires in its class. However, customer reviews show the tire performed well in wet conditions.  


Sumitomo performed better on the dry track and was comparable to other similar tires in tests completed by Tire Rack. In tests, the Z5 underperformed other tires in the same class and proved to be a bit slow and not as responsive. 

Braking Distance

The Z5 has outstanding braking performance. In tests, the Z5 had a stopping distance at 50mph of 79.20 feet on dry pavement and 115.50 feet on wet pavement. 

The Z5 outperformed comparable tires in braking tests. The excellent braking performance provides drivers with a sense of security. 


According to our research, the Z5 handles well on the street but maybe lacking on the track. Some customer reviews indicate the tire has a spongy feel and responds poorly on corners. 

Most customer reviews that discussed street driving were happy with the performance and handling of the Z5. Overall customer reviews for the tire average above four stars. 

Further digging found evidence that the customers who had issues with handling had heavier vehicles. The Z5 may be a better fit for lighter cars. 

Even though some customers felt the handling was a bit dull for a high-performance tire, others were quite satisfied with the Z5’s performance. Most reviews indicate that the tire performs well for a lower-cost option.  

Noise and Comfort

Most reviews found in our research indicate the Sumitomo HTR Z5s offer a quiet ride. Most customers found them to be smooth on the road without excessive noise. 


These tires are durable as long as they are only driven in warm weather. Sumitomo offers a 5-year warranty on workmanship and materials. Customer reviews indicate these tires wear evenly and last as well as others in their price range.

The major durability issue with the Z5 has to do with cold weather. Be warned these tires are summer tires. This doesn’t mean they perform better in the summer, this means they should only be used in the summer period. 

Winter weather will ruin these tires. Temperatures below 20 degrees F can cause cracking and damage to the tires that is not covered by the warranty. 

Price and Value

The cost point on the Sumitomo HTR Z5 is likely the best selling point. These tires are a great value for the performance they offer. 

While they are not the top performers, the price tag is hard to pass. The Sumitomo HTR Z5 is a solid tire for a bargain price. 


All in all, the Z5 is a good high-performance tire. There are better performing tires in its class, but they are also significantly higher priced. The Z5 performs well in wet and dry conditions and serves its purpose as a value summer high-performance tire. 

Overall, user recommendations rate this tire consistently at least four stars. Heavier muscle cars may want to look for an alternative, but most sports car drivers on a budget will do well with the Z5. 

We recommend the Z5 for a good all-around high-performance summer tire. 


Customers who realize they are purchasing a solid quality high-performance tire at a discount price will be happy with the Z5. The performance and quality obtained for the cost can’t be beaten. 

Customer reviews found these tires to provide a quiet and comfortable ride. Additionally, the Z5 tires are durable and should last for many miles. 

People purchasing the tire for road driving will be pleased. The Z5 offers decent traction and excellent water handling in the rain. As long as you’re not wanting to take these to the track, they should serve their purpose.