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Our research leads us to believe that the Power King Towmax STR II trailer tire is a good investment for anyone who needs to replace their trailer tires with something more trustworthy and durable. 

The tire is highly reliable, with a sturdy center rib design that improves traction and sticks the tire to the road.  

Users might experience problems with tire failure, and some models have had issues with blowouts on occasion. However, the tire is generally a reliable and affordable option.


  • Reliable traction
  • Stability in wet conditions
  • Work on heavy vehicles, including 10,000 pound trailers
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some users report mechanical issues that resulted in blowouts

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Power King Towmax STR II

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Dry Traction nan8.9
Wet Traction nan8.3
Noise nan8.4
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Power King Towmax STR II

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in Trailer tires


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This is a review of the Power King Towmax STR II tire. The Power King Towmax STR II is a Special Trailer Service tire designed for trailers, pop-up campers, boat trailers, and fifth-wheel trailers. 

We have spent time researching the tire and the company to ensure we deliver the most accurate information. Our research helped us come to a greater understanding of the tire, how it functions, and the level of tire quality.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.

In this review, we will analyze the King Towmax STR II tire. Based on our research, we will determine the quality of the tire and how it holds up against other tires that serve a similar purpose for trailers. 

We will also discuss the key features of the tire, such as its performance in different weather conditions and its durability over years of use.

You should better understand what makes the King Towmax STR II tire a worthwhile investment through our research. 

Power King Towmax STR II Overview & Key Features

The King Towmax STR II is a heavy-duty towing tire with a symmetric tread pattern that makes traction more dependable. The tire’s tread pattern allows it to stick to the road and provide stability.  

Our research revealed that a tire is a decent option for trailers. Thanks to the center rib, it has quality traction and enhanced highway contact. 

The tire comes with a confirmed L speed rating, meaning there’s no extra pressure necessary for running up to 75 miles per. Even with a heavy load, the tire ought to run efficiently for you.

Some users expressed concern about bulging in the tires after two or three years of use. However, most users express satisfaction with the durability and quality of the King Towmax.

Overall, the King Towmax STR II produces a reasonably stable ride with maximum road contact and decent traction. Although the tires are prone to a few issues, they generally hold up well under most conditions.  

Our research has revealed that this King Towmax tire handles pretty well in most conditions, although the tires tend to handle the best in dry conditions and on wet pavement.

Users express satisfaction with the smooth ride that these tires provide. They especially appreciate how firmly their trailers sit on the road when towing with the King Towmax.

To better understand how the tire handles in various conditions, we collected data on the tire’s overall performance. While users are generally happy with the tire’s performance, we did a little more in-depth research to conclude that there are some significant concerns with the King Towmax. 

Power King Towmax STR II Performance Breakdown

The overall performance of the King Towmax STR II is mostly satisfactory. It receives high marks as a durable tire that’s dependable on pavement. Many users find the performance to be more than adequate to keep them loyal to this brand. 

Dry Performance

Users report that this tire holds up exceptionally well in dry conditions. It drives smoothly, especially on dry tarmac.

Wet Performance

Reviews for the Power King Towmax STR II in wet conditions are similarly favorable. It turns smoothly on wet roads, and users don’t report any slipping when braking.


Even in the winter, the tire performs relatively well in snowy conditions. 

However, the King Towmax is not an all-season tire. Many users report that its performance in the snow and ice is unreliable. Hence, we don’t recommend using this tire on snow or ice.


The overall handling of the King Towmax STR II is satisfactory. If you maintain a regular tire rotation schedule and perform routine care and maintenance, these tires should last for at least 60,000 miles under normal wear and tear conditions. 

The King Towmax engineering team boasts the Towmax as an optimized tire that handles well in all of its specific applications. 

Users corroborate this sentiment, agreeing that the tire handles well under most normal conditions. Despite mixed reviews in snow, many users claim they would readily purchase the tire again if given the opportunity. 

These tires will keep the object firmly on the highway, whether you’re towing a trailer or a camper. You should feel no sharpness or unpleasant experiences during cornering with the King Towmax. 

Noise and Comfort

The King Towmax STR II is not exceptionally loud on the roadway. You will experience road noise, but that often happens when you have a trailer in tow. The tires are not excessively loud, so much of the discomfort from road noise is dissipated.  

The company has focused on making its tires comfortable for each customer’s smooth, clean ride. The King Towmax STR II stands out as a pretty quiet, relatively comfortable tire to ride with under normal conditions. 


Surprisingly, one of the best features we found with this tire is durability. Even though some users reported problems with blowouts, most users claim this is the most durable tire they’ve ever owned. 

Our research has shown these tires to be durable, even in abnormal conditions. Most tires would wear out after about 60,000 miles, and these tires fall within that average. But for a towing tire, the durability is highly acceptable. 


The King Towmaxtire is a worthy investment for the price. While they fall on the cheaper side with most dealerships, they are not always the best option for your trailer or pop-up camper. 

However, the price economy makes these tires more worthwhile than they would be if they were more expensive.

Because the sizes vary, the price of the tire differs as well. Depending on your trailer, the price won’t be the same. But you’ll still receive a high-quality, durable tire in the end. 


The King Towmax STR II is a decent tire that handles well in most normal conditions. It’s very reasonably priced, making the investment more worthwhile for trailer owners.  

The King Towmax is one of the cheaper options available for trailer and camper tires. There are more expensive options out there, and they are often more reliable in the long run. 

While these tires are a solid choice, users might exercise caution before making a final purchasing decision. If blowouts are a significant concern, another tire might fit your lifestyle better.   


We can recommend this tire with only a small degree of hesitation based on our research. Because of the blowout issues, users should be careful before making a final purchase. 

However, because these tires are reasonably priced and tend to hold up under pressure, you will get the most out of the King Towmax STR II tire. 

Similar products that might perform with fewer problems would be the Carlisle Radial Tire or the Goodyear Endurance Trailer Service Tire.

While these products might handle better overall, they are more expensive. Users genuinely get great value out of the King Towmax.  


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