Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 Review

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

This in-depth review of the Nexen Roadian Pro Ra8 tires can help you decide if this tire model is the right choice for your needs.

We have examined Nexen’s manufacturer specifications, researched different tire testing evaluations, and gone through many customer reviews of the Nexen Roadian Pro Ra8. As a result, we could get a complete picture of the tire’s performance and quality.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on this extensive research, we can see that the Nexen Roadian A/T Pro RA8 is an excellent tire choice for light trucks and SUVs if you are looking for an ideal all-terrain model that is affordable.


  • Good off-road performance
  • Good traction in light and heavy snow
  • Quiet, smooth ride on paved roads
  • Affordable price range


  • Somewhat louder on paved roads
  • Not optimal for fuel efficiency

However, there is much more detail to get into that helps explain why the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 is an excellent choice for many drivers. 

We explore what environmental situations this tire can handle, its tread, durability, cost, and other critical factors. Continue reading for a more in-depth look at the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 model. 

Roadian AT Pro RA8 – Overview

Roadian Pro RA8 all-terrain tires are designed to handle even the roughest off-road surfaces and still provide smooth and quiet performance on paved roads. This hard-working all-terrain model focuses on dependability, long tread life, and performance. 

The Roadian AT Pro RA8 tires are terrific for drivers who want total security, regardless of the weather or destination. It can be hard to find tires that satisfy these needs at an affordable price, but the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 tire delivers.

Key Features

  • Gravel is shed by dual tread blocks, preventing damage from road debris
  • Tread has micro-grooves for dependable traction in rain or snow
  • Uses reinforced biting edges to maximize performance off-road
  • Wide shoulder blocks facilitate stable handling

Let’s take a better look at this popular all-terrain choice from Nexen. 


These tires are for people who need the flexibility to drive on various terrains at any given time without worrying about whether the tires can safely handle them. Nexen Roadian AT Pro Ra8 tires are excellent on a wide range of SUVs and light trucks.


Its tread prevents gravel from collecting and protects against damage caused by rocky obstacles on bumpy dirt roads. This model features Nexen’s proprietary tread compound, molded into a unique symmetric pattern with a staggered zig-zag rib. 

Consequently, this design features dual tread blocks to help clear dirt, mud, and gravel from its path for optimal performance. 


This tire’s wide shoulder blocks stabilize against driving forces by maintaining road contact, and its steering is more precise and responsive, even on damp pavement and gravel. 

Its micro-grooves and biting edges provide better traction on wet surfaces, helping to improve handling and control in wet and slippery weather conditions.


Severe Snow Service is available for every size of the RA8. Thus, it fulfills the highest standard of snow traction testing in North America. It features a symbol called 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake to indicate this credential.

Customer Reviews

After exploring hundreds of consumer reviews through TireRack, Amazon, and TirePros, the average consensus is overall satisfaction with Nexen’s AT Roadian Pro RA8s. 

It’s hard to get an accurate understanding of reviews unless there is a large number, so we collected reviews from 3 different sites. 

Although we did find a few consumers rating their tires at 3.8 out of 5 on the lower end, most customers gave this tire model a grade of 4.6 or 4.7 overall. 


In addition, when facing unpredictable weather conditions, the tires use micro-grooves to ensure reliable and consistent traction. 

For good off-road performance, a wide shoulder block adds stiffness and stability, enhancing safe operation. Even despite extreme conditions, this feature improves the tire’s steering responsiveness. 

Noise and Comfort

While the tire is in motion, the multi-sequence variable pitch tread pattern reduces road noise. The device accomplishes this by creating a sound frequency that immediately cancels out road noise when it is transmitted. 

As a result, the driving experience is more comfortable and quiet.

It isn’t often that you will find an AT tire model that provides a smooth, quiet highway ride, but the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 delivers just that. 


Nexen Roadian Pro RA8 tires have a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles for the p-metric sizes and a warranty of 40,000 miles for the LT sizes.

Nexen will replace tires with material or workmanship defects during the first year of treadwear or an initial 2/32 of inch wear. They will also replace defective tires on a prorated basis and up to six years from the purchase date.

A Road Hazard Warranty covers the first year of the initial 2/32 of inch wear that makes the tire inoperable, and they will be replaced free of charge by Nexen. The first 36 months of the tire’s life also have roadside assistance coverage.

Throughout our research of various customer reviews on this model, we found that some consumers noticed signs of wear after as little as 8,000 miles. 

Alternatively, others say they found them to hold up very well for 50,000 miles and more if they were rotated correctly and kept balanced.

The discrepancies in wear and longevity indicate that these tires can handle regular wear and tear with a combination of terrains. However, drivers who regularly drive on gravel, rough or harsh surfaces could find them not lasting as long as they would under standard conditions on the highway or the city. 


You might expect a high price tag for all-terrain tires because of their enhanced tread and construction.

Priced lower than most all-terrain tires for light trucks and SUVs, the Roadian A/T RA8 is more affordable than many OE (Original Equipment) tires.

We found the RA8 235/75R15 tires online for as low as $102.71 per tire. Roadian AT Pro RA8 tires are nearly $149 less per set than leading alternative all-terrain tires; for example, the Yokohama GEOLANDAR AT-S priced at $139.99.


All-terrain tires that are good for all seasons, quiet on the road, and affordable are hard to find. The Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 tires offer all of these elements at an excellent value. 

After exploring the reviews, it’s apparent that this model can stand up to other competitors’ all-terrain tires with similar features. However, the Nexen tires come at a lower cost, making them a more attractive choice for drivers on a budget. 

Drivers may find another competitor’s all-terrain tire that will last longer than this one from Nexen, but it will come with a higher price tag. 


Whether your journey takes you to dirt roads, snow-covered roads, gravel, or paved roads, you can feel confident in the performance of Nexen’s Roadian Pro Ra8 tires. 

Their design is capable for all seasons and all terrains. This way, no matter where or when you drive, you don’t need to worry about switching tires for different seasons.

The Roadian PRO RA8 tire design prevents uneven wear and extends the tread life. By optimizing the existing tread pattern, driving pressure distributes evenly throughout the tread area and helps prevent irregular wear patterns. As a result, the tire lasts longer as it wears evenly.

By providing a longer-lasting, durable all-terrain tire, Nexen successfully delivers a cost-effective model suitable for many vehicles. Many other competitors’ models can provide similar products, but they typically come with a higher price tag. 

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