Nexen N Priz AH8 Review

Nexen N Priz AH8

This feature is an intricate review of the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 that seeks to highlight the tire’s primary qualities and dissect its overall performance.

When finding the right tire for you, it’s imperative to take the unbiased, precise expertise of an external source to decide with the utmost certainty.

And so, to ensure that our review of this tire was accurate and thorough, we made a side-by-side comparison of the details directly provided by the manufacturer, the statements of certified professionals, and the unbiased opinions of the everyday people who use it.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Nexen N'Priz Ah8s are relatively mediocre tires for family-sized sedans. They are ideal for dry and wet road conditions as well as high and low temperatures, and they drive quite smoothly. 

Despite the upsides, the Nexen N'Priz lacks durability and does not perform well in snowy or icy conditions. It is not a terrible tire for its moderate price, but take heed to its flaws.


  • Comfortable feel
  • Smooth handling
  • Good in hot and cold temperatures


  • Insufficient in snow and ice
  • Low durability
  • Slight road noise

To better understand how we’ve come to our conclusion on the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 tire, we’ve broken down our analysis into three separate parts. Here, we will provide more detailed information and an extensive guide on the tire.

Now, let’s get right into the facts.


The Nexen N’Priz Ah8 is promoted as an “all-year traction” tire that performs well in wet, dry, and moderate snow conditions. It is manufactured by the tire company Nexen Tire and is designed for intermediate-sized, family-style sedans.

This tire is ideal for breaking/handling, comfort, tread, and fuel efficiency. Overall, it seems optimal for suburban and urban areas with varying climates types. It also has an A rating for both traction and temperature on all 61 sizes, which reportedly makes it suitable for high heat and heavy rainfall.

The Nexen N’Priz Ah8 is the predecessor to the CP672 and was made to have a better performance in snowy weather.

Details and Performance of the Nexen N’Priz Ah8

Now for the specs. We’ve broken up crucial aspects of the tire into concise, easily digestible segments based on user reviews.


The Nexen N’Priz is an all-year tire meant for most weather types. Here is a breakdown of how it fairs in wet, dry, and snowy conditions.


Taking into account numerous reviews from a variety of different sources, it has been found that the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 lives up to its traction rating of A and is an entirely valid option for areas that receive average amounts of rain. 

There have also been some accounts of hydroplaning off slight amounts of water. Still, these reviews are limited and can be counteracted by a higher ratio of satisfactory reviews regarding its performance in the rain. 

Still, it is inferred from the limited amount of sources that exist that the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 is not anything spectacular, and there are better options, but it by all means works and is adequate in doing so. 


Overall the general consensus is that the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 performs quite well in dry weather. Of course, being the base qualification for a good tire, this is a standard. 

What really shines among reviews is its resistance to heat and cold. It has been found that the Nexen N’Priz has pretty good pressure ratings even after driving moderately long distances in hot weather, and it’s overall a good choice for areas that experience hot summers.

Likewise, it performs similarly well in freezing temperatures.


Here is where the Nexen N’Prix Ah8 seems to fail. While this model of the tire was supposed to be improved in snow driving from the CP672, it simply does not meet the quota.

Nexen claims this tire is supposed to be able to perform well in “light-snow conditions,” which people seem to disagree on. Reviews suggest that the tires are susceptible to light ice and snow, causing varying degrees of turmoil and frustration in breakage.

Seeing how this is allegedly an improvement from the previous model, its performance here is definitively lacking.


Reviews on handling range from good to excellent as the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 holds up pretty well compared to other similar models. Overall the tire has smooth, responsive input feedback and comfortable turning. 

This makes it ideal for driving that involves a lot of stopping and turning and is perfect for the intended car type.

Noise and Comfort

A common complaint about the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 is noise, in which the tires emit a slightly louder road noise than one would expect or want.

However, this noise isn’t too inhibitory, as many users don’t view this as a problem. As for comfort, the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 drives pleasantly and makes for a mellow ride. Aside from slight road-noise, the tires’ presence is essentially invisible as they glide smoothly over tarmac.


According to specific instances from, the performance seems to be pretty well-received among reviewers who have been using the tire for 5,000 miles or less but falls off a cliff when it comes to users who have 25,000 miles or over. 

Nexus offers a full coverage warranty that protects tread wear for up to 70,000 miles which doesn’t match the user concluded life of a mere 30,000 miles. This amount depends on the driver, but on average, the tire’s durability heavily underperforms and isn’t one of its strong points.

Price and Value

The Nexen N’Priz Ah8 is moderately priced. Typically, one tire goes for an average of 100 USD, which is a standard price for medium-sized sedan tires. There are a few suppliers that charge below the quote, but generally prices remain average.

Going off that, it’s a pretty good value. The tire isn’t cheap nor expensive, and it has clear strengths and weaknesses. You essentially get what you pay for with this tire.


The Nexen N’Priz Ah8 is an admiral all-year-round tire model and performs impressively in rain and shine while failing miserably in snow/ice. Admittedly, it is pretty average according to reviews, but it does make up for that in handling and comfort. 

It’s a decent tire for a reasonable price and is a relatively safe option for areas that don’t experience large amounts of snow. Also, seeing how it has a slight durability underperformance, we’ll say that they’ll last 2-3 years on average, which is okay for a set of tires that will run you about 500$.

The Nexen N’Priz Ah8 meets the quota but does not exceed it, and most customers agree that it’s a solid choice in both value and performance. 


Going off of site data and customer reviews of the Nexen N’Priz Ah8 tire, these tires are recommended with caution.

Having identified the strong points of the tire and pointed out its flaws, it can be concluded that they are appropriate for individuals looking for medium-sized sedan tires that are oriented towards high/low temperatures, moderate rain performance, and overall comfort. 

As such, for those looking for a tire that performs well in the snow or one that has exceptional durability, then the Nexen N’Prix Ah8 probably isn’t a good fit.