Michelin X LT A/S Review

Michelin X LT A/S

In this Michelin X LT A/S review, we’ll cover everything you need to know before you invest in new tires for your car, van, SUV, or truck.

By scouring the reviews on consumer websites and comparing them to promised manufacturer stats, we can guarantee the information below is accurate and useful. So, if you’re deciding whether Michelin X LT A/S tires are right for your vehicle, this review will help you.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


In our opinion, Michelin X LT A/S tires are worth their price. They're durable, good in most weather conditions, and provide a smooth ride. If you're putting tons of highway miles on your SUV or truck and need tires that will handle rain or snow, users agree that these tires are a fantastic option. That said, they're not great for handling mud or off-road conditions.


  • Durable with included 70,000-mile manufacturer warranty
  • "Michelin Evertread" pattern grips well, even in rain or snow
  • Twin steel belts for handling heavy loads
  • Low noise and comfortable


  • Won't handle muddy or off-road conditions
  • Not the cheapest tire option
  • May lower fuel economy initially

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Below, we break down how we came to the conclusion that the Michelin X LT A/S tires are good overall. We’ll discuss user reviews and provide details on performance, handling, durability, and more.

So, if you’re considering Michelin X LT A/S tires for your van, truck, or SUV, we suggest you keep reading.

Michelin X LT A/S: An Overview

Michelin X LT A/S tires are similar to the discontinued Michelin Defender T+H series but with a few essential upgrades. The Defender series was notorious for wearing down fast and being a bit too noisy on the highway, but Michelin seems to have fixed those problems with the X LTs.

These all-season tires are ideal for SUVs, trucks, vans, and crossover vehicles that need to carry a heavy load in various conditions. With twin steel belts and added traction, Michelin X LT A/S tires can handle a full truck bed or the weight of a packed passenger van, even in wet or snowy conditions.

Thanks to Michelin’s “Evertread” compound, they’re also durable. Modern trucks produce double the torque from what they did twenty years ago. Michelin designed the Evertread compound with that in mind, so today’s light-duty trucks and SUV drivers will find that their Evertread tires don’t break down as fast.

According to Michelin, the updated tread compound increases the tire’s lifespan by 10-15%. The company backs that claim up with a lengthy 70,000-mile warranty.

Unlike their predecessors in the Defender series, manufacturers also designed these tires to make less noise, and users report that they provide a comfortable, smooth ride.

Though these aren’t the most budget-friendly tires, they’re also not overly expensive and given their advantages, they’re likely worth the investment.


User reviews from various sources report that these tires perform well in most highway conditions. They provide excellent traction on wet streets, and even reviewers from the eternally wet Seattle area were impressed with their grip.

Users did mention that the increased grip lowers their vehicle’s fuel economy. However, Michelin has responded to that claim. They admit that while the better traction may reduce fuel economy initially, this is a temporary problem. After a few weeks, the tread will wear down a smidge, and owners should see their fuel economy return to what it was.

Unfortunately, despite their admittance in response to user reviews, Michelin does try to use increased fuel economy as a way to promote these tires. That’s a marketing overstatement. Your fuel economy will likely stay the same or decrease slightly, not increase. 

Thanks to the increased grip, though, Michelin X LT A/S tires excel in light snow, with one user reporting that 6 inches of overnight snowfall didn’t affect the tire’s performance at all. Even in wet and snowy conditions, they maintained a short braking distance, making for safe highway travel.

That said, the Michelin X LT A/S tires don’t do well in mud or off-road environments. They’re really only meant for highway and gravel surfaces. In softer conditions, they don’t perform well. So, if dirt roads are part of your daily or weekly grind, you might want an all-terrain tire instead.


According to user reviews, Michelin X LT A/S tires handle well. One user reported a ride so smooth that it exceeded their expectations. Another mentioned that they take tight curves without a problem. So whether your travels include curvy mountain roads or straight highways, these tires provide superior handling.

Noise and Comfort Levels

One of the biggest complaints regarding Michelin’s Defender series was about the noise. However, Michelin seems to have fixed that problem with the Michelin X LT A/S tires. Users report a quiet and comfortable ride across the board.


As noted, Michelin offers a 70,000-mile manufacturer warranty, which is exceptional. Many users, though, report that their tires lasted longer than that! For example, one user mentioned that at 80,000 miles, the tires were still showing even wear, and the tread was only reasonably worn down. 

That’s probably because of the upgraded “Evertread” compound. Based on user reports, Michelin isn’t overstating the compound’s effectiveness, and your tires may last well beyond the stated warranty. 

Price vs. Quality and Durability

Though these aren’t the cheapest tires available, given their durability and overall quality, they’re worth the investment for most. There are very few complaints about the price, and many users report that they’re impressed by the value these tires provide. 

Budget-friendly tires often come with a 50,000-mile warranty or less. Given that these tires will last at least 70,000 miles or more and can handle wet and snow-covered roads without a problem, we think the slightly higher price point is warranted. 


If you drive a truck, van, or SUV and want tires that perform well in most highway conditions, Michelin X LT A/S tires are a good investment. They’re not the cheapest tire out there, but they’ll last, and you’ll get an exceptionally comfortable ride with great traction. 

This is especially true if you live in an area that experiences regular rain or light snow. The updated tread compound and pattern allow the tires to grip well, making commutes and trips in inclement weather safe. 

However, these tires aren’t for everybody. If you want a tire that can handle dirt roads, mud, or off-roading terrain, you might want to consider a different option. The BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2’s are a good choice. They’re not too noisy on the highway, and they provide a comfortable ride, but they can also handle mud and dirt in a way the Michelin’s can’t.

Final Thoughts 

Michelin X LT A/S tires are a great pick for trucks, vans, and SUVs that need all-season highway capabilities. Whether roads are dry, wet, or covered in a light dusting of snow, these tires have no issue gripping the road. 

With Michelin’s Evertread compound in place, they’re certain to last a long time, perhaps even longer than their impressive 70,000-mile warranty suggests. And, thanks to twin steel belts, they’re sure to perform well, even under a full truck bed.

They may not be the most affordable tire available, but we think they’re worth the price. They’re durable, high-quality, and sure to provide a smooth ride.

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