Michelin Premier A/S Review

Michelin Premier A-S

Finding the right tire isn’t always a straightforward process, but here’s what you can expect from the Michelin Premier A/S tires. 

Using both specifications from the manufacturer as well as real tests on the tire and a collection of real user reviews, we’ve compiled a detailed review of the Michelin Premier A/S tire’s performance, durability, and overall quality.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, we’ve found that the Michelin Premier A/S tires made several improvements with performance in wet and dry conditions, and for its price, it is definitely a high-quality tire worth considering  – although it may not always be the most durable option.


  • Less noisy and more comfortable
  • Very responsive
  • Great performance in dry and wet conditions
  • Moderately priced


  • Not as durable
  • May become noisier as the tires wear down

Keep reading to learn more about how the Michelin Premier A/S tire’s wet performance, dry performance, warranty information, and much more.

Michelin Premier A/S Overview

As an all-season touring tire that’s meant to fit minivans, sedans, and coupes alike, the Michelin Premier A/S is built for versatility. The manufacturer, Michelin, has been a popular tire brand for decades and is especially known for using durable, top-grade rubber in their tires as well as having good fuel economy.

The Michelin Premier A/S tire is specifically made to replace the Primacy MXV4, which Michelin is phasing out of their lineup. With a max load of over 1,500 pounds, Michelin has designed the Premier A/S for better wet traction than the Primacy MXV4, better safety levels, and a longer tread life than previous models.

To do so, Michelin has used a combination of sunflower oil and silica to enhance the treads on Premier A/S tires as well as Expanding Rain Grooves technology, which helps retain more traction in rainy or snowy conditions.

Given the new technology and improvements, the Premier A/S tire performs better than you’d expect in both dry and wet conditions, which means it could be a good choice for anyone who deals with colder winters or rainy conditions regularly.


According to tests from TireRack, the Premier A/S performed extremely well in dry conditions and wet conditions during tests  – earning an impressive 9/10 points in both categories.

Even as the tires wear down over time, Michelin’s EverGrip technology ensures that the rain grooves continue to widen across the shoulder blocks, so you don’t lose as much traction as you experience wear-and-tear.

Another key feature that may also help the tire’s dry performance is linked shoulder blocks and notched intermediate ribs, which keep the tire tracking straight and still responsive over dry tarmac.

Even after significant wear, some users still found that the dry performance was still acceptable, although the wet performance felt like it decreased with higher water depths. As an all-season tire, the Premier A/S tire may not hold up well in extreme rain or snowy conditions, but it still outperforms some of the competition in moderate rain, snow, and ice conditions.


One of the improvements you’ll see with this tire is its handling, especially compared to some of Michelin’s previous models. The design of the A/S tire uses a symmetrical tread pattern, which is meant to improve steering responsiveness and handling on dry pavement and roads.

There are also twin steel belts inside the tire’s polyester cord body, which improves the stability of the tire and results in an overall more comfortable ride. According to users, many found that the tires handled just as well as the previous Primacy MXV tires with some small improvements.

Even on wet roads or snowy conditions, plenty of users still found that the tires continued to handle comfortably.

Noise and Comfort

Compared to some of the other all-season tires, the Premier A/S tires are quiet, comfortable, and overall make for an easy-going ride.

Part of this may have to do with Michelin’s Comfort Control technology, which tries to keep vibrations and other noises to a minimum when you drive.

While some tires may feel bumpy or uncomfortable every time you hit a pothole or crack in the road, that’s not the case with the Premier A/S tires. Even going over bumps or cracks, the tires are still fairly comfortable.

However, users did note that the tires were most comfortable and quiet during the first couple of  years of use  – after significant wear and tear, the noise levels of the tires did seem to increase, although the ride was still fairly comfortable for most users.


While the Michelin Premier A/S tires outperform in a lot of areas, there’s one category where they seem to fall short, and that’s durability. TireRack tests only rated these tires a 6.8/10, which is still good for overall treadwear but not as great as a lot of the competition for all-season tires.

However, many users specifically noted durability as one of their biggest issues with these tires. While performance and comfort might’ve been great, some drivers found that the tread seems to wear down quicker than other Michelin tires and models.

One user found that the snow performance seemed to drastically decrease after about 15,000 miles, while others got about 25,000 miles out of the tires before they seemed to really wear down. Even gentle drivers found that they wore down to the legal limit after about 50,000 miles, so if you’re looking for a tire that’s going to be extremely durable, this might not be the product for you.

Although reports about the durability may seem disappointing, it is worth noting that Michelin does offer a tread-life warranty for the first 60,000 miles (and half mileage if the rear size is different than the front). So, even if the tires seem to wear down quicker than you might want, you always have the option to get a free replacement as long as that wear-and-tear happens within the first 60,000 miles.


Compared to other all-season tires, the Michelin Premier A/S tires are priced pretty moderately, with TireRack pricing them at just under $120. Pricing may vary based on the sizing for your vehicle, but given how well this tire performs in both wet and dry conditions, you’re still getting a high-quality tire for the price.

Even though durability can be a concern, the tires do come with a 60,000-mile warranty  – so, if they don’t last more than a couple of years, you’ll still be able to get a free replacement from Michelin without spending another dime.

Recommendations & Final Thoughts

As far as performance and price go, the Michelin Premier A/S tires definitely live up to their reputation as a high-quality all-season tire. While you may not want to take these tires out in heavy snow, they’re generally recommended for moderate rain, snow, or ice, and you shouldn’t see a decline in performance or traction.

If you’re looking for a more durable alternative, some similar tires that ranked even higher from TireRack include Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-Season Plus and the Michelin Primacy Tour A/S, which is even from the same manufacturer.

Overall, the Premier A/S tire’s excellent performance in both dry and wet conditions is what set it above the competition and make it at least worth considering for anybody who lives in regular rainy or wet conditions. If you’d like to purchase the Michelin Premier A/S tires, here’s how to do so.