Lauffenn S FIT A/S Tire Review

Laufenn S Fit AS

This article is a review of the Lauffenn S FIT A/S tire, a tire loved by many drivers that you may be considering for your vehicle. 

Finding the right tire for your vehicle can be a long journey. The best tires offer stability and consistency even in changing conditions. 

The Laufenn FIT tire was designed to optimize driving performance through low rolling resistance and efficiency. It aims to provide stability by maintaining contact with the road surface at all times while reducing noise levels for a smoother ride. 

The all-season high-performance tire has promising features that many drivers are drawn to, but this piece will break down all the good and bad sides of this tire to help you make the right choice for your driving needs.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


The Laufenn S FIT tire is a super touring tire designed for high-performance driving at high speeds. It offers the driver the ability to handle challenging driving conditions with ease. 

While this tire is not ideal for off-roading, it is perfect for daily drives, no matter how short or far. And one of the top aspects users report on is that the tires are as quiet as a mouse and offer an incredibly smooth and comfortable driving experience.


  • Designed for all-season performance
  • High traction and stability
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Minimized road noise
  • Recycled materials
  • Innovative technologies that enhance efficiency


  • Limited range of sizes
  • Hard to find in stores
  • Loses stability in deep snow

As an innovative and high-performance tire, the Laufenn S FIT tire has received a lot of attention from drivers all over. Their favorable experiences with this tire have encouraged them to purchase more Lauffen tires, exemplifying how trusted this brand has become and how loved this particular tire is. 

To learn why users recommend this tire and who the Laufenn S FIT is perfect for, read the complete review of the tire below. 

Lauffenn S FIT A/S Tire: An Overview

The Laufenn S FIT tire is ideal for the everyday driving needs of people that go many places. The tire is especially perfect for wet conditions and less-than-perfect roads where you need extra stability to feel secure. It is also stellar at handling slush or light snow, but it is not great for areas that get several inches of snow frequently. 

The Laufenn S FIT tire is a super-touring tire that can handle high speeds, making it the ideal candidate for high-speed driving on wet or icy surfaces. It has a unique belt structure that gives it an advantage in handling sharp corners and absorbing high temperatures when driving at high speeds. 


The Laufenn S FIT tire gives drivers the necessary traction in all conditions. The tread design provides optimal grip for these rain and light snow.


Its performance on dry roads is incredible, offering a smooth and comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. 

As a high-performance automobile tire, the Laufenn S FIT tire has been tested and proven by independent laboratories that have tried various parameters regarding performance. The tire was tested by Germany’s most respected test institute and has been proven to have an excellent overall rating of 95/100. 


The tire is suitable for wet and dry conditions, meaning you don’t need to compromise speed when driving on a wet road. Their improved design allows you to drive just as comfortably on wet pavement as you do on dry. So you’ll barely notice when it starts raining because your tires will continue to perform perfectly. 


This aspect is where these tires fall a bit short. They’re okay in sleet and on ice, but once the snow starts to build up, you can lose stability fast. Most people just report having to drive slower when the snow starts coming down, but in every other condition, the tires are excellent. 

Braking Distance

Thanks to the innovative technology of the treads and grooves of the tire, it has an impressive braking distance. It allows drivers to come to a fast stop in an emergency and offers comfortable braking in normal driving. 

To enhance braking, the tire uses closed-cell polyester, and the belt structure is more durable than other types of tires. It was designed with staggered belts that allow a better distribution of road force at all times to help you brake quickly. 


The Laufenn S FIT tire is a multi-compound tire with incredible handling. It contains four different rubber compounds strategically positioned to create an ‘Edge-guard’. These aspects offer unique stability when driving.

The tread pattern has been designed with unique grooves to maintain contact with the road surface. The Laufenn S FIT tire uses a high-performance compound material that can withstand higher temperatures and maintain stability.

The Laufenn S FIT tires are designed with long and uniform circumferential grooves for maximum grip and stability even when driving at high speeds, so whether you’re bopping around town or on a long highway journey, your handling will remain excellent. 

Noise and Comfort

The Laufenn S FIT tire design minimizes road noise. As a result, the tire has been developed using a special tread compound to reduce noise levels. The Laufenn S FIT tire comes with optimized anti-vibration technologies that provide the driver with smooth and quiet rides that are also comfortable. 

The Laufenn S FIT tire has a wide tread pattern that creates a large contact patch with the road surface. This design allows it to maximize traction while minimizing road noise. 

As a result, it minimizes unwanted vibrations between speed and the road surface, resulting in a smooth and quiet ride without much rolling resistance. This allows the driver to get excellent fuel efficiency, even when driving at high speeds on highways.


The Laufenn S FIT tire has a special tread compound that enhances performance but also makes the tires last much longer. The extra-large circumferential grooves prevent the tire from tearing at high speeds. 

The specially engineered tread pattern that helps reduce the friction between the ground and the tire makes the tires more resistant to abrasion, so they won’t blow out at high speeds or lose their treads quickly after frequent use. Users report that this tire retains deep treads and grooves even when driven on rougher roads every day. 


The Laufenn S FIT tire is sold at an average of $85. It is a high-performance tire that authorized dealers offer. The price of the tire differs based on the size and brand. The overall selling price ranges from $40 to $120 per tire. 

Laufenn has a two-year, two-wheel drive, limited warranty on all tires. A 6-month limited warranty also covers tires produced in the last six months. 

Recycled Product

As a green product, Laufenn tires use recycled materials for their tires, reducing the amount of waste emitted into the environment. The company’s efforts to reduce pollution levels make them an environmentally friendly company. 

For drivers who want to use tires that have less impact on the environment, these are a great option. Most Laufenn tires use recyclable materials, so the company tries to be eco-friendly while still producing high-performance tires. 


Overall, drivers recommend using this tire if you don’t do any offroading or long-distance drives too often. For frequent daily driving at moderate speeds, the Laufenn tire is a great choice. If you want an affordable tire that will last you years to come, users recommend trying this Laufenn tire because you won’t be disappointed. 

Final Thoughts

Reviews prove that the Laufenn S FIT tire is an excellent product. The company’s reputation is stellar, thanks to its high-quality products like the Laufenn S FIT tire. It handles superbly in most conditions, save for during snow.

If you want a reliable and comfortable experience for your daily drives, this tire is one of the best options. It’s also one of the best tires for the environment, so unless you live in an area that sees large amounts of snow, it’s a great option for everyday driving.


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