Kumho Road Venture MT71 Review

Kumho Road Venture MT71

This article reviews the Kumho Road Venture MT71 and is designed to help you decide if these tires are for your vehicle. 

We have researched the manufacturer specs to take a deeper look at how the Kumho Road Venture MT71 performs through several user reviews and tests to compile a full-spectrum look at its capabilities.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, the MT71 is a rugged off-road option at a good price point. It will offer your all-terrain vehicle plenty of traction in deep snow and loose dirt conditions, while coming with a visually pleasing design. 

Some other off-road tire options tested higher in South African Magazine's Drive Out Off-Road Tire Test, but the competing tires did not live within the same price range as the MT71.


  • Impressive mud and gravel performance
  • Can also do well on pavement
  • Resilient towards tough terrain and punctures
  • Price


  • Limited speed rating
  • Less effective on ice or standing water
  • Noisy

To learn more about how we reached our conclusion of the Kumho Road Venture MT71, read on, where we will break the tire’s review into three categories:

  • Overview
  • Performance Breakdown
  • Recommendations & Conclusions

Now buckle up, and let’s see what the Kumho Road Venture MT71 is made of.

Kumho Road Venture MT71 Overview

The Kumho Road Venture MT71 is a rugged off-road tire designed for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and other all-terrain-ready vehicles to conquer anything from pavement to mountainside. 

The Venture MT71 is low-priced for this category, running between $210 and $472 per tire (depending on size) as they are specialty tires for gravel and loose-soil conditions.

Kumho has built a reputation over the years as a solid tire option for older vehicle models and a perfect cross between quality and cost. Kumho is also known for its competent traction, handling, and impressive performance.

Kumho Road Venture MT71 Performance Breakdown

Now let’s look at the comprehensive breakdown of the Kumho Road Venture MT71 to see what these tires can do at performance, noise, durability, and price.  


The Kumho Road Venture MT71 offers competent performance in wet, dry, winter, and off-road conditions alike. 


Kumho’s dual-pitch design of high-void, zig-zagging pattern maintains maximum loose-surface traction in muddy conditions as well as dry. 

The MT71’s advanced Tri-Blended tread compound enhances grip and includes a proprietary polymer mix which is designed to endure the severe wet conditions while driving heavy vehicles with full loads.

Customer reviews noted that a downside to the Kumho Road Venture MT71 is that the tire lacks sipes and its inconsistent grooves compromise traction on flat wet surfaces.


Dry terrain is where the Kumho Road Venture MT71 shines, especially in off-road conditions.

Its composition of stone ejectors are molded into the tire blocks to protect the tires from puncture damage caused by sharp stones. The ejectors are self-cleaning when the debris is packed inside of the grooves, enhancing dry traction.  


The Kumho Road Venture MT71 is an off-road maximum traction tire, which means its ability to move easily through deep snow as well as dry soil. 

However, when snow is packed or icy, the MT71 struggles as the tires don’t have sipes to bite shallower, slicker terrain. Users will likely not miss this feature though, as the tires are meant for primarily off-road driving.  

User reviews noted that if the Kumho Road Venture MT71 is deflated in colder, slicker temperatures, they will still do well in icy and packed snow conditions.  


The Kumho Road Venture MT71’s aggressive shoulders and sidewalls are designed to feature trust-worthy edges that bite into the terrain to help provide traction in off-axis situations. 

The MT71 also has a strong tread character to enhance off-road capability while maintaining a reliable contact patch for pavement handling.

Customer reviews reported that the Kumho Road Venture MT71 handled well in all conditions and remained proficient in icy winter conditions and pavement/highways. 

Noise and comfort


The nature of all-terrain tires is to grab at the ground, so they can often be noisy. The Kumho Road Venture MT71 has a Q speed rating, which means that they are only good for up to 100 mph before they begin to produce unhealthy noise. 

Along with speed, terrain changes the tire’s volume as well. While in off-road conditions, the tires were quiet, but when taken onto the pavement, they were noticeably noisier.

Customer reviews supported these noise claims. 


Similar to noise, the Kumho Road Venture MT71 ensures smooth ride quality, especially for an off-road tire. 

Customers mentioned a sleek transition from snow to dry road and noted that the tires aged well. Some also reported that they didn’t have any complaints about the level of smoothness that the tires brought. 


The Road Venture MT71 comes with a first 2/32 of wear / 6-Year warranty. It does not come with a tread-life warranty. 

The MT71 is designed with a meaty construction as well. The tire has three plies of heavy-duty polyester along with two Super-Tensile steel belts, which were inspired by commercial tire construction. The two high-denier nylon protection plies (located in the cap and bead part of the tire) are used to reinforce significant areas of the MT71 and provide structural integrity.

The Kumho Road Venture MT71’s Tri-Blended tread compound was also designed for maximum durability and long tread life.

Users reviewed that the MT71 lasted as intended by the manufacturer, and in some cases were even repurchased.


The Kumho Road Venture MT71 is priced very well for an off-road mud tire and is one of the cheaper options on the market. 

The costs were lower because of the absence of sipes that grip packed snow and ice. 

The most common sizes (around 18 inches) of the MT71 will cost you roughly $270 per tire, nearly 30 percent less than competitors such as BFGoodrich or Michelin.


The Kumho Road Venture MT71 is an off-road tire that we highly recommend in its price range. For its cost, performance, longevity, and user recommendations, we think you’ll be happy with them on your Jeep, truck, or SUV. 

If there are variables of the MT71 that you’re not convinced by, we recommend these competitor models from the same class:

  • General Grabber X3
  • Toyo Open Country
  • BFGoodrich T/A K02


Based on the research of performance data and user reviews, we believe that the Kumho Road Venture MT71 is one of the best off-road on the market for its price.

There are pricier options that will offer more—such as the sipes to grip ice and packed snow, consistent grooving, and higher highway speed ride and noise qualities—but you will be paying significantly more for them.

Its shortcomings are few. Mainly, noise and comfort give as the tire moves from off-road to on-road, but the design is for gravel and loose dirt, not highway 55. 

But for its mud and gravel performance, the MT71 is a tire we think you’ll be happy with on your off-road vehicle.


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