Kumho Crugen HP71 Review

Kumho Crugen HP71

This is the review of the Kumho Crugen HP71.

It contains information about the Kumho Crugen HP71. This information is reliable as we have carefully researched the manufacturer’s start, users’ reviews, and experts’ opinions to put this content together. Hopefully, it helps in your next tire purchase.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on research, the Crugen HP71 is ideal for drivers who want an all-season performance without breaking the bank. It performs incredibly in dry, wet, and light snow/ice conditions. It has a great ride, excellent steering response, less noise, and promotes more comfortable and confident driving. A perfect fit for SUVs and Crossovers one can use on highways, track, and occasional off-road driving.


  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Quiet
  • Rides smoothly
  • Great handling
  • Good looking
  • Wears excellently


  • Poor deep snow traction

To know why we came to such conclusions, in this review, we’ll analyze the tire’s performance in all seasons. This includes grip, traction, noise level, and handling in dry, wet, and winter conditions. You will also know what sizes are available, price, durability and what vehicle it is built for.

Keep reading to learn more about the Kumho Crugen HP71.


The  Crugen HP71 is one of Kumho’s grand touring all-season tires. And takes the 11th spot among 41 tires in its category. It provides drivers with a quiet, smooth, comfortable, and confident ride while maintaining traction. It saves cost as it is built to last.

The  Crugen HP71 is designed for SUVs, Crossovers, and Light Pick up trucks and comes in sizes 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 22. While the Crugen HP71 may not be the cheapest tire out there, it’s a better alternative to other expensive brands.



According to users, the tires perform incredibly in wet conditions. An owner said he went through wet roads at high speed yet had no sign of hydroplaning. In the rain, they are amazing. Thanks to the four circumferential grooves that help expel water from the contact patch, thereby resisting hydroplaning. The sipes and independent tread also create hitting edges to help enhance traction on slippery roads. 

However, it wasn’t the same for some. Few users note the tire only performs averagely in the wet, not great or bad. Confirming this,  another user stated that while driving on the highway in heavy rain, the tires do not grip like the Continental.

For other users, the tires had terrible wet traction and hydroplaned excessively. You could feel the tire losing road contact when going through puddles on the highway, like the tread grabbing the water and refusing to let it out. To remain safe, one will need to reduce speed.


The tires were exceptional on dry roads. Some users even went through dirt roads without fuss. On the other hand, few users said the tires perform only averages, like nothing extraordinary.


Users noted the tires had traction, were stable and predictable in snow. A user said he went through 3-4 inches of snow without fuss. Another user also admitted he has driven through roads with slight ice and these tires were great. Thanks to the sipes and independent tread that helps create biting edges to enhance traction on slippery terrains.

However, for a few users, it was different. While the tires have an okay performance in snow,  some reviewers said it is nothing compared to Michelin LTX M/S.

Braking distance

The Crugen HP71, no doubt, brakes excellently; some reviewers confirmed this.  However, some users noted that in both dry and wet conditions, the tires take a longer time to brake, especially in emergency cases.


The tires, according to users, have excellent steering responses. Thanks to the strong shoulders that improve handling and better steering response. In wet, dry, or winter conditions, the tires handle well. On corners, users say the tires provide enough grip that boosts confidence to go through corners at speed.

However, other users noted the tire slide on corners. Some said when cornering at high speeds, the tire’s softness causes more roll and less traction.

Noise and comfort

The Crugen HP71, according to users, is quiet and rides smoothly. Thus, giving so much ride comfort. Thanks to the five ribs symmetric design using Kumho’s variable pitch technology.

Reviewers said the tires are quiet and don’t vibrate on highways. Even on ruts and imperfections on the road, they were noticeably quiet. According to users, with less road noise, they can now enjoy road trips, use their radio and talk to each other without raising their voices.

For other users, it was different.  A user said that once you drive on concrete at highway speeds, the tires become loud.  The tires transfer every road imperfection into the cabin, giving occupants a massage they didn’t ask for. Users say the tire noise forced them to turn up the volume of their radio to the maximum. Hence making it difficult for occupants to have seamless conversations.

For others, the tires were quiet in summer. But after rotating them, they developed a horrible noise. Loud that his car occupants thought the driver was driving at high RPMs. While some complained of noise during highway speed, others say they are noisy both at low speed or highway speeds.


The Crugen HP71 comes with a six-year or 65k mileage warranty. And users get half mileage for rear tires if they differ from the size of front tires. This was supposed to give buyers confidence in the product. However, users were disappointed in the tire’s life span.  

According to a user, a tire rated 65k mile only lasted for 14k miles and was already dangerous to use even with constant rotation. Others got between 20-45k miles. For some, the tread cracks and separate from the sidewalls, this at only 18k miles

A user notes that while the tires were highly rated, they are of inferior quality.

For others, they were able to put in many miles. Some users got between 60-78k miles. However, they were able to achieve this due to constant rotation. Thanks to Kumho’s variable pitch technology that allows users to easily rotate their tires which further ensures the tires live long and wear evenly.


The  Crugen HP71 starts at $133, with the biggest size sold for $228. According to users, the price of the tire matched its quality, even though few didn’t agree to that. The tire is durable, and many say the tires have great treadwear even though it’s less costly than many tires with the same performance. 

Other important things to note

For those experiencing understeer, a user suggested a way to get rid of it. He bumped his tire pressure to 48psi (with the maximum at 50) to get rid of underwater while maintaining a smooth and quiet ride.

Some users note that the tires are great, but when pushed to the limit, they roll and slide. Thus, great for daily commute but not for spirited driving.


The  Crugen HP71 is another good tire from Kumho. It rides quietly, comfortably and inspires wheel confidence. Wet, dry, and snow traction is impressive and are great tires for road trips. Buying these tires means saving some bucks; many tires of the same quality and in the same category are far more expensive.  

To many users, the tire is worth the price considering its quality and performance, opting to buy again. However, for a few, performance is just average, and the tire doesn’t last like promised. While these users opt not to buy again, the tires, however, got a recommendation score of 7.7 out of 10.

Nonetheless, there are always better tires. These include the Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3, Continental CrossContact LX25, and Cooper Evolution H/T. Pirelli has superb dry and wet performance with incredible ride comfort and tread wear. The continental and Cooper excels more in snow performance while almost matching the continental in other areas.

These tires are, however, more expensive than the Kumho Crugen HP71. It is a matter of you getting what you paid for. While the Crugen HP71 starts at $133, the Pirelli begins at $208, the Continentals at $211, and the Cooper at $206.


The Crugen HP71 are great tires, and we highly recommend them to drivers of SUVs, light pick-up trucks, and Crossovers. They are cheaper than many tires in the same class and also perform incredibly. The tires ride smoothly, quietly and inspire confidence on the wheel. They excel in wet, dry, and light snow conditions with durability intact.

However, there are quite better options you can check out. Like the Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3, Continental CrossContact LX25 and Cooper Evolution H/T, etc. The highlight of the Crugen HP71 is that in price and performance-wise, they are above many tires in their class.