Goodyear Eagle Touring Review

Goodyear Eagle Touring

This is our review of Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. 

We have gathered customer reviews, user tests, and tire features to determine whether the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires are worth your money! Our review is unbiased and based on customer reviews and ratings.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Our research concludes that the Goodyear Eagle Touring tire is not the best for anyone looking for a comfortable ride and long-lasting tread. The ratings and reviews show poor durability of the tire but good performance on dry and wet surfaces.

This review discusses the tire features, benefits, durability, handling, noise level, and overall comfort. You will learn the pros and cons of the tire, how durable it is, and how well it performs in all weather conditions.


  • Smooth ride
  • Not as expensive
  • Low noise level


  • Poor tread life
  • Poor winter traction

Let’s dive in to explore the features and performance of the Goodyear Eagle Touring tire. 


The Goodyear Eagle Touring tire is just one addition to a collection of Goodyear Eagle tires, designed for top performance and comfort. The Eagle Touring tire is an all-season performance tire to give SUVs, sedans, and trucks a comfortable on-road drive. 

They equipped this tire with biting edges in its tread to allow vehicles to drive in all seasons. The tire has responsive handling and good steering responsiveness to make drives comfortable and quiet. An upgraded version called the Goodyear Eagle Touring SCT is equipped with SoundComfort Technology to give the ultimate quiet ride. 


Many ratings and reviews show that the overall performance of these tires was satisfactory, with a few complaints about the traction in snowy conditions.


Vehicle owners in areas with lots of rain will need to consider tires with excellent traction to prevent hydroplaning. The Goodyear Eagle Touring tire has optimized tread patterns that include sipes and biting edges for handling wet and snowy conditions. 

Most reviews are positive regarding how well these tires perform in rainy weather. Ratings are also relatively average to high on most tire sites. One site has an average rating of 6.1 out of 10 for wet performance. Another site shows 4 out of 5 stars for wet traction. 

Users report the tires excelling in wet conditions with little sliding and are ideal for any vehicle that drives through the rain. There were a few users who rated the tires with only one or two stars because of poor traction in the rain. Those users mentioned that the tire tread was wearing out quickly, giving the tire no traction.  


The Goodyear Eagle Touring has good ratings and positive reviews for its performance in dry conditions. The tire has a 7.6 rating out of 10 for overall dry performance with dry traction earning a high of 7.7. 

Users report feeling happy with the tire’s handling, steering, and traction in dry conditions. They also say that the tires excel in both wet and dry conditions and provide a sense of confidence while on the road. 


Snowy conditions can be dangerous for drivers if they don’t have the right set of tires. The Goodyear Eagle Touring tire does not have the best of ratings for winter traction. 

Most ratings are one or two stars with complaints discussing the tire’s zero traction in the snow. One user mentioned abandoning her vehicle in the snow due to its poor traction. 

The rating for overall winter traction was 4.4 out of 10. The tire earned a 4.8 for light snow traction, a 4.2 for deep snow traction, and a 4.2 for ice traction. One user reported that these tires should be summer tires only, as any hint of winter conditions cause all the traction to fly out of the window.


We collected user ratings and reviews to show how well these tires perform in handling, steering, and turns. The overall ratings report a mix of complaints and praise. 


This tire is specifically made for luxury, giving each driver a comfortable ride in all conditions. Reviews from customers report both complaints regarding the handling and praise regarding the steering and comfort. The majority of reviews lean towards the positive side of the comfort and feel of the tires. 


Steering and cornering have positive ratings from users. Cornering stability received a 7.5 rating out of 10 while steering response also received a 7.5 rating. Reviews by customers also support the ratings, meaning that users were happy with the responsiveness and handling of the tires. 

Noise and Comfort

The Goodyear Eagle Touring is designed for maximum comfort with the tread and traction to perform well in all seasons. Most users say that the ride is comfortable with low noise inside the vehicle. One user reports that the quiet ride is the tire’s best feature. 

Overall, the tires have a 7.2 rating out of 10 for comfort. Specifically, the ride quality holds a 7.3 rating and the noise level holds a 7.2 rating. The comfort level has the highest rating out of all the tire features. 


There is no tread life or manufacturer’s warranty. The only warranties available for this tire are a Uniformity Warranty and Workmanship & Materials Warranty. Users report overall dissatisfaction with the durability of these tires.

Customers say that even when they rotate the tires regularly, the tires wore out, produced less traction, and made more noise. One user pointed out that his tires made it to about 20,000 miles until the tire wore completely. Most users say they had to replace the tires quicker than they would have liked and would not be using them again.  


The average price range of the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires is $134-$353 per tire. They are cheaper compared to other high-quality brands like Michelin and Continental. 

The quality of these tires does not seem to hold up to the standard of other Goodyear tires. Many users report the balding of the tread and complete wear of tread after only ten months or less than 20,000 miles. 

The majority of reviews show that the durability of these tires is inadequate and does not satisfy customers. The lower-end pricing of this tire is fair considering that they are Original Equipment (O.E.) tires and are used to replace worn-out ones. 


We do not recommend the Goodyear Eagle Touring tire based on the research and data we collected. Customers were unhappy with the tire’s quick treadwear and poor durability and there were many complaints about the winter traction of the tire. This tire is not ideal for trucks or vehicles that drive in winter conditions. 

We recommend alternatives to this tire that have better ratings and test performance in all-season traction, comfort, and durability. 

The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife tire is cheaper and has a far better rating than the Eagle Touring. The Hankook Optimo H727 All-Season Tire is a high-quality all-season tire that provides low noise and longer-lasting tread. 


The Goodyear Eagle Touring tire is a Grand Touring all-season tire designed to provide comfort and low noise level for a smooth ride while handling all types of conditions. This tire has its perks and features, such as performance in dry and wet conditions and the comfort of the ride. 

However, ratings and reviews show that winter traction performance is poor and the tread wears quicker than most quality brand tires. The Assurance MaxLife is from the Goodyear line and has better views and ratings. The Hankook Optimo H727 is also a better alternative to comfort and performance in a tire. 


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