Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive Review

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

This is a review of the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive tire, a grand touring all-season tire suitable for wet, dry, cold, and hot weather. 

We have researched various professional websites to see how this tire stacks up against the competition during tests. 

By analyzing performance tests to see how the tire fares in handling, wet and dry conditions, road feedback, tire tread, durability, price, comfort, noise, and grip, we can determine if this tire is a good deal for potential customers. 

Furthermore, we have researched reliable user websites and e-commerce sites to see what past and present consumers think of this tire. 

By seeing how users rank this tire in wet performance, dry performance, handling, price, comfort, durability, and if they would recommend it to another user, we can see if this would be an excellent long-term investment for the entire year.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research and analysis of user reviews and performance tests, we have concluded this all-season touring tire is a great deal and performs exceptionally well compared to other summer premium touring tires.


  • Ranked 1st out of 129 Summer Premium Touring Tyres
  • Earned consistently high rankings in every category on Tire Rack
  • Performed better than all other Grand Touring All-Season Tires on user reviews


  • At the higher end of the price range

Keep reading to understand why we think the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive earns top rankings in professional and consumer opinion in all performance categories. 

Since this tire makes top marks for wet performance, dry performance, winter/snow performance, comfort, and treadwear, we would recommend this to anyone who wants an all-season tire. 


The Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive tire is for all-season use in any weather condition. Since this tire can hold its own in wet, dry, and slippery conditions, the extra cost does not matter, as users will be happy with this reliable and trustworthy option. 

One thing that drivers must keep in mind is that the price is higher than compared to typical all-year options — however, the high performance is worth the extra expense. 


According to user reviews on Tire Rack, this tire earned a 9.1 for wet performance, 9.3 for dry performance, 9.0 for hydroplaning resistance, and 9.2 for wet traction. 

All of these are great qualities since it gives drivers who live in wet climates more trust in this tire when skidding around sharp corners and driving at high speeds. 

Furthermore, this tire earned a 9.2 for cornering stability and 9.5 for dry traction, showing how drivers like the responsiveness and the agility of this tire in dry conditions. 

Lastly, this tire earned an 8.6 for winter and snow performance. Snow performance is essential, as it shows this tire is high-performing during every month of the year. 


This tire earned a 9.2 for steering response and 9.2 for wet traction, according to user reviews on Tire Rack. Furthermore, this tire earned an average of 8.6 for traction in snow conditions. 

These features are essential for an all-season tire, as it shows this tire can withstand all weather conditions for use during the winter, summer, and shoulder seasons. Furthermore, users on Tire Rack state this tire’s wet and dry handling far exceeded expectations. 

In addition, the reviews from users give this tire a 90% for dry grip, 90% for handling, and 100% for wet grip. This tire can work all year round and provide consistency for drivers who live in a four-season environment where they have to deal with wet, dry, and snowy climates. 


This tire earned a 95% positive feedback for wear from users, showing that the price is worth the long-term durability over multiple seasons. This tire can withstand harsh conditions with a new tread design and thicker sidewalls.

In addition, Tire Rack user reviews gave this tire a 9.8 for treadwear, coming in as “Excellent” in this category. Users state they have “absolutely no regret with this purchase”, they “recommend them to all of their friends”, and the tires include a two-year tire hazard warranty. 

Since this tire is meant for all-year use, the extra durability is essential to long-term user satisfaction. 

Noise and Comfort

Users on Tire Rack gave this tire a 9.2 for comfort, earning 9.3 for ride comfort and 9.0 for noise. 

Tires that are more enjoyable to ride and provide lower cabin noise are more likely to be purchased again, earning customer loyalty and higher customer satisfaction levels — suitable for both Goodyear and the customers. 

Low noise levels and high comfort levels are essential to long-term user satisfaction and consistently high customer reviews. 


Although this tire is higher in price than other alternatives, the top-ranking performance outweighs the price tag. 

The cost of this tire ranges from $135 to $215 based on the size of the tire and the vehicle preference. The average price of all-season touring tires ranges between $90 and $160 in most cases. 

However, the higher price per tire is worth it based on the performance. Since this tire is long-lasting and suitable for all conditions, it will save drivers money in the long run since they will not have to purchase summer and winter tires separately. 

Therefore, instead of spending between $90 and $160 two times per year, they will buy tires once per year between $135 and $215 — saving an average of $45 to $95 based on the set of tires. 


We would recommend the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive tire for anyone who wants a durable and reliable year-round option that can handle any weather condition. 

Although it is pricier than other choices, the high rankings in all performance categories, such as handling, durability, comfort, noise, grip, feedback, and treadwear, can justify the higher price point. 

Regarding user reviews, this tire earned the top spot in every test and performance category from past and present use reviews. Even though the tire is high in price compared to similar options, this costlier choice is well worth the price. 


We would recommend the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive tire for drivers who do not mind spending a little extra money for a trustworthy, high-performing, reliable, and consistent tire in a myriad of conditions. 

Although this tire is suitable for summer use, it can also be used in wet, slippery, and snowy conditions with ease. 

For drivers who want consistency in both wet and dry conditions, no matter the weather, the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive tire can do what you are looking for. 

Although the tire has a higher price than its counterpart, the tire scored at the top of its class in every single category, making this a reliable, top-notch, and performance-heavy tire. 

For consumers who want a formidable option in all conditions, the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Drive tire is the best choice. 


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