General Grabber X3 Review

General Grabber X3

This is a review of General Grabber x3 tires. 

We have gathered customer reviews, user tests, and tire features to determine whether General Grabber x3 tires are worth purchasing.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Our research concludes that the General Grabber x3 tire is a fantastic option for off-road vehicles. Its performance on wet, dry, and snowy conditions outscore many other tires, and the price is worth it, considering its maximum traction on the roughest terrain.


  • Excellent traction for extreme off-roading
  • Traction notches to grip onto loose terrain
  • Minimized noise for on-road comfort
  • Sidewall protection


  • Steering can be too firm and difficult to handle
  • Tires are on the expensive side
  • Louder on highways

This review discusses the tire’s features, benefits, durability, handling, noise level, and overall comfort. You will learn the pros and cons of the tire, how durable it is, and how well it performs in all weather conditions. 

Let’s dive in to figure out if the Grabber x3 tires are the type of tire you’ve been looking for.


The General Grabber x3 are all-terrain tires used for the toughest, rockiest, and muddiest terrain. These M/T (mud-terrain) tires are designed for off-road vehicles like Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. 

The tire is made with Duragen Technology, sidewall protection and deflection ribs, stone bumpers, and an aggressive open tread design to offer excellent traction on tough terrain. Many General tires offer comfort and style plus all-season performance. The Grabber x3 provides all three on top of maximum traction. 

This is not a tire for the low-budget buyer, but its durability and performance justify the price. 


Many ratings and tests show that the overall performance of these tires was better than other off-roading tires. 


One test put four total off-road tires against each other in dry braking and handling, wet braking and handling, and noise/comfort level. Goodrich, Cooper, and Firestone were the three brands pitted against the General tire. 

The General x3 performed better in wet braking and handling compared to the other three. Subjective scores and objective metrics showed that the tire took less of a distance to come to a complete stop. 

Users say that these tires perform very well in the rain and are resistant to hydroplaning, which is expected with an all-terrain mud tire. More users also rated the wet traction highly. 


The Grabber x3 contains highly developed tread patterns to offer aggressive traction on all conditions, including dry ones. Tests show that the Grabber x3 provides excellent dry traction and has high-quality braking performance on dry terrain. 

Users also report satisfaction with the dry traction on these tires. The deep grooves allow the tire to grip well and provide maximum comfort. Overall, the tire’s performance on dry areas is solid. 


The Grabber x3 was tested in snowy conditions against three other General Grabber tires—a winter tire, an all-terrain tire, and an all-season tire. 

Results showed that the Grabber x3 performed the worst out of the group. The Grabber x3 took longer to break (23 meters at a speed of 40 km/h) and performed the worst for snow traction. 

On the other hand, user reviews show that the traction in the snow is quite efficient, and most of them are satisfied with the way the tires perform. 

The Grabber x3 isn’t a bad option for drivers in snowy conditions. But, the General Grabber Arctic or General Grabber ATP could be better options than the Grabber x3. 

Braking Distance

The tread system on the Grabber x3 allows it to provide top performance in both wet and dry conditions. In one test, the tire outperformed three other tires in stopping distance, meaning it took a lower amount of distance to come to a complete stop. 

Reviews show that users say the brake handling is excellent and that the brake system performs well in rain and dry conditions. 


The Grabber x3 features a new set of technology. The design utilizes deeper grooves, high-strength steel belts, open tread patterns, sidewall protection, and stone bumpers to make this tire outperform others on all types of off-roading terrain. 

The Grabber x3 tire lived up to its name after being tested for its performance. It performed significantly well on ruts, ridges, rock, forest paths, mud, and water. Drivers made it through the rocky ridges and drove straight through muddy obstacles. 

Users rate the off-road traction of this tire highly and mention that the traction on wet and dry (dirt) conditions is excellent. Although, there are a few users that say the traction is not as efficient on muddy terrain.  


User ratings, reviews, and tests were collected to show how well these tires perform in handling, steering, and turns. 


According to user reviews, the overall feel of this tire is comfortable and quiet. During tests, drivers felt comfortable both on and off-road using the tires. 


Tests showed that these tires turn well and are responsive to steering. Although, drivers did point out that the steering was not as responsive as they liked and could have been looser. 

Noise and Comfort

During the test with three other all-terrain tires, the Grabber x3 scored higher in every category, including noise level. Test drivers reported only a low growl of the tires that were bearable compared to other off-road tires. 

Most M/T tires are notorious for creating lots of noise on-road. However, the Grabber x3 tires scored high in ride quality, and the testers reported an overall ride that felt good and quiet, aside from the slightly stiff steering. 

User reviews say that this tire is the quietest M/T tire they’ve tried. Other users say that the tire is louder than the previous tire brands, like the Continental or Cooper tires. Grabber x3 tires are not the best choice if drivers are driving on highways. 


Users report having some issues with the tread life on these tires. Since they are off-roading tires, the tread life may not last as long as if used on highways. However, other users report that the tread has a high quality even after thousand so miles. 

There is no tread life warranty with these tires, so buyers should be mindful of reviews when deciding to purchase these. The overall rating for tread life is an 8.5 out of 10, meaning the majority of users say the tire is durable. 


These tires are a little more expensive, with an average price range between $215 to $560. The performance and durability of the tire justify its price. Many users report exceptional traction in all-terrain and that the tread life lasted. 

These tires are mainly for off-roading purposes and would benefit drivers who drive on rougher terrain. The quality of these tires is good, and the sidewall protection helps the tread last longer, making the price worth it. 


We highly recommend the General Grabber x3 tires for vehicles that are used for off-roading purposes. Aside from the road noise, the performance on rough terrain makes this tire a great option for off-roaders. The price is higher, but any off-roading enthusiast will find efficiency in the tires. 

Some drivers mentioned that this model outperforms the previous ones, and its technology supersedes its predecessors. Users find that General Grabber tires are excellent in snowy conditions. However, the Arctic and APT are probably better options for drivers that run into a lot of snow. 


The Grabber x3 is an aggressive all-terrain off-roading tire designed to handle mud, rock, rain, and dirt. The design integrates a deep tread pattern, evacuation channels, sidewall protection, and grooves for maximum traction and a smooth ride. 

Most all-terrain tires are noisy on highways and state roads. The Grabber x3 has some noisy components, but reviews and tests show that the noise is relatively low compared to other brands. It’s a great option for any off-roading vehicle that loves to tackle mud and dirt. 


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