General Grabber HTS60 Review

General Grabber HTS60

This is a review of the General Grabber HTS60, an all-season tire specifically fitted for sports utility vehicles and 4×4 cars. 

We have researched numerous user reviews and analyzed real-life tests to see how this all-season tire performs in snow, slippery conditions, dry weather, and durability. The tough exterior of this tire has made it a very durable and long-lasting option that can withstand multiple seasons and heavy loads.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


This tire performs extremely well in dry conditions, wet conditions, and tight-handling situations. According to tests, this tire is extremely secure and stable in heavy load conditions, cushioned for added comfort, and features responsiveness and reliability in all road conditions.


  • The large and flat footprint lengthens the tread life and durability
  • The steel belts increase the stability
  • Features a short braking distance and responsive handling for tight cornering and fast driving
  • The absorption layer increases the comfort of the ride


  • Users did not rate this tire highly in terms of deep snow traction and ice traction

This review will analyze various categories to see how this tire stacks up against similar all-year tires in the same price range. We compare the General Grabber HTS60 against other choices in terms of braking, handling, performance, noise and comfort, price, and durability.

General Grabber HTS60 – Performance break down


The General Grabber HTS60 was designed to replace the last model of the General Grabber HTS, improving the tire’s performance in categories across the board. The new General Grabber HTS60 has 25% better tread than the original choice, featuring durable exterior material, a more efficient tread pattern, and increased traction and handling. 

For car owners who are looking to find an all-season tire that has a long lifespan, the General Grabber HTS60 is a step up from the previous model. According to a professional analysis between the General Grabber variations – the General Grabber HTS80, APT, AT/x, X3, and HTS60 – various tests were performed to see how each tire performed in differing conditions. 

The HTS60 performed in the middle of the pack in terms of snow braking, snow traction, subjective snow handling, ice breaking, comfort, and noise. Therefore, this all-year tire shows how it can still stand up to winter-specific tires in snowy and icy conditions.


Based on the performance test, the General Grabber HTS60 scored in second place out of 5 tires. The General Grabber HTS60 earned 2nd place in the snow braking category, 2nd in snow handling, 2nd in subjective snow handling, 2nd in comfort, and 1st in noise. 

According to user reviews on General Tire, the General Grabber HTS60 scored a 4.5 out of 5 in 148 reviews. The performance category earned a 4 out of 5 stars, with users claiming the tire works well for a combination of driving on variable road conditions. 

Furthermore, the user reviews on Tire Rack highly rate the General Grabber HTS60 in a variety of categories. This tire was ranked 8th out of 47th in the “Highway All-Season Tire” category and earned 92% vs. other all-season tires. Users rate the wet performance as 8.6 and the dry performance as 8.9.

  • Users gave the hydroplaning resistance and wet traction a score of 8.6. This feature is great, because it enhances the user’s confidence in these tires during slippery conditions.
  • Users gave the General Grabber HTS60 a 8.8 for cornering stability and steering response, showing how these tires are responsive and reliable for all drivers.


Based on the test on a respected website, the General Grabber HTS60 scored highly in all handling categories. This tire only performed +4.52 seconds slower than the leader during the snow handling category, earning a 94.95% in the all-season tire competition, and earned second place in the subjective snow handling category. 

User reviews on General Tire gave these tires a 4 out of 5 for the handling and traction, with users stating the tires had ‘great handling’, ‘fantastic handling and traction’, and they had ‘good handling and quiet highway operation’. 

The only times in which these tires did not perform up to the highest standard when compared to winter tires that are designed for snow traction and ice traction. Although these tires can perform well in light snow, slippery conditions, and cold weather, they are not the top choice for deep snow or ice traction.

  • Tire Rack users gave the tires 7.3 for deep snow traction and 6.8 for ice traction.

Noise and Comfort

Users on Tire Rack rated the General Grabber HTS60 tires with a score of 8.5 for ride quality and noise for 8.5. General has added a unique sound-muting method to the tires and the tread that work together to add to the comfort and noise reduction. The new ‘Comfort Balance Technology’ provides another layer of rubber to dampen bumps, vibrations, and potholes. 

Users on Mavis Tire rated the General Grabber HTS60 tire with a 8.3 out of 10 and the ride comfort as 8.5. Users have stated there is ‘no noticeable road noise and they are performing well’, showing how these tires are comfortable and durable. 

  • This feature is great for tires, since tires that can dampen road noise provide a more relaxing and comfortable ride that can influence drivers to continue buying the General Grabber HTS60 tires vs. other similar options.  


Users on Mavis Tire also give the General Grabber HTS60 tire a 8.3 for the treadwear category. Durability of tires is extremely important – not only will drivers spend less money every season needing to replace all four tires, but durability can increase the driver’s trust in the tires’ responsiveness, lifespan, and performance. 

  • Tire tread that is durable and thick can reduce the chances of flat tires, bursting, and accidents while traveling at high speeds. 


The average price of the General Grabber HTS60 tires ranges between $139 and $224 depending on the specific type you need for your vehicle. Compared to other all-season tires, this is a middle-of-the-road option. 

According to Consumer, the average price of all-season tires is between $64 and $121. Although the General Grabber HTS60 tires are higher priced than other options, the durability of the trade can make up for the higher price tag. 

Recommendations & Conclusions

Here’s our final recommendation for the HTS60.


The General Grabber HTS60 tire is good in terms of overall performance, operating well on both dry and wet ground and providing a long-lasting option for drivers who want an all-year tire. Although the price is a bit higher than other similar choices on the market, the durability, versatility, and high scores for this tire make the price worth it. 

Based on user recommendations on Tire Rack, this tire earned high scores in every category – except deep snow and ice traction – and placed 8th out of 47 when compared to other Highway All-Season tires. 

The only other options that users could consider instead of the General Grabber HTS60 tire would be the General Grabber Arctic or the General Grabber APT.


Based on the user reviews on Tire Rack, Mavis Tire, and General Tire, and the performance test, we have come to the conclusion that the General Grabber HTS60 is a smart option for drivers who want an all-year tire that is dependable in various conditions, durable for multiple seasons, and comfortable on bumpy roads. 


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