General Grabber HTS Review

General Grabber HTS

This is a review of General Grabber HTS, a summer tire that is specifically designed for SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. This all-season tire is meant for crossover vehicles, full-size vans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. 

We have researched real user experiences and analyzed different performance tests to give you the best possible review on this tire. After analyzing the data and opinions from tests and reviews, we have a comprehensive rating of the General Grabber HTS.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, we recommend this tire for users who want a tire that can handle dry and wet conditions. When compared to other options, like the Firestone Destination LE 2, the General Grabber HTS performed better in terms of wet handling and performed on-par in every other category.


  • According to Tirerack, this tire earned 14th out of 47th place for highway all-season tires
  • High ratings for wet performance in terms of hydroplaning resistance and wet traction
  • Good dry traction


  • Not the best choice for deep snow or ice traction
  • Might not be the best all-year tire for those who live in wintry conditions
  • Not the best treadwear performance

In this review, we will analyze how this tire model has changed from previous years, performance qualities, handling performance, price vs. other competitive options, durability over the entire year, and noise/comfort levels of the tire. 


What is this designed tire for?

The General Grabber HTS is a tire made for all-year-round conditions and highway driving. Specifically formatted for SUVs, small trucks, passenger vehicles, and compact cars, these durable tires are known for their performance in dry conditions, handling, low noise level, low tread wear, and cornering stability.

Featuring a unique construction of interlocking sipes on the tread of the tire, the wall of the tire can shed snow and mud with ease, increasing the traction of the tire. General has perfected this construction, making a tire that can remain flexible at low temperatures, increase the reaction time, and reduce braking time and distance in wet conditions. 


According to user reviews, the General Grabber HTS tire earned a 90% in dry grip, 90% in wet grip, 70% for road feedback, and 100% in ‘buy again’ rating. 

The high scores in these categories demonstrate how this tire is reliable and trustworthy in both dry and wet weather, showing how it can be a good all-year option for those who do not want to purchase separate winter tires. 

In addition, the General Grabber HTS was designed to combine comfort, performance, and durability into one multi-purpose tire that can withstand an entire year’s worth of driving. 

According to Tire Rack, the Eco-Ride tread and the response grooves increase the traction, acceleration, and cornering properties. 

  • These features are extremely important for all-year tires since drivers need to have a reliable and durable option that can withstand variable weather and terrain conditions.

Furthermore, the user reviews on Tire Rack gave the General Grabber HTS tire a 4 out of 5 stars in 1,403 reviews. The overall favorable rating for this tire was due to the high scores in the wet performance category, dry performance category, and comfort performance. 

  • One user review on Tire Rack stated the tire is a ‘great combination of traction, ride, and handling, showing how these well-rounded tires are a good option for those who want a do-it-all tire.
  • Another user stated these tires are ‘very serviceable, dependable, and hard working. 

According to a driving test on Tire Rack, the General Grabber HTS is specifically designed with mildly aggressive tread to handle any type of road conditions or weather. The versatility of this tire makes it usable all year round, with the softer internal cushioning providing a soft and comfortable ride. 

  • Compared to the Firestone Destination LE 2, the General Grabber HTS did not perform as well in terms of dulling breaks in the pavement and driving fluidity. 
  • The General Grabber HTS tire performed well in dry conditions in terms of handling, cornering, and rapid changes. 
  • In wet conditions, the tire had better traction and handling when compared to the Firestone Destination LE 2. 
  • The General Grabber HTS performed better than the Firestone in terms of traction in winter conditions. 


According to user reviews on Mavis Tire, the General Grabber HTS earned an 8.1 for cornering stability and 8.2 for steering responsiveness. 

These positive reviews indicate drivers like the quick response time when it comes to making tight turns or quick changes while steering. This feature is great because it increases the driver’s confidence in the tires while driving in varying conditions.

According to the test on Tire Rack, the General Grabber HTS handled very well in both wet and dry conditions, dealing well with quick changes, wet traction, and steering inputs. 

Noise and comfort

According to 1010tires, the General Grabber HTS reduces rolling resistance to create a quieter ride and minimize carbon emissions. This feature is especially important for drivers and car owners who are looking to support the environment and purchase ‘eco-friendly’ products for their vehicles.

During the Tire Rack test, the General Grabber HTS produced only a moderate amount of white noise that blended in with the background noise of the road. If you are looking for a perfectly quiet tire, this is not the option – however, when driving at high speeds, the noise of the tire is not distracting.


According to Tire Rack, the General Grabber HTS is designed with durability in mind – this all-season tire combines comfort, durability, and performance into one middle-of-the-road option. The wider and flatter design of the tire leads to increased strength, supplemented by the steel belts and heavy-duty nylon on the exterior of the tire.


The price of the General Grabber HTS tire ranges between $139 and $213 depending on the size required for your vehicle. According to Consumer Reports, the price of all-year tires can vary, based on the tread life and performance. The range of tires typically is between $64 and $121 for all-year tires. 

  • Based on this analysis, the General Grabber HTS is a middle-of-the-road/high-end option that can fluctuate between moderately-priced and expensive based on the size needed for your vehicle. 

Recommendations & Conclusions

Here’s our final recommendation of this tire.


The General Grabber HTS is a great choice as an all-year tire for drivers who want a combination of stability, performance, durability, and comfort. Despite the tire not being a budget option, the durability of this tire outweighs the higher price. 

Based on user reviews on Tire Rack, we would recommend this tire for users who want a tire that can handle dry and wet conditions. When compared to other options, like the Firestone Destination LE 2, the General Grabber HTS performed better in terms of wet handling and performed on-par in every other category.


This tire is recommended for drivers who want a one-size-fits-all option for all-year use. The General Grabber HTS sets itself apart from competitors due to its ability to combine different high-performance qualities, such as reduced noise and road comfort, increased long-term disability, wet and dry handling, and reliability. 


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