General Grabber A/TX Review

General Grabber A/TX

In this General Grabber A/TX review, we’ll cover everything you need to know before you invest in new tires for your truck or 4×4.

By scouring the reviews on consumer websites and trusted review sites and then comparing them to promised manufacturer stats, we can guarantee the information below is useful and accurate. So, if you’re deciding whether General Grabber A/TX tires are right for your vehicle, this review should make that clear.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on reviews and tests, we concluded that General Grabber AT/X tires are a fantastic choice for anyone who loves off-roading. They also perform well on the highway, creating a smooth and quiet ride. There are all-terrain tires that handle slightly better, but none of them grip snow, sand, or mud the way General Grabber AT/X tires can.


  • Excellent off-road durability
  • Smooth and quiet highway rides
  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating assures top-notch winter weather traction
  • Extra layer of tread cushioning reduces impact
  • Relatively affordable price given quality


  • Doesn't rank as high in handling as other tires in the same class

Below, we’ll explain exactly how we came to our conclusions. We’ll talk about the individual user reviews and tests from reputable sites like by category. That way, you can compare the performance, handling, durability, and quality of these tires yourself.

So, if you’re looking for all-terrain, all-weather tires and have the General Grabber AT/Xs in mind, we suggest you read on.

General Grabber A/TX: An Overview

General Grabber A/TX tires are all-weather, all-terrain tires ideal for your truck or 4×4. If you like off-roading adventures or need tires that can handle ice and snow, General Grabber A/TX tires are a good choice.

These tires feature damage-resistant polyester sidewall piles for amazing off-road durability. They also feature a five-row tread design that grips soft, muddy, or wet surfaces without a problem.

Their three-peak mountain snowflake rating is a sure sign that they can keep traction even in ice and snow, and they exceed the U.S. Rubber Manufacturing Association‘s traction requirements for winter weather. 

At the same time, the General Grabber A/TX tires offer patented “StabiliTread,” which promises balanced street performance and handling. They also have an extra layer of tread cushioning for smoother highway drives. And, their deep-set tread grooves evacuate water fast, so there’s no risk of hydroplaning on slippery, wet surfaces.

Somehow, these premium tires manage to maintain a reasonable price, and with a 60,000-mile warranty, they also last a long time, even in the most rugged of conditions. Other all-terrain tires may provide smoother handling and better road feedback, but overall, the Grabber AT/X tires don’t leave much room for improvement.


Based on user reviews, tests as well as consumer websites, such as America’s Tires, we found that the General Grabber AT/X tires perform well in wet, dry, and wintry conditions. 

When it comes to performance on wet roads, these tires have scored much higher than many other similar tires in it’s class, according to tests and user reviews.

General Grabber AT/X tires also do very well on wet, soft mud and sand. Their alternating shoulder scoops provide traction even in the messiest of conditions. Users reported that navigating through sloppy mud and soft dry sand wasn’t a problem with these tires.

Users also mentioned that snow performance was phenomenal, and TyreReviews ranked them third overall for snow braking and traction. Even in slippery, icy conditions, these tires perform well. One user mentioned that starting, turning, and braking on ice was never a problem.


If there’s one area that these tires don’t excel in, it’s this one. One user reported slipping on corners and turns, to the point that they were concerned. However, they also mentioned that the problem seemed to dissipate as they wore the tires in.

Overall, most users reported good handling and decent road feedback. Super tight turns may not be where these tires excel, but they seem to handle well in most situations.

Noise and Comfort Levels

Multiple user reviews mentioned that these tires provide a quiet and comfortable ride. Given the extra layer of tread cushioning, that’s to be expected.


When it comes to durability, General Grabber A/TX tires are top-notch. We have found multiple users flaunt how durable these tires are.

One reviewer mentioned that his truck was in an accident in which a lower-sitting vehicle rammed into the side of his tire and rim. Though the rim had to be replaced, the tire didn’t show a visible scratch.

Another mentioned that they drove these tires through miles and miles of gravel, which is always notorious for wearing tires down. After the trip, he checked the treads and found there were only minimal pockmarks.

The durability probably comes from the damage-resistant sidewalls that seem to be able to withstand rocks, gravel, and other impacts without a problem. Even with plenty of off-roading adventures, these tires should have no issue living up to their 60,000-mile warranty. And, if you spend more time on the highway, they’ll probably last beyond that.

Price vs. Quality and Durability 

We wouldn’t call these budget tires, but they’re also not expensive. Multiple reviewers mentioned spending more for premium all-terrain tires in the past, and those same reviewers went on to say they wouldn’t go back to those higher-priced brands.

General provides exceptional quality and durability at a relatively affordable price, making these tires a great all-terrain, all-weather option.


If you plan on taking your jeep or light-duty truck off the highway and into extreme conditions, General Grabber A/TX tires are a good choice. They excel when it comes to mud, snow, and sand-covered roads. So whether you’re driving over a soft-serve mix of melting snow and dirt, trying to navigate a shady ice patch, or looking for traction in dry sand, these tires can handle it.

They also do well on highway surfaces, thanks to an increased layer of tread cushioning and deep tread grooves that push water out. So if you drive through pooled water on the highway, you’re unlikely to spin out.

There were only a few complaints about these tires. Where there were issues was in the handling of sharp turns. There, the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons SUV tires have them beat according to users. So, if you need an all-terrain tire that can take every tight corner without any issue, those might be a better tire for you.

Final Thoughts

General Grabber A/TX tires come with high ratings and are some of the best all-terrain, all-weather tires available. If you want to take your truck or 4×4 into extreme environments, these tires are a top pick.

They’re relatively affordable, exceptionally durable, and perform well on the highway. You’ll find the ride is smooth and not too noisy.

There may be other all-terrain tires that handle a little bit better, but overall, General Grabber A/TX tires come highly recommended.