General Grabber APT Review

General Grabber APT

This is a review of the General Grabber APT tire, an all-purpose tire that provides ample off-road performance and all-weather compatibility. 

We have researched various user reviews from users to see how past and current customers feel about this tire’s performance, durability, and price. Furthermore, we have researched tire performance tests to see how this tire stacks up to similar tires on the market.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, we can conclude that this tire is effective in all-purpose terrain and various weather conditions. The data and user experiences we have gathered from this review suggest that this is a good tire for long-term durability, off-road capability, and stability, but not the best choice for consistent use in winter and snowy weather.


  • The even pressure on the tire tread increases the durability for multiple seasons
  • Cushioned tread provides more comfort and less noise
  • Ample off-road capability
  • Excellent stability under heavy loads
  • Versatile for use in wet weather conditions
  • Performed better than 94% of other on/off-road all-terrain tires on Tire Rack


  • Not the best choice for winter and snow performance
  • Only earned a 7.2 out of 10 for the 'Would You Recommend?' category on Tire Rack
  • Tires can get noisier as they wear down over time

To find out why we came to this conclusion, continue reading to see if the General Grabber APT tire is a good choice for track enthusiasts who want a high-performance and long-lasting option. 

General Grabber APT Overview

The General Grabber APT tire is a good choice for individuals who want to purchase a do-it-all tire that can work for various terrain and differing weather conditions. According to user reviews on Tire Rack, this tire scored highly in multiple categories, such as off-road performance, wet performance, dry performance, comfort performance, and treadwear performance.

For drivers who need a combination of both on-road and off-road tires, this product is a top-of-the-line option. We would not recommend this tire for those who frequently drive in deep snow and icy conditions most of the year. Although this tire performed admirably, it’s not the best winter-only tire. 


According to user reviews, this tire scored highly in all performance categories. For off-road performance, users claimed this tire performs well in dirt, sand, mud, and rock. For wet performance, users gave this tire an 8.6 out of 10 for its ability to handle hydroplaning resistance and wet roads. 

Regarding dry performance, this tire scored Excellent with an 8.8 out of 10. Users loved the cornering stability, dry traction, and steering response. 

According to performance tests, the General Grabber APT earned 2nd out of 5th place in the following areas: dry braking, dry handling, wet braking, wet handling, gravel handling, dirt handling, mud performance, and comfort. 


According to user reviews on Tire Rack, this tire scored an 8.8 for steering response and 8.7 for cornering stability, showing how the handling is reliable and top-notch. 

Based on tests comparing the HT, aT, and MT tires, the General Grabber APT scored highly in dry handling, earning the top spot out of the competition. The other tires included in the performance test are the General Grabber HTS60, General Grabber X3, and General Grabber ATx. The General Grabber APT tire had the lowest dry handling time in seconds, coming in at just under 100 seconds.

Regarding wet handling, the General Grabber APT earned second place out of the four tires with a score of just over 85 seconds. In the dirt handling category, the General Grabber APT earned 3rd place with a score of 52.5 seconds for dirt handling. The only categories where the General Grabber APT did not perform very well were gravel handling and mud performance. 

Lastly, another test included:

  • General Grabber Arctic tire
  • General Grabber HTS60 tire
  • General Grabber STX tire
  • General Grabber X3 tire
  • General Grabber APT tire

The General Grabber APT only earned 4th place in the snow breaking category. However, it performed much better in the snow traction category, earning 2nd place out of 5 tires. 

Noise and Comfort 

One of the only concerns of the General Grabber APT is the noise and reduced comfort as the treadwear breaks down.  

Despite having longer treadwear than many other competitors in the same category, consistent driving on rocky terrain can prematurely break down the treadwear and cause louder noises inside of the cabin. 

According to the tire tests, the General Grabber APT earned 2nd place out of the subjective comfort category compared to four other similar tires. Regarding another test conducted, the General Grabber APT earned a subjective comfort score of 9 out of 10, which is very high compared to the competition.


This tire is long-lasting for multiple seasons, but once the tire starts to lose tread after long-term use, the noise of the tire can become bothersome in the cabin for the driver and passengers. 

However, for individuals who want to purchase a multi-season tire, the General Grabber APT tire is a middle-of-the-road option in terms of price and durability.  


The average price of the General Grabber APT tire comes to just $180, with the exact price depending on the size of the tire required for your specific vehicle. The typical General Grabber APT tire sizes include the LT275/65R18 123/120R tire and the P275/70R18 1162 tire. 

The tire is approximately $265 at the higher end of the price range and can be as low as $135 for the smallest size tire. 


The General Grabber APT is a good choice for drivers who want a do-it-all all-year-round tire. For those who consistently enjoy off-road driving in various conditions – whether it be wet or dry weather – the General Grabber APT provides ample handling, control, reliability, and performance cramped tires in the same category. 

During tests conducted on Tyre Reviews, the General Grabber APT ranked highly in terms of subjective comfort, noise, ice breaking, subjective snow handling, traction, and snow braking. 

For the low starting price of $180, this off-road tire is cheaper than the moderately priced tires and high-end alternatives that can reach upwards of $1,000. This off-road and all-terrain tire can evenly distribute pressure, grip slippery surfaces, and handle tight corners and wet roads with ease. 


We recommend the General Grabber APT tire for those who do not want to break the bank but still need an off-road tire. 

For drivers who want a quiet ride, consistency, and handling prowess in various conditions, the General Grabber APT tire can do just that. 

We understand that the tire has some reports of limited durability over multiple seasons, and it is not the top choice for driving in gravel or mud. That said, this tire scored highly in every other category, so we still recommend it. It is a well-rounded and versatile option for various drivers. 


Grabber APT – User Reviews on Tire Rack