General Altimax Arctic 12 Review

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This is a review of the General Altimax Arctic 12 Tire, a winter touring tire for passenger cars.

We have researched the effectiveness of the General Altimax Arctic 12 tire, analyzed various performance tests, and considered opinions from different tests and user reviews to see if this tire lives up to its’ claims.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


The General Altimax Arctic 12 tire is a new tire that combines high-quality rubber with a flatter tire shape to enhance grip on slippery surfaces. Designed for winter use, the increased grip promises superior traction levels on snow and ice. 

With a price of between $50 to $120 per tire, these tires won’t break the bank - and they can last 3-4 winter seasons, proving to be a durable and cost-effective solution for those who live in arctic conditions.


  • Inexpensive at $50 to $120 per tire
  • Dual tread compound improves wet weather stability and traction
  • The multi-angle system increases traction during tight turns and straight cruising


  • User reviews state the tire can be somewhat noisy and reduce ride comfort
  • Some reports of the tire understeering during tight cornering

To find out why we came to this conclusion, continue reading to see why the General Altimax Arctic 12 tire is one of the top options for winter weather. 

The strong internal structure of the tire combined with the high-grip tread design makes this tire one of the best choices for staying on the road during wet conditions, avoiding hydroplaning at high speeds, and increasing braking security in snowy and icy weather. 

Keep reading to see what this tire is for, trustworthy reviews, and analysis of the performance, handling, noise, comfort, durability, and price of this tire option.

What Is This Tire For?

This European-manufactured tire is a solid option for any passenger car, working well for minivans, compact SUVs, crossover vehicles, and passenger cars for a low price. For individuals who live in climates that get harsh or long winters, the General Altimax Arctic 12 tire is a smart and safe option. 


According to Amazon user reviews, this tire works well in deep snow and icy conditions. Users state the enhanced grip of the tire provides quick braking and immediate acceleration in wet weather. 

Furthermore, according to the latest tire user reviews, the Altimax Article 12 tire scores ‘Excellent’ in most categories regarding performance in snow and icy weather. Compared to other similar choices, the Altimax Arctic 12 earned 7th place out of 17 tires during the 2020 Consumer Reports North America winter Tire Test. 

According to user reviews on Mavis Tire, the Altimax Arctic 12 tire earned high ratings for various categories. Users gave the tire 8.7 for dry traction, 8.4 for wet traction, 8.9 for light snow traction, 8.1 for deep snow traction, 8.3 for hydroplaning resistance, 8.1 for cornering stability, and 8.2 for steering responsiveness. 

Overall, the users rated this tire as an 8.2 out of 10.

  • The high rating for cornering stability is important because these tires have a blend of stiffness and flexibility to allow for straight road stability and cornering handling.
  • The high rating for deep snow traction is imperative for winter use because the stopping distance of a winter tire is around 30-40% shorter than an all-season tire, ensuring the car stops before hitting another object or going off the road. 

In addition, according to the reviews on Tirerack, this tire earns a 8.8 for wet performance, 8.3 for dry performance, 9.1 for winter performance, and 8.7 for treadwear performance, showing how this is a reliable studdable winter/snow tire. 

  • This tire earned a 8.9 for hydroplaning resistance and 8.6 for wet traction.
  • This tire earned a 8.2 for cornering stability, 8.6 for dry traction, and 8.3 for steering response, increasing the user’s confidence when driving at high speeds.
  • The tire earned a 9.4 for light snow traction and 9.1 for deep snow traction, showing how this tire is a top contender in the winter tire market. 

Some user reviews on 1010tires stated that the tires provide excellent traction in snow and ice, they can drive through unplowed back roads with no problems, and they are ‘excellent winter tires’. 

These features are extremely necessary for winter tires because they can maintain traction in cold weather to benefit your car’s gas mileage and prevent skidding and hydroplaning on icy roads. 

According to General Tire, the Altimax Arctic 12 tire offers exceptional grip, directional tread for longer tread life, and additional grip during accelerating, cornering, and braking in deep snow. 

The winter-focused characteristics make this a high-rating tire among those who live in wintery conditions, with the users on General Tier rating this tire a 4.7 out of 5 in 75 reviews. 

Some user reviews stated these tires were ‘excellent in the snow’, work well in ‘off road, ice and snow’, and these tires ‘give you more traction’. 


User reviews on Mavis Tire stated the tire earned a 8.1 for cornering stability, showing how this tire can remain stable and secure during tight turns and slippery conditions. 

According to user reviews on 1010tires, the General Altimax Arctic 12 tire earned a 4.3 from 109 reviews. Users gave the tire a 4.1 out of 5 for dry handling, 4.4 for wet handling, 4.6 for snow handling, and 4.3 for handling. 

Furthermore, according to General Tire, the Altimax Arctic 12 tire provides superior traction in low temperatures on snowy, icy, or wet conditions. Users rated this tire a 4 out of 5 for traction, stating the tires have a self-cleaning feature that cleans mud and other debris out of the tread for ample traction in all conditions. 

Noise and comfort

According to the latest tire test results, this tire is quieter than other similar alternatives on the market for winter tires. 

According to Mavis Tire, users stated the tires were ‘quiet and produce very little vibration’. This feature is helpful in creating a more relaxing ride for both passengers and drivers, eliminating vibrations and reducing cabin noise. 


According to Amazon user reviews, users state the tire ranked between 9.3 and 9.5 for tread wear, showing how this tire can last multiple winter seasons. Durable tires are important in saving money and avoiding any performance-related concerns after only one or two seasons of use. 


The price of the tire is between $50 and $120 per tire depending on the size necessary for your specific vehicle. When compared to other winter tires, this is a very competitive and low price. Since these tires are very durable to last 3-4 seasons, you will be paying an extremely fair price for long-lasting and performance-oriented tires. 

Recommendations and Conclusions


The Altimax Arctic 12 tire is a great tire for wintery conditions, handling tough road and weather conditions with ease. For those who need a tire that provides cornering stability, wet/icy braking properties, and multi-season durability, these could be a good option. Based on the reviews on Tirerack, users rated this tire a 4.9 out of 5 in 147 reviews. 

When compared to other similar options on the market, the Altimax Arctic 12 is one of the top contenders based on the high reviews in all categories, such as handling, wet performance, snow performance, price, and durability.


This tire is recommended for passenger vehicle use during wet, snowy, and icy conditions. The Altimax Arctic 12 sets itself apart from the competition due to the low price, effectiveness in both wet and dry conditions, long-term durability, and driver reliability while cornering and straight-line driving.


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