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From the data gathered, we can conclude that the Transforce AT2 is for drivers who want all-around traction. It performs well on highways and most off-road. Noise is minimal and very durable. However, longevity is at the cost of comfort as the tires have strong rubber that feels like concrete.


  • Durable
  • Adequate dry traction
  • Minimal noise
  • Even tire wear


  • Stiff ride due to strong rubber
  • Roars on highways

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Firestone Transforce AT2

Overall Rating
Dry Traction 7.5
Wet Traction 7.9
Noise 7.3
comfort 7.0
Tread Life 7.0
Braking 0.0
Sharpness 0.0
Durability 0.0
Feel 0.0
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Firestone Transforce AT2

1 Out Of 0


Miles Reported


User Reviews

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This is the review of the Firestone Transforce AT2.

It encompasses essential information you need to know about the Firestone Transforce AT2. It is worthy to note that what we’ve put together is not from feelings or personal opinions. All information is combined with research from users’ reviews, manufacturer’s stat, and experts’ thoughts based on drive test.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.

In this review, we will analyze the tire’s performance offroad and on-road. This includes traction, handling, noise level, durability, and comfort. You would also explore cars these tires are built for, including their prices.

So keep reading as unleash important information about the Firestone Transforce AT2.


The Transforce AT2 is an on/off-road tire designed to provide highway traction and off-road grip in wet, dry, and wintry conditions. It is Firestone’s second generation of on/off-road commercial tires and sits at number four among five tires in its category. It looks amazing and durable, unlike the Transforce AT that wore horribly.

Transforce AT2 is built for drivers of full-sized SUVs, pickups, vans, and commercial vehicles. The heavy-duty tire is not an inexpensive tire but an affordable option for drivers who want to experience the toughness of the tires on challenging terrains.



Users noted that the tires have been impressive in wet conditions. On highways, traction is great. Some owners said they had run the tires on mud, slush and they did excellently. 

True, the tires don’t hydroplane, thanks to the deep circumferential groove that helps channel water away from the tire. But they do spin easily on wet asphalt. And when it’s raining, to effectively use this tire, you’ll need to shift into 4WD. Else, you will slip everywhere.


According to users’ reviews, the tires performed well in dry conditions. On highways, they grip very well and keep the vehicle balanced, even with heavy loads. 

Users say they practically tow other heavy vehicles, yet the tires are still stuck to the ground. On loose terrains, the independent shoulder blocks help in delivering needed traction.

Users say the Transforce AT2 performed well in all off-road conditions. Traction and grip are excellent on dirt, sand, and rocks. To others, traction on dirt, gravel, and sand is okay but not exceptional. On sand, users say any other tire could do the same so long as you air them down, so it’s nothing special. 

Only a few users complained of poor performance on dirt, gravel, or rocky roads. 


On snow, users say the tires had been up to the task they threw at them. They provide adequate traction in light and even deep snow. A user said he ran the tires on a heavy snowstorm without losing grip or traction, here without putting the truck on 4WD. 

Another user said he constantly plows snow roads and will spend 12-16 hours on each journey. Yet, he had never had traction problems on his 2017 Ram 3500 4WD crew cab. Thanks to the deep initial tread and siping between tread blocks which created extra biting edges in snow.

However, other users noted that on snow, the tire is difficult to get out of a parking spot. Others said the tires are totally poor on snow. And on ice, it is just an okay tire.

Braking distance

Users say the tires have good braking in wet, dry, and wintry conditions. But shorter when braking on dry roads. However, some users noted that with little rain, the tire becomes difficult to stop.


The steering is responsive and keeps the vehicle stable. The ride, however, is stiff due to its strong rubber. The tires corners well. Dry cornering, however, is more efficient than wet or cornering in wintry conditions.

Noise and comfort

Many users were happy with the low noise of this tire. Some said the amount of noise these tires emit is north worth noticing or talking about. However, other reviewers said the tires are loud on highways around 40mph to 55mph and worsen above 70mph.

Users say the tire rubber is as strong as concrete. As such, the ride is stiff, making the journey uncomfortable when driving on these tires. The noise also makes a journey uncomfortable when commuting on highways. According to users, the noise is not healthy for long trips with family on highways.


The Transforce AT2 does not have a tread life mileage warranty. However, users say the tires wear excellently. Thanks to the tough chips and tear-resistant compound that protect the tire against piercing, especially on uneven terrains. 

Some of them at the time of writing their reviews have had 40k miles upward already with plenty of tread life remaining. Some replaced theirs at 70k, while others had 90k miles. However, a user that drives only highways said he had just 24,500 miles, and the tire were already worn out.


The Transforce AT2 has a starting price of $192 and goes up to $324 for the biggest size. Users say the tire is worth the price. Even if the performance isn’t perfect, it isn’t that bad. And for its durability, the price is a bang.

Something to note

One thing users noted is, the first few miles with these tires are usually horrible. You will hate them. But afterward, they function as they ought to. However, some users said the tire is just an ok all-around tire, but it isn’t great at anything.

Users who had belt issues with some of their tires said Firestone would sell them as an all-terrain tire. However, once taken to them for treadwear warranty, they treat it as a highway tire. In other words, they will only attend to it if you drive only on highways. This, they found very pathetic.


The Transforce AT2 is a good tire. It performs adequately on both off and on-road. But not the best All-terrain commercial tire out there. Traction is great; it is durable and has low off-road noise. But if you cannot withstand highway noise, you may want to try another all-terrain tire. 

For the price, the tire is worth it. Most users, even though not overly impressed, they liked the tire’s durability and resistance to hydroplanes.  In the end, the tire gained a recommendation score of 5.6 out of 10.

Other excellent options include the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac, Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx, and the Bridgestone Duravis M700. However, these tires are more expensive than the Transforce AT2.

While the Transforce starts at $192, the Goodyear Wrangler begins at $211, the Cooper Discoverer at $251, while the Bridgestone Duravis starts at $242


Going by the research, we recommend the Transforce AT2 for drivers seeking heavy-duty tires for absolute performance. The tires are durable and provide adequate traction both offroad and on-road. Offroad noise is minimal, and if you can cope with highway noise, you’ve found your match.

The tires, however, are just good; there isn’t anything special about them. They just perform like every other tire out there. 

Great options you can try out are the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac, Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx, and the Bridgestone Duravis M700. However, the Transforce AT2 is far cheaper than them.

If there is anything special about the Transforce AT2  that can compete with its competitor is its tread longevity and hydroplane resistance. In terms of comfort, off-road performance, noise, and on-road performance, the Goodyear takes the lead, followed by Cooper and Bridgestone.

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