Firestone Destination X/T Review

Firestone Destination X/T

This is a review of the Destination XT from Firestone.

It is packed with reliable and accurate information to guide your next tire purchase. All information here comes from proper research, which entails manufacturer’s stat, owners’ review, and experts’ opinion based on drive tests. An indication that we didn’t write based on what we feel or think; it is purely based on research data.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, we can conclude that the Destination XT is an excellent tire for light trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs for off-road and on-road driving. It provides impressive wet, dry, light snow, and even deep snow traction. It can go through slush and mud without compromise and is fuel-efficient. However, the tire roars at highway speeds, especially for spirited drivers.


  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Wears evenly
  • Durable tread
  • Minimal road noise
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Impressive snow traction
  • Responsive handling
  • Reliable off and on-road traction


  • Little noisy at high speeds

In this Destination XT review, we will analyze how this tire performs on different terrains–on-road and off-road. This includes its grip and handling on tough, dry, slushy roads and highways. You will also be open to the cost of this tire and see how durable it is.

So keep reading to learn more about the  Destination XT from Firestone.


The  Destination XT was designed to withstand the toughness of any road giving reliable traction and grip. It improves fuel efficiency, is responsive, durable, and inspires confidence on the wheel, whether on-road or off-road. It comes with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, which means it can withstand even severe snow.

The all-terrain tire is built for pickup trucks (¾ and 1 ton), on-frame SUVs, and jeeps. Even though it’s not a high-performance tire, its ride is swift, seamless, and comfortable. Not a cheap tire, but an affordable option for drivers who want to excel through tough roads.



Users say the Destination XT was impressive on wet roads. It could go through standing water and rain without losing traction and hydroplaning. Thanks to its deep tread depth, open shoulders, and high void ratio that helps remove water from its contact patch.  On muddy roads, the tires evacuate mud so fast, retaining the tire’s grip and stability. 

Even on a 12-inch wet slop on 2WD, the tire didn’t fail. However, traction is not as good compared to a dedicated mud tire. But for what it is (all-terrain tire), users were impressed. 

Car owners without ABS could not lock their wheels on wet roads, which could be dangerous. However, the tires could hold the road well, thanks to the number of sipes on the tire, which allow traction in the rain and slushy roads. In fact, with these sipes, you can’t slide in any wet weather.


The tires do not disappoint in dry conditions, as they perform excellently on dry roads. It seamlessly hugs the road during highway drives.  On dirt or loose gravel, it gives excellent traction and grip.  Thanks to its aggressive shoulder blocks that provide extra biting edges to find grip in any loose terrain 

It can go through sand, rocks, and other tough packs without compromising performance. If the tires hold well on off-road packs, it is because of their deep tread depth, open shoulders, and high void ratio that gives impressive offroad traction. However, users say to have fun offroad; one should air their tires down depending on their setup. 


According to users’ reviews, the  Destination XT can perform well in moderate to deep snow without compromise. Not surprising, of a tire rated with three peak snowflakes symbol–making it ideal for all types of snow. 

One thing we noticed was, a majority of these tire owners were drivers of 4WD/AWD. But then  Some users confirmed that they could sail through any snow on 2WD without losing traction. A user confirmed going through 14-inch snow without problems on his 4WD. The evacuation of snow from tires was swift, a user said. 

Few others with just 2WD express their happiness of not needing a snow chain to go through snow or ice effortlessly.  Thanks to its high lateral density pattern that helps with snow traction with the interlocking lug, further enhancing snow grip.

Only a few users had challenges on ice.  However, while it can perform well on snow, it can never do well like a true snow tire. If you live in areas where you barely have to deal with snow, these might be good for you. However, if you live where you experience snow all year round, you may need a dedicated winter or snow tire. 

Braking distance

Users say the tire has good braking modulation as the tire can stop at a relatively short time without losing traction.


The tires are stable and can withstand even the toughest terrain most tires won’t dare. Users say even after much exposure to rough roads, the tires are yet to sustain any puncture. Additionally, users say the steering is very responsive 

Cornering with these tires is easy; they provide great stability and traction in turns. A user noted that he was afraid of taking turns on highways with a taller tire with deep tread for fear of wander or edge roll. However, with the Destination XT, there were no issues taking turns on highways.

Noise and comfort

Many users were impressed with the quietness of this tire on offroad packs and on-road. The tire has little to no vibration, which was quite surprising knowing it’s an all-terrain tire. With the radio and glass up, you wouldn’t even hear any sound.

However, for spirited drivers, that wasn’t the case. They complained that the tire produces little noise at highway speed. Some said the tires emit a noticeable noise around 40-45mph and increase with an increase in speed. But for average drivers say there was no noticeable road noise on highways speed 

The ride quality is great and comfort guaranteed. The tires hold on well to any terrain or keep the vehicle stable, thus giving maximum road comfort as you journey. The tire’s stability on-road is attributed to the interlocking sipes that maintain stiffness in each tread. 


The Destination XT comes with a 50,000 mileage warranty, but users get half mileage for rear tires if they differ in size from front tires. Users were happy with the warranty, giving them assurance the tires were built to last long. Some users said they had put on 35k miles, and the tire is still full of life.

For others, they are in their second purchase as the tires lasted as stated in the warranty. Thanks to the nylon reinforcement ply that aids durability.

Few users even noted that at 5,000 miles, they took the tires for rotation; their dealers told them the tires were doing great and wouldn’t need to be rebalanced.


The Destination XT has a starting price of $159 and goes up to $344 for the biggest size. Most users say for the quality of the tire, it is worth the price. Not forgetting that the tire comes with a 50k mileage warranty, many say the price is worth its longevity. Some tires in its class that are more expensive don’t even live up to 40,000 miles. 

Other characteristics

One thing that people loved was even with an aggressive-looking tread; the tires still give better fuel economy. Users were also impressed with the deep tread and proven pattern. They also liked that the tires were lighter than other brands in its category. 

Users also noted that as an LT, they expected the tires to give a stiff ride. However, it was not the case with the 

Destination XT as they ride pretty well. For many tires, performance, especially traction, decreases as the tread wears out. 

But for the Destination XT, the tires were built to give traction throughout its life. Thanks to the interlocking sipes that keep the tires active on the road. And most especially, providing a warranty supported by a vast network of shops was a big deal for owners.


The Destination XT is a good tire and can withstand the toughest road. So we highly recommend it for both on-road and offroad use. The tire is worth every penny. Traction is excellent, has low road noise, and is durable. It can be driven on the street, highways, mud, ice, gravel road, and even deep snow and ice.

But going by a few users’ reviews, we can’t recommend it for towing and a ¾ or 1-ton truck as they can’t handle the extra weight of the vehicle. Now, this is contrary to what Firestone designed it for. The size also plays a huge part. Nonetheless, many users were pleased with the tire’s performance, with most giving it a 4 or 4.5-star rating out of 5. 

However, tirerack says they don’t have enough reviews to rate the tire (that’s fine because it is not popular). But some users say if they were to rate the tire overall out of 10, they would give it a 9/10 rating.  Many recommended the tire and promised to make a purchase again.

But of course, there are always better options. The continental terrain contact AT, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A, and Cooper Discoverer AT3  4S performs excellently. However, many users noted that the Destination out passed the BFGKO2 and Continental in terms of ride quality. 

Surprisingly, all these tires are more expensive than the Destination XT. While the Destination XT begins at $159, Discoverer starts at $165, BFGKO2 at $170, and the continental at $208.


The Destination XT is an excellent tire, and we highly recommend it for offroaders and onroaders. It can pull through tough terrains; the ride is soft, it has low noise. On-road traction is excellent, has incredible off-road traction, and can go through unplowed roads effortlessly 

However, other good options are the continental Terraincontact AT, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A, and Cooper Discoverer AT3  4S. But while these are good tires, the ride quality of the continental is not as impressive as the Firestone Destination XT.

Nonetheless, what truly sets it apart from tires in its category is despite its aggressive tread, it is fuel-efficient, has minimal noise, and gives a soft ride. Don’t get it twisted; the Destination XT might not be popular like the BFGKO2 and others, but it is far superior to most.