Firestone Destination M/T2 Review

Firestone Destination M/T2

This is a review of the Destination M/T2 from Firestone.

It contains only accurate and reliable information about the Firestone M/T2. These data were extracted from the manufacturer’s stat, owners reviews, and experts’ opinions based on drive test. So be rest assured you’re getting the reliable information you need before proceeding with your purchase.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, we can conclude that the Destination MT 2 is a reliable tire for drivers who want to take on tough terrains. It is perfect for jeeps, pickup trucks, Big SUVs, and any off-road vehicle. It has exceptional off-road capabilities, low noise, acceptable wet traction, and impressive snow performance. However, performance relies on the tire's age.


  • Impressive off-road grip and traction
  • Excellent snow performance
  • Awesome dry traction
  • Long tread life
  • Responsive handling


  • Poor wet traction
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Throws stones and dirt
  • Noisy on highways
  • Performance reduces as tire age

In this Firestone Destination M/T2 review, we will analyze the tire’s off-road capabilities and performances in dry, wet, and winter conditions. These include its grip during acceleration, traction force during turns, and durability. You will also learn which vehicle it’s best suited for and its price.

So keep reading to find out more about Destination MT 2 from Firestone.


The Destination MT 2 is built for off-roaders who want excellent traction with dry, wet, and winter capabilities. It is Firestone’s successor for the Destination M/T1 and sits as number four among seven tires in its category. Most users say the M/T2 supersedes its predecessor all round-it’s quieter, rode better with much more responsive steering.

The Destination M/T2 is ideal for Jeeps, pick-up trucks, large SUVs, and off-road vehicles. It comes as factory tires for vehicles like the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willys and the 2016 Toyota Tundra 4WD CrewMax.

While it’s made as an all-terrain tire, it has the capability of an all-season tire. The Destination MT 2 is not cheap but an affordable option for drivers who want all road and all-season capabilities.



Few users were impressed with traction in wet conditions, even though you have to be careful. However, for the most part, the tires don’t do well in wet conditions. Users say the tires have poor wet traction, especially during the rains. But most of these users that complained about loss of wet traction say they started noticing it as the tire ages.

Some say it started at 15,000 miles and became worse as they wore further. At this point, they find it very difficult to maintain traction even at low speeds, making it unsafe to drive while raining and strips them of their confidence. However, this loss of traction does not take you unawares; it is progressive –from bad to worse.

According to users, on other wet off-roads, these tires are exceptional. They provide enough grip and traction on slimy, clay, shallow muskeg, or muddy roads, even on 2WD. Some users stated they enjoy pulling others out of their muck as it makes them feel their vehicle is the champion.

Even when the tires sink into the ground, it provides enough power to get out. Thanks to the tread blocks featuring 23° attack angles that provide optimal pulling power on loose surfaces. However, you must be careful and pay attention; else, the tires will dig you into trouble and slide just anywhere.


According to most users, the Destination M/T2 is rugged in dry terrains. You can go from a stopping point without activating the traction control light–they just hold on well. Grip is possible at all times due to its deep treads. Users say they find 30psi as optional tire pressure if you want excellent grip and traction on a Jeep TJ.

On dirt, sand, and rocks, the tires provide exceptional grip and traction, inspiring so much confidence in drivers. Those that used it on gravel pits, landfilling, and even towing a 37-foot 5th wheel had plenty of traction. In all these, their mileage was not affected. However, on off-road, users complained that the tires collect and throw stones, especially around 30mph-45mph– though not unusual for an off-road tire.


According to users’ review, the tires has outstanding snow performance. They provide exceptional traction in winter conditions. It can take on fresh, light, packed, and deep snow, even on a 2WD. On glare ice, they are just okay and perform like any tire out there. 

Another said tires were strongly resistant to hydroplaning in slush and deep snows at highway speeds. Thanks to the aggressive upper sidewall lugs that provide an increased number of biting edges that help improve traction on all slippery surfaces, including snow–one thing its predecessor lacked. 

According to users’ reviews, a major problem with the M/T1 is that it was built with a solid rubber to enhance longevity, but it accounts for its poor winter performance. But contrarily, the M/T2 was made with durable tread yet performed beautifully in winter conditions. Other users said while other brands they tested did well in winter, they were either noisy, wore quickly, or were too expensive.

However, for others, it was different. According to users, the tires don’t do well in snow, especially fresh snow. Users say the tires slip on fresh snow but perform exceptionally well with reasonable or about 2 inches of snow. Another driver with a 2016 Toyota Tundra 4WD said the tires had zero traction in ice and snow environment, which was quite disappointing for him.

Braking distance

Truly the Destination M/T2 provides a reasonable short braking distance in wet and dry conditions. However, according to test, the General Grabber X3 and Cooper Discoverer STT pro have shorter braking distances in both dry and wet conditions. But the tires, according to users, provide excellent directional control and braking on packed snow.


Users’ reviews stated that the tire’s tread block held well on the toughest terrains without chunking or clipping. And the ride is firm and confident. Generally, the Destination M/T2 has responsive steering but is not too responsive on wet roads. comparison test reveals that all three tires had better wet steering characteristics. Starting with the General Grabber X3,  Cooper Discoverer STT Pro, then the BF-Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3.

Confirming this, some users noted that in the wet, the steering response is sloppy and causes their trucks to understeer severely. Noting that when you try to add more steering input, it causes the tires to slide more. But then, this loss of traction doesn’t happen unexpectedly-it is progressive.

Some users stated the tires are unstable when cornering. A user even complained that the slides when changing lanes on dry pavements; felt like he was driving on fresh snow. On wet roads, as they go through turns, their traction control light comes up.

However, other reviewers stated that cornering on these tires is ok especially in dry conditions. As long as the psi is above 65Psi, you’re good to go. Nonetheless, test reveals that the General Grabber X3 has a better wet cornering force and traction than all tires in the comparison test, with the Destination M/T2 coming last.

Noise and comfort

Users say the tires have minimal road noise and are quieter than most all-terrain tires. However, they noted the tires were loud on highways, especially at low speeds. However, some users say on big trucks with double exhausts; you won’t hear highway noise. And even the noise it makes with smaller trucks on the freeways is not that terrible.

The Destination M/T2 ride quality is excellent and smooth. However, users noted that the tires are a bit stiffer on highways though some say it’s nothing to worry about. 


The Destination M/T2 does not have a tread life mileage warranty. But most users were impressed with the way the tire wore. According to some users, with constant rotation every 5k miles, they could put in enough miles and prevent uneven tire wear. Some users say rocks chewed up people’s tires via piercing. But didn’t touch their Destination M/T2 even after using it to work hard and dragging grounded vehicles. 

Another driver rolled over a big sharp tree stump, yet nothing happened to the tires. Thanks to the tear-resistant rubber molded into an asymmetric tread pattern. The mud and stone ejectors between tread blocks also aid in taking out debris from tires to prevent tears. 

To further enhance durability, the tires were made with three polyester casings to resist puncture and two steel belts for the tread’s stability. In the end, many users got up to 30-55k miles; some even got up to 70,000 miles. But this wasn’t the case for everyone.

Some reviewers noted the tire’s tread is not durable. A user said the outer tread wore quickly when used on dry pavements though he noted an increase in tire pressure helped him. Another user said that the tire wore unevenly and speedily, even with regular alignments. 

The user further pointed out that it’s possible the tires would do fine on SUVs or vehicles with less torque. But wouldn’t recommend them for daily/tow rig diesel pickups. 


The Destination M/T2 starts at $217, with the biggest size at $570. Users were very pleased with the quality noting that the tires are good bang for the buck. Price compared to durability was excellent as the tires could take as long as 70,000 miles. Many people found this unbelievably true.


The Destination M/T2 is an exceptional tire from Firestone. Off-road performance is outstanding and can go through the most challenging terrains most tires wouldn’t dare. More, it builds on a lot of wheel confidence for drivers. Dry performance is exceptional and can take on any winter conditions. However, they are weary on wet roads. 

Most users were pleased with the tire’s performance in all terrains and weather conditions except for wet conditions. They say the price compared to its quality and durability was beyond the imaginable–far better than most A/Ts and M/Ts out there. Users, however, gave the tire a recommendation score of 8.1 out of 10.

Nonetheless, a comparison test by tirerack noted that the Destination M/T2 is truly an off-road contender. However, other tires also top in the category. Examples are the General Grabber X3,  BF-Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3, and Cooper Discoverer STT pro. While General tires had better ride and noise quality, the BF-Goodrich and the Destination M/T2 excelled more in handling.

Interestingly, these tires are less expensive than the Destination M/T2. While the Destination MT2 begins at $217, the General Grabber X3 starts at $200, the BF Goodrich at $205, while the Discoverer begins at $197


The Destination M/T2 is a good tire, and we highly recommend it. They are monsters off-road and in winter conditions. 

So if you’re looking for a competent all-terrain tire that still gives great all-season traction, the Destination M/T2  is for you. 

They wear well, look great, and have excellent traction with very little noise despite the aggressive tread design. However, they’re not outstanding in rainy conditions. On wet roads, you want to be careful, but on dry pavement, they take anything you throw at them.

Nonetheless, other options you could check include the General Grabber X3,  BF-Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3, and Cooper Discoverer STT pro. A plus is, these options are cheaper than the Destination M/T2. If anything made the Destination M/T2 stand out, it is its performance on dry pavements, winter conditions, and durability.