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Firestone Destination LE3

5 Out Of 114

in All-season tires


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This is a review of the destination Le3 from Firestone.

It aims at helping you know if it’s the best tire for your vehicle. Remember, not all tires are made for your car. Even if everyone says a tire is perfect, the question is, perfect for what? Spending on something that later turns out not needed is frustrating. This is why it’s always important to consider what kind of vehicle and conditions the tire will be used in.

The Firestone Destination Le3 is an excellent option for drivers who want a quiet and comfortable everyday ride. Performance on dry and wet pavement is magnificent. Delivers excellent traction in all weather conditions. It features a lovely-looking tread pattern and inspires confidence on the wheel. For everyday commuting on the highway? This tire is a must-have.

In this review we till tell you in more detail what kind of tire Firestone Destination Le3 is and what cars it’s made for. In addition, we will outline how it performs in different seasons and pavements.

Keep reading to find out more exciting benefits of owning these tires and if it’s what you need for that whip.


The Destination Le3 is a replacement for the Le2, with its new build taking care of the inefficiency of the former. The Le2 truly is a great tire and performs well. But definitely not an excellent option for snow or slushy roads.

And the most annoying was the poor tread life. Most owners complained they barely reached 35k miles on them even though it was rated 60k miles tire. The Le3, however, has come with so much improvement.

The Destination Le3 is a top-level yet affordable highway all-season tire. Ranking number 1 out of 45 in its class. It performs well in both dry and wet conditions. Not quite a high-performance tire, but it gives a seamless, comfortable ride even at high speeds, and it’s durable.

It is specifically designed for light trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers drivers who want quietness and all-around traction. And gives drivers so much confidence even in harsh weather. Not a low-budget tire but an affordable option, especially for its worth.



The Le3 performs well on wet roads with impressively wet weather traction. Tires hug the road well and cut through standing water. In the rain, they ride well and are resistant to hydroplaning. All thanks to the open shoulder slots and optimized tread pattern.


This is primarily the strength of this tire. On dry pavements, they hold well to the ground and give a comfortable ride. Reviews show the tire provides good braking handling and acceleration even at high speeds. Thanks to nylon reinforcement used by firestone


The Le3 is a good boy in the snow; whether light or deep, they cut through it yet keep the car balanced. Owners’ review states that the tire can drive 60 miles through 27 inches of snow without losing grip–definitely a snow wizard. Only a few tires in its class can do this.

According to the Firestone Destination Le3 review,  the tire grips well and can scale through ice without sliding. These are possible because Firestone technology employs Full-depths 3D sipes giving drivers so much confidence in winter. However, it can’t match the effectiveness of the continental TerrainContact H/T snow traction.


Firestone Destination Le3 review notes that braking response on wet pavement is great. While test results confirm this performance, the test indicated that it does not match Continental TerrainContact H/T braking response. 

In dry conditions, the Le3 has a considerable dry braking behavior. However, the Continental TerrainContact H/T and the Yokohama Geolander H/T G056 seem to perform better.

The braking distance for the Le3 on dry roads is short, but  Geolander H/T G056 has a shorter braking distance. While on wet pavement, the Continental TerrainContact H/T has a better braking distance.



The Le3 handles well and connects well to the road in dry and wet conditions. And gives drivers so much confidence on the wheel. According to test, even though the Le3 tire is soft, the ride sometimes is rough, especially on roads with larger bumps. But you sure feel the road which translates into better handling. However, the Yokohama Geolander H/T G056 handles better.

Honestly, the  Le3 handles well in both wet and dry conditions, but sometimes balance is compromised. Thus putting the Continental TerrainContact H/T on top here for wet conditions. While the Continental and Geolander H/T G056 tops on dry conditions. While the Le3 handles well on snow, but definitely doesn’t match the continental.


Reviews show that drivers confidently cut through corners effortlessly in dry and wet conditions. Yes, this was confirmed by the test results. However, Continental TerrainContact H/T seems to do the trick better in wet conditions. With the Continental and Geolander H/T G056 doing it better in dry conditions.

Noise and comfort

Users reviews and test results noted that ride quality is excellent. However, not as smooth as the Continental TerrainContact H/T. Road noise is minimal–almost unnoticeable, even with the windows down. 

This level of quietness pushed this tire to the top of the group as one of the quietest tires ever.  However, tiretrack test noted that noise protrudes over larger bumps dragging it back. With the Kumho Crugen HT51 topping here followed by the Continental TerrainContact H/T.


Users noted that the Le3 has a durable tread life. In fact, Firestone ensures the tire from the inside is supported with polyester casing joined to two steel belts to strengthen tire tread.

Firestone has confidence in this; no wonder the tire was supported with a 70k mileage or 5-year tread wear warranty.  However, buyers get a half mileage rear tire warranty if the rear tires are of different sizes.

Unlike many tires in its group, the Le3 still performs even while the tread is worn. Thanks to The full-depth tread features crafted using firestone technology. Many users were happy with the tread’s longevity and stated that it’s far better than its predecessor–Le2


The tire starts at $146, depending on the size. And for most users, it is good quality and a great tire for the price. They aren’t cheap tires. But compared to other good tires in its class, they are a more affordable option.


Owners’ review proves that the tire is a good one. It works according to the intent of the tire designs. It delivers great traction and handles well in wet and dry conditions, with a long-lasting tread life. For many, this is an excellent tire option for on-road drivers.

Though it tops the continental and Yokohama in its category, the continental TerrainContact H/T handling and balance is better. While it is a very quiet tire, the Kumho Crugen HT51 is a better option. Not the best tire out there in all ramifications, but for its worth, the price is perfect.

However, overall, users were pleased with the Firestone Destination Le3 tire. Hence, they came highly recommended, with a recommendation score of  8.7 out of 10. And according to the tiretrack comparison test, overall, the Le3 is the best in the category of highway all-season tire. However, if you want better noise comfort, the Kumho Crugen HT51 is an excellent option.

For better snow traction and handling, take a look at the Continental TerrainContact H/T. Want better handling? The Yokohama Geolander H/T G056 is a real deal. The prices, however, are not close to each other. So you may need to spend more on some and less on others.


In a nutshell, the Le3 is a good tire. It performs flawlessly and better than its predecessor–Le2. The tires are smooth, quiet, and provide a luxurious, comfortable ride. Even though ride quality is threatened on rough pavements, it still delivers.

Traction is impressive for all conditions the tire is designed for. Even on snow, you can never feel threatened. For their worth, they are great tires. Excellent value for the price.

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