Firestone Tire Reviews

Firestone is an American tire manufacturer, founded in 1900. Firestone is a well-known brand all over the world, and it’s one of the first mass producer of car tires. In fact, Firestone founder was a personal friend of Henry Ford, which was an important factor for Firestone becoming the OEM supplier for Ford Motor Company.

The headquarters of Firestone is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Company currently employs around 33 00 people, and turns over 2 billion USD yearly. Since 1988 the owner of Firestone has been Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone.

Firestone reviews by model

History of Firestone

The founder of Firestone was Harvey S. Firestone, who wanted to bring a new tire technology from Europe – the pneumatic tires. In 1895 he bought an Ohio bicycle shop with a friend named Henry A. Kingsbury and made it into a tire factory for bicycles called “Firestone”.

In 1901 Harvey Firestone met Henry Ford and they agreed to work together in order to get more customers for both companies. In 1932 the company sold 90 million car tires, which was an enormous number at that time. The technology used by Firestone is still very modern today – it has been improved to provide better performance and safety.

Firestone today

Currently Firestone produces several types of car tires, original equipment for many auto manufacturers like Ford or Chrysler as well as replacement tires all over the world. The company is still very popular in Europe where it has a factory located near Antwerp in Belgium, which provides high quality products at an affordable price.

Firestone tires – Overview

Firestone tires have a proper grip on wet as well as dry roads. The price of Firestone tires is usually lower than the competitor’s products, which makes them even more attractive for customers.

By recent tests it has been shown that Firestone tire treads are very resistant to wear and tear – if compared with Michelin, Bridgestone or Goodyear products.

Firestone tires are often used by people who have a compact car and do not use it for high speed driving – the model is just right in these conditions.

One of Firestone’s newest models is called “Crugen” which has been designed to provide better performance on wet roads. Also, the treads are made to provide better grip in snowy conditions as well as during icy weather.

Pros and cons of Firestone tires

The main advantage of Firestone tires is the price – they are more affordable than many other products on the market. The quality of Firestone tires is very high, and the average customer would not be able to tell the difference between them and some more premium brand products.

Firestone also provides a lot of choices for various types of car models – there are tires with different treads which provide better grip on wet or dry roads as well as those designed especially for winter conditions.

The only disadvantage of Firestone tires is the fact that they are not designed for high speed driving – if someone uses their car to go to a track often, there are much better options available.


  • Lower price than competitor’s products
  • Good grip on wet and dry roads
  • Very resistant to wear and tear, even after years of use.


  • Not many performance options available.

Firestone tire reviews

Even though Firestone tires are not as popular as Michelin or Goodyear, they still provide an excellent grip on the road and overall performance. Their price is lower than competitor’s products which makes them very attractive for customers – especially those who want to replace their old worn out car tires with a proper model that will last for a long time.

Firestone tires are excellent choice for people who want to buy quality car tires which have improved performance and safety without spending too much money. The company has been providing its products worldwide for more than 100 years, so the experience of Firestone cannot be questioned at all – they know what kind of problems can occur with a car tire and how to avoid them.

Firestone tires are recommended for people who want a quality product which is also affordable at the same time. Many satisfied customers recommend this company’s products, especially those who have had problems with their old worn out tires before using Firestone models – they say that these new ones provide an excellent grip and overall performance.

Best Firestone tires by use case

Firestone tires are designed to provide excellent grip on different types of surfaces whether they are wet, dry or icy. They also have very resistant treads which make them last a long time without problems like many other models from this company do. The best tire model for every use case is mentioned below:

All season tires

For all season use, the best model is “Firestone Destination LE” which has been designed to provide an excellent grip on dry as well as wet road surfaces. It also provides good traction in light snow conditions so it can be used during winter too. The treads are made from a special rubber that resists wear and tear – this model will last for a long time without problems.

Off-road tires

If you are looking for an excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces, “Firestone Destination MT” is the best choice – it has been designed to provide good traction in light snow conditions as well as an excellent grip during icy weather. The treads are very resistant and can last a long time without problems like many other models from this company.

Winter tires

For those who want to drive safely during winter, “Firestone Destination Winter” is the our recommendation – it has been designed for excellent grip on snowy as well as icy road surfaces which makes driving safe even in bad weather conditions. The treads are also very resistant which makes this model last a long time without problems like many other Firestone models do.

Why Choose Firestone Tires?

People choose Firestone tires because they are designed to provide excellent grip on different types of surfaces whether wet, dry or icy. They also have very resistant treads which make them last a long time without problems.

The best tire model for every use case is mentioned above so you can find the right one according to your needs and preferences.

Consider This When Choosing a Tire Brand

The first thing to consider is the type of vehicle you drive – if it’s an SUV or a truck, there are certain models that will fit your needs better. Another important factor is what kind of weather conditions do you usually encounter? If they change very often and unpredictably (like in Canada), it might be best for you to choose tires that are good at handling different surfaces. The last tip is to read reviews online because they provide valuable information about the advantages and disadvantages of each brand which can help you make a better choice when it comes to your safety on the road.

Firestone tire review conclusion

There are many reasons why people choose Firestone tires – they produce high quality products which provide excellent grip on different types of surfaces whether they are wet, dry or icy. In addition, the tires have relatively good treadwear, given the price point.

You can find the best model for your needs and preferences in our website – in our model-specific review pages we explain benefits and drawbacks of each model in more detail, so you can make the best choice possible.


Are Firestone tires long-lasting?

Firestone tires are designed to last for a long time without problems – they resist wear and tear very well which makes them last even longer.

What tire sizes firestone offers?

Firestone offers a wide range of sizes – from 13” to 22.”

Where can I buy Firestone tires online?

You can buy Firestone tires online on various places – for example at – they have a wide range of models and sizes so you will definitely find the one that fits your needs and preferences.