Falken Azenis RT615K+ Review

Falken Azenis RT615K

In this review, we will be looking at the Falken Azenis RT615K+ racing tire. We will discuss its performance in different areas, how it lives up to competitors, and what pros and cons you can expect. Read on to learn more about this tire and whether you should add it to your racing gear.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


According to our research, the Falken Azenis RT615K+ is a fantastic tire under the right conditions but may feel lacking in other conditions. If your tracks are primarily dry, it’s a great choice for your muscle car or performance compact. For wet tracks, it’s likely better to go for something else, especially if you find the decreased wet traction of the RT615K+ undesirable.

While Falken will most likely not give the best lap times on track days, it’s a good option if you want to get a max-performance tire for an affordable price.


  • Low cost
  • Great in dry conditions
  • Comfortable ride
  • Highly durable


  • Not the best option for track days
  • Not best option for wet conditions


The Falken Azenis RT615K+ is a hobbyist race tire for performance coupes, racing sedans, muscle cars, and other similar models. It is not fit for use on most other vehicles and should only be used for these styles of vehicles.

Falken themselves refer to the vehicle as being “developed for maximum performance-minded drivers.” The Azenis RT615K+ is the follow-up to the original competition-winning RT615K, meant to improve on the tire as much as they could.

Overall, this tire focuses on performance as much as possible – but according to our research, there are more than a few places where it falls short. In terms of durability, this tire is one of the better options in its price on the market. It’s an affordable, durable tire that performs well in some climates and poorly in others.


In our research, we’ve brought together customer reviews and professional testing alike. The following section is based on the opinions and testing of racers using this tire and testers lining it up to battle competitors.


To get the worst out of the way first, wet conditions are far from ideal for the Falken Azenis RT615K+. The tire shows a significantly worse performance in wet conditions, so much so that it may be worth switching to another tire.

Speed is lower, along with worse handling, braking, and nearly every other feature. While the tire remains just as durable and comfortable, you’ll find racing in the rain a much more difficult task with the Azenis RT615K+.


In contrast, dry conditions are where this tire shines. Though the grip in wet conditions leaves something to be desired, the firm grip in dry road conditions might be the best quality of this tire. You can expect better speed, handling, and general performance as a whole in dry conditions.


Another of the best qualities of this tire is its high durability. Using a high-tension carcass helps to make sure this tire lasts as long as possible on the street. Treadwear is also lower than on other models, and while it isn’t going to last forever, you can likely get much more use out of these tires than leading competitors.


Braking is another strong suit of the Azenis RT615K+ (provided the driver isn’t in wet conditions). The strong grip of this tire helps ensure that braking is responsive and quick when you need to stop as quickly as possible.

Speed & lap times

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for overall performance and speed on track. According to our research, the Azenis RT615K+ leaves something to be desired when it comes to lap times on track – far from what you would likely want to hear for a racing tire.

Most customer reviews consider this as the breaking point of the tire, as it’s a tough sell to opt for a slower tire in a racing situation. However, the lower speed is somewhat minimal, making it still a great choice in lower-end racing or hobbyist driving – given that it’s a budget tire.

For occasional, not-so-serious track days and high performance street usage this tire is a great option.


The price is a general feather in the cap for the Azenis RT615K+. Depending on the retailer you’re purchasing from, the tire can go for anywhere between $100-$160, with the lower end of that range much more common.

That means that you’ll rarely pay more than about $600 to get a full new set of tires for your vehicle. In comparison to competitors, this is a fair and easy-to-afford price, making it great for racers on a budget. 

Hence, even though the performance might not be as good as on more expensive tires in the category, Falken is still a viable option for drivers who want a more affordable option & don’t need the ultimate best performance on track days.

Recommendations and Conclusions

With everything said, is the Azenis RT615K+ a tire we would recommend despite some minor setbacks like speed and poor performance in wet conditions.

Is This a Good Tire?

Overall, the Azenis RT615K+ is a perfectly fine tire in the right conditions and a substandard tire in the wrong ones. To that end, you should heavily weigh your uses and the general expectations of what you’ll find on the track before purchasing this tire.

When it comes to dry conditions, this tire shines brightly and would be a great addition to your racing arsenal. Though it’s somewhat slower on track than competitors, the great handling and strong response make it so that a skilled racer could easily make up for that skill gap.

However, it’s also worth saying that these tires are likely to be seen on an amateur or intermediate track. It’s unlikely that higher levels of racing would employ these tires, as they’re primarily meant for hobbyists and amateur racers.

While the accessibility there is fantastic, that doesn’t help much for an experienced driver trying to win their next race. As a whole, this is a great tire if it fits your needs, but you’ll likely graduate to something else as your skills improve.

What Are My Other Choices?

According to user reviews, there are plenty of other choices you can opt for.

The first is the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R, which comes in with a higher price but a higher performance. It performs fantastically on the track whether it be dry or wet, but also has a somewhat less comfortable and noisier ride.

The Dunlop Direzza ZIII is another competitor that fits a similar use. It has better handling, noise comfort, braking, and all-around performance, but comes in at a price tag some may not want to rise to.

Finally, the Hankook Ventus R-S4 is about as close to the Azenis RT615K+ as you can get. It has worse braking and general handling in dry conditions but overtakes the Azenis RT615K+ in wet conditions. That means that it might be the better option if your race tracks are commonly wet, but otherwise likely won’t be your top choice.

All four of these tires are fantastic tires to use depending on your exact use case. They each have their strong suits and weaknesses, and it’s difficult to recommend one over the other. It’s best to take stock of your expectations and needs for your track and go from there to see which best suits your racing.


According to our research, the Falken Azenis RT615K+ is a fantastic tire under the right conditions but may feel lacking in other conditions. If your tracks are primarily dry, it’s a great choice for your muscle car or performance compact. For wet tracks, it’s likely better to go for something else, especially if you find the lower average speed of the RT615K+ undesirable.


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