Dunlop Signature HP Review

Dunlop Signature HP

This is a review of the Dunlop Signature HP tires, regarded as one of the best tires for drivers looking for improved handling all year round.

Finding the right tires can be challenging, especially in the saturated tire market. 

As part of our routine, we took our time rummaging through multiple user reviews from online car owners. In addition, the review will also compare these tires to other tires in the same category. We also considered the tire tests done by other tire reviewers to bring you an unbiased review of the Dunlop Signature HP tires.

This review highlights the essential factors that make these tires standout performers. Some of the factors we will go through include handling, tread design, traction, and longevity. The comparisons will highlight how these tires perform in different terrains and weather conditions.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, we can conclude that this tire is a great option for high-performance cars. It is also best suited for dry and wet surfaces. However, you may notice a drop in handling, tire response, and overall performance when driving through snow or ice.

Our research concluded that the Dunlop Signature HP is the best tire for sports cars and sedans. The tires will offer near excellent performance, especially for drivers who don't experience heavy snowing in their area. The tire features innovative blade patterns for improved traction to ensure you get above average performance even when driving on snowy surfaces.


  • Handles well on all types of terrains
  • Tread design suits well for both wet and dry surfaces
  • Features advanced blade pattern designs for improved traction
  • Quiet & comfortable ride


  • Performance isn't excellent during the winter months.


This tire is specifically designed for sedans, coupes, and sports cars as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. These cars are built for speed, and as such, it is only fair to have a set of decent tires designed to help improve the car’s stability and handling.

Most drivers are always on the lookout for something that can handle multiple types of terrains when it comes to tires. The Dunlop Signature HP features a design meant for all surfaces, whether wet or dry. The grooves engraved on the edge of the tires help with channeling water and snow away from the tires to improve performance and handling.

Another standout feature of these tires is the asymmetric design on the treads. These tread designs make braking and steering easy and responsive. The tires also get enhanced grips on the surface thanks to the significant grooves made on the tires’ circumference.

Dunlop Signature HP tires are also designed for calm and noiseless driving and better comfort. These tires have contoured edges to make the ride more relaxed and improve tread life. A double high-density steel strap reinforces the tires’ treads for improved strength and durability.

Dunlop also uses their signature Jointless band technology on the Signature HP tires to make the tires long-lasting and capable of handling rough terrains with ease.


According to tests, these tires performed well on the track. However, some customer reviews highlighted that they struggled to use these tires during winter. The tests also confirmed issues with performance on winter surfaces. 

During tests on winter performance, the Dunlop Signature HP lost some of its traction when starting, stopping, or maneuvering bends. The tires showed excellent response on dry and wet tracks. Overall, the tires did return excellent results when tested on wet and dry trails.


According to most users, the Dunlop Signature HP provides excellent traction, especially on dry surfaces. Many users noted that the tires offered a quiet drive even on rough surfaces while absorbing impacts quite well. 

The tire response was also excellent when driving on dry and slightly wet surfaces. In Tirerack’s test, the Dunlop Signature Hp was outperformed by the BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S. The tests showed that traction and handling dropped in deep snow and ice.

Noise and Comfort

As mentioned earlier, these tires were one of the best performers in terms of noise reduction and comfort. Results from the tests showed that the noise from Dunlop Signature HP tires faded into the background. 

According to reviews from some users, these tires offered a quiet and comfortable drive on both rough and soft terrains. In addition, the tires performed well, absorbing bumps and dips.


The Dunlop Signature Hp tires come with a warranty of 45k miles. 

Remember that Dunlop uses the JointLess Band tech complemented with high-density steel bands to help make the tires more robust and long-lasting. These tires have more treadwear, evidenced by their 500 UTQG ratings. According to Dunlop, users can get free tire replacement during the first year after purchase. Some users noted that the 30-day pledge doesn’t include any discounts.


Prices of the Dunlop Signature HP tires start from 97 USD. However, these prices may change if you use discount coupons or come across any special offers.

Compared to other similar tires in the category, Dunlop is relatively inexpensive option and provides good quality for the price.


The Dunlop Signature HP are great tires, and we would recommend them to any driver looking for all-round performances on dry and wet surfaces. However, performance may drop during the winter.

The overall look and design of these tires complement almost all types of sports cars. Also, the tires offer a quiet and smooth drive on both rough and smooth surfaces. Most users were quite happy with the noise-cutting feature, making the drive more relaxing.

The Dunlop Signature tires are a good value for money at their price. The tires also come with a warranty option covering the first 45k miles. The technology used on these tires ensures that the treadwear is even all year long for proper balance throughout.

During the dry and wet track tests done by Tirerack, the Dunlop Signature came second only to the BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S. In addition, the tires also held their own when it came to snow traction and handling.

Compared to other Ultra High-performance all-season tires, only the BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S outperformed these Dunlop tires.


Based on our review, the Dunlop Signature HP is worth investing in. If you’re looking for a tire that will give you above-average performance on all types of terrains, you should consider getting these tires. The comfort and noise reduction features are a plus, considering that these tires give their best performance on rough and dry terrains.

However, its performance on snow is not the best. These tires do struggle to gain traction on snowy surfaces. The tests showed that traction and handling dropped when driving on ice. The response from the tires when steering or maneuvering corners will drop, and you might be forced to drive at slower speeds for better handling.

The Dunlop is a good pick against other big-timers in the Ultra High-performance all-season tires. You will get great value for your money and if you’re driving in areas that don’t experience heavy snowing during the winter months, rest assured you will get top performance all year round.