Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 Review

Dunlop Grandtrek PT20

This is a review of the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 tire. 

We have researched many customer reviews and made comparisons with similar models of the past to assess the features of the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 and help you decide whether or not it’s right for you. This review will contain facts based on comparative quality and consumer preference.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


The data and opinions we have collected from customer experiences for this article suggest that the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 is not an ideal tire. According to user reviews, the PT20 is best seen more as a replacement than a long-term commitment.

These tires mainly exist for crossover/SUV touring all-season trucks that should fare well against all kinds of weather, including light snowfall. However, users have shared their concerns over the tire's poor versatility against rain and snow and short tread life.


  • Adequate performance in dry conditions
  • Reasonable price
  • Best option for temporary tires


  • Poor traction on wet and icy road surfaces
  • Tire treads wear out easily
  • Noisy after a certain number of miles

In this review, we will go more in-depth about our findings to delve deeper into the PT20’s limits and capabilities. This includes the tire’s durability against several kinds of weather conditions, how it handles, and the overall comfort of the driving experience.  


The Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 is a tire model built for vehicles of the SUV and 4×4 variety. It is designed for all-season driving, promising to navigate snowy weather with minimal noise levels and sturdy traction across all terrains.

In 2019, the Toyota Motor Corporation announced the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 would be the original set for the Toyota RAV4. The company stated these tires would provide stability in steering, good wear resistance, above-average fuel efficiency, and grip in wet terrain. 

Compared to other Dunlop models, such as the GrandTrek AT20 and Grandtrek Touring A/S, the GrandTrek PT20 has low ratings from customer reviews. On a scale of 1 through 5, these tires averaged at 2.65. 

Other well-known brands, such as Michelin and BFGoodrich Advantage, outrank the Dunlop brand in durability, comfort, and treadwear. For the best crossover/SUV touring all-season tires, the Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S ranks 41st out of the 45 tires listed.

Many users consider the PT20 to be a quick budget replacement for worn-out sets of a vehicle’s original tire. 


Compared to other tire brands, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 poorly performs when challenged against multiple terrains.


The tire’s wet grip performance is considered one of its positives, but the consensus is still unfavorable.

According to user reviews, the tires contain little to no traction against the rainy season and left many drivers concerned for their safety with their cars frequently slipping.

Even in low rainfall, some drivers complain of aquaplaning when coming across mild puddles.


Under dry and summer-hot conditions, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 is adequate at best.

It is slightly better on drier surfaces, but based on reviews, there have been reports of dead steering and a lack of consistent grip during off-road travel.


Despite the PT20 being an all-season tire, many online reviews are negative about its performance during winter.

Out of all the weather conditions, light snow and slush seem to be a recurring issue, according to reviews. Worn out or not, the tires are also difficult to control on slippery curves at speeds slower than 20 mph.

Compared to other tires of the same class, such as the GrandTrek AT20, snow and ice grip are some of the lowest-rated features. According to tests done by TireRack, other tire brands have proven their quality against the Dunlop model.

Braking Distance

According to user reviews, the traction on these tires is poor and does not do well with brake times. This can be aggravated by the difficulties it experiences in rain and snowy weather.

Some customers experienced poor handling on intersections even at slow speeds when conditions were not optimal. 


In the absence of rain or snow, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 has decent handling in the right conditions.


Many user reviews have expressed similar levels of discomfort when driving these tires through rain or snow.

Driving through dry conditions is fair, though some users complained that irregular road surfaces are “harsh.” Some drivers recommend shock absorbers to balance out the rough and bumpy ride.

Noise and Comfort

According to user reviews, the overall feeling towards noise and overall comfort from the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 is mixed. 

Reviewers found that after a certain amount of miles (generally past 25,000), the tires would become noisy on the road and often unbearable during off-road trips.

Some users noticed tearing at the 25,000 threshold, with the risk of a potential blow-out increasing past it. Many customers stated that they invested in replacements after 20,000 miles. Still, other customers found the comfort levels to be adequate.


Unfortunately, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 has no tread life warranty. This is something to consider as according to user reviews, the tires tend to wear out past 15,000 miles.

However, a uniformity warranty does exist. If the construction of a tire leads to the vehicle’s inability to function right, it’s replaceable within one year of service or after the first 2/32″ wear.

Tires with poor craft quality or materials that don’t satisfy the standard requirements are also eligible for the workmanship and materials warranty. This offer lasts for six years with a free replacement within the first year or 2/32″ wear. After the remaining 2/32″ depth, it undergoes proration.


The average price for a new Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 ranges between $200 to $250.

For its low-tier quality, the standard price is reasonable. Still, compared to other all-season tires, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 wears out too quickly, leading many consumers to look for alternative options.


Based on the feedback and ratings provided by reviewers, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 should be seen as a short-term commitment. The promise of a tire that can traverse many terrains and weather conditions is appealing, but the PT20 does not live up to the expectations. There are better alternatives from other well-known brands.

Many users recommend the Michelin CrossClimate2. This model can survive harsh weather year-round and reviews praise its traction, handling, and affordability. 

The BFGoodrich Advantage TA Sport LT tires are also preferred over the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20. These tires don’t wear out quickly and provide a noise-less experience. 


Looking through all the tests and reviews collected, we can conclude that the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 is decent at the early stages of its lifespan, but replacements are often needed.

Compared to other all-season tires, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 lost quality within months of being purchased. They are unreliable in heavy rain and snow conditions, and require additional accessories to be viable in unfavorable conditions.

The PT20 is best considered as spare tires rather than a long-term choice. It would be wise to look at alternatives, such as the Michelin CrossClimate2 and BFGoodrich Advantage TA Sport LT.


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