Cooper Evolution M/T Review

Cooper Evolution M/T

In this review, we will discuss the Cooper Evolution M/T tire’s key features, benefits, durability, handling, noise level, and overall comfort. You will learn of the pros and cons of this tire, along with how well it performs in snow, rain, and dry conditions.

We’ve researched customer reviews, real user tests, ratings, and manufacturer features to determine whether Cooper Evolution M/T tires are worth the price and if they are of good value and performance. Our review is unbiased and completely informative based on user reviews, tests, and tire features and ratings.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Our research concludes that the Cooper Evolution M/T tire is very affordable and worth the money. It contains new features to help with maximum traction. The tires perform well in all-terrain, such as snow, rain, and dry conditions. Many users are delighted with their tires even after thousands of miles. However, users report a varying level of noise and the standard warranty does not cover much.


  • Contains mud slingers to keep your tires clean
  • Features shoulder scoops to dislodge rocks and stones
  • Made stronger with high tensile body ply
  • Excellent traction in snow, rain, and dry roads


  • Can be loud and noisy on main roads
  • Users have reported faster wear and tear than other tires

Next, we’ll explain in detail how we reached these conclusions. We’ll talk about performance in different conditions, comfort, durability, and more.

If you’re ready to learn more about what we’ve found, then let’s dive in.


The Cooper Evolution M/T is an Off-road Maximum Traction tire designed to withstand the rough conditions of any unpaved road. This tire is mostly built for off-road vehicles such as Jeeps, SUVs, pick-up trucks, or any vehicle that frequently rides on unpaved roads. The newer Evolution models have more improvements than the older Cooper Discoverer models. Now, Evolution tires have better wet and dry traction, and off-road comfort.

Cooper Evolution M/T’s higher trenches and larger shoulder scoops and lugs help dislodge mud, sand, and rocks. The tire’s durability is attributed to its stone barrier technology, forcing sharp rocks from the tire’s grip. Most reviewers show satisfaction over the tire’s performance and of the affordability compared to other brand-named tires.



The way these tires are built helps them have more traction in mud than a standard mud tire. The higher grooves, mud slingers, and shoulder scoops and lugs use enough grip to power through any type of mud, dirt, or another terrain.

Compared to other Cooper tires, the Cooper Evolution M/T ranks 6 out of 10 for its wet grip. While this may seem particularly low, many reviewers have positively commented about the tire’s grip on wet roads.

Some users have rated the tires with a 5/5 on wet traction and are satisfied with how well they ride in the rain and the smoothness of the ride. According to Cooper Tire’s website, other users have given the wet traction of the tire a 4.1 rating.

Overall, many users are satisfied with how well the Cooper Evolution M/T performs on wet roads.


The tire’s earth digger features allow it to cut through the toughest of mud, dirt, and terrain to get the vehicle to continuous movement.

Cooper Tire reports a 4.4 rating from its users on the dry traction of Cooper Evolution M/T tires. For dry roads, the traction is excellent, with users reporting steady, quiet riding.

A test done by Cooper Tires and Creek to Coast found that the tires allowed the vehicle to easily grip the dry terrain and power up steep inclines. This was supported by other users stating that their vehicle could handle mud and dry terrain easily.


Users have reported that Cooper Evolution M/T performs very well in snowy conditions, despite its 5/10 rating on Cooper Tire’s website. One reviewer specifically mentioned that as she took her vehicle into snowy conditions for the first time, the tires held firm and rode nicely.

Another user concluded that his vehicle could rummage through with hardly any effort even in deep snow. According to one test, the tires’ tread pattern works well with all types of snow—slush, tightly-packed snowbanks, and fresh powder.



Many users feel that the tires provide a smooth and safe drive. According to a user’s test, the tires offered a comfortable on-road experience. They reported that the ties were as quiet as a whisper, allowing for a calm drive.

Other uses report the cornering for these tires to be excellent and smooth. More reports show that the handling was also great. Users say that heavy loads didn’t affect the tire’s ability for mud, dirt, dry, or wet traction and that it handled it well.

Noise and comfort

Cooper Evolution M/T tires are mainly used for off-roading purposes and not street roads. Most of the reviews explained that when driving on the main roads, the tires were loud. Other reviews countered that and explained that it was mostly quieter than other mud tires.

Users say that the riding is very comfortable and smooth. One user specifically commented that the higher sidewall of the tires makes the ride very smooth, and the rigidness allows for fantastic cornering.


The Cooper Evolution M/T comes with a standard limited warranty and a 45-day test drive to see if they are a good fit for your vehicle. The warranty will cover a tire that is unserviceable only if it is damaged from an eligible adjustable condition.

The majority of users report that their tires have lasted and proven durable through mud, snow, and rain. Other users that have driven 6,000 miles or less reported the tire’s excellent performance and even the fact that the tires seemed to quiet down after the first 1,000 miles.

One user reports that even with their 34,000 mileage, the Cooper Evolution M/Ts have hardly any wear and still perform great in rough conditions.


The Cooper Evolution M/T ranges from $173 to $327 and is a more affordable option, with many reviewers stating their approval of the price and performance. Based on users’ reviews of the excellent pricing and durability, the tire is worth the price.


The Cooper Evolution M/T is an ideal tire for anyone who likes to venture off-road. As stated in many user reviews, this tire ensures smooth riding and maximum traction on rougher roads with a very affordable price and excellent durability.

Many users reported their happiness with the tire’s performance on snowy, rainy, and dry roads. A real-life test with a Cooper employee revealed the vehicle’s quickness and ease when driving up steep inclines, over rocks, and through dry areas packed with dirt.

Users love the way the tires look and feel while riding, stating that their noise level isn’t too loud compared to other mud tires.

Moneywise, this tire is very affordable and an excellent option for anyone not wanting to spend a ton on tires.


From the research and data collected, we can conclude that the newest Cooper tire, the Cooper Evolution M/T, is highly effective in snow, wet, and dry traction. Some of the most unique features include stone ejectors, earth diggers, mud slingers, and a sidewall.

Overall, most consumers are pleased with their tires’ performance, even after long mileage. However, there are mixed reviews about the noise, as some report loud noise and some report quiet.

Based on our research, we can recommend this tire for vehicles such as Jeeps, SUVs, pick-up trucks, and any other off-road vehicle.


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