Cooper Discoverer SRX Review

Cooper Discoverer SRX

Our review of the Cooper Discoverer SRX tire is based on researched tests, reviews, and customer feedback.  

The Discoverer SRX is a crossover/SUV touring all-season tire, designed for any size SUV, crossover, and even lighter trucks. They are available in 45 sizes from 16 to 22 inches and are effective for sun, rain, or snow. With the M+S (mud and snow) traction rating, these tires are great for any time of year. 

Our research comprises manufacturer data, actual user tests, and customer surveys that give us a well-rounded picture of how this tire performs. From our research, we were able to find out how these tires perform overall and what features make them a great purchase for your next set of tires.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Overall, our research indicates the Cooper Discoverer SRX tires are well-rounded, budget appropriate, and best for everyday use in most seasons. Knowing they have received high customer ratings and positive feedback from real-world drivers, we can recommend them.

The Discoverer SRX tires are made in the USA and carry a warranty of up to 75,000-miles. While there might be some options out there that boast more costly features, for the average driver, the Cooper Discoverer SRX is all you need and for the right price, too. So if you are looking for a new set for your crossover or SUV, the Discoverer SRX could be just what you need.


  • Budget-friendly tire
  • M+S traction rating
  • Great for any season
  • WEAR SQUARE® indicator tells you when to change tires
  • Long-term treadwear warranty
  • Many sizes are available for crossover, SUV, or truck.
  • Silica compound offers excellent fuel economy.


  • Not made for serious off-roading
  • Not made for heavy winter conditions
  • Steering feedback could be improved
  • Extreme weather can have adverse effects

Since Discoverer SRX tires are an all-around, all-year tire, our review will focus on the overall feel of the tire. We uncover how it performs in certain weather conditions, what the overall driving feel is like and what customers can expect from a set of these tires on their cars. Cooper tires also boast some unique features made for safety and driver comfort. 

Below we have a breakdown for you of the features and performance. 


As we’ve mentioned, the Discoverer SRX are great all-around tires. So if you are looking for something with a smooth feel that is quiet on the road but can get you home in a rainstorm, this might be the set for you.

What Is This Tire For?

These tires are optimal for short, everyday trips and designed to help you commute in comfort. In addition, Cooper adapted the traction on the Discoverer SRX tires to take away the bumpy traction of most off-road tires and instead included 3D Micro Gauge™ Siping, which interlocks tread elements together, providing traction and a smoother ride.

Dry Performance

For dry performance, the Discoverer SRX tires were rated excellently. The Discoverer SRX tires are made with what Cooper calls Stabiledge™ Technology which gives them better handling and overall steering feel. They have sufficient grip and offer a smoother ride on a summer day. The design compliments the commuter lifestyle. 

The customer surveys give them an 8.9 on stability, a 9.1 on dry traction, and 8.9 on steering response – indicating this tire performs at an excellent level on dry conditions.

Wet Performance

When surveyed, customers gave the Discoverer SRX an 8.8 in hydroplaning resistance and an 8.6 in wet traction, with another “excellent” rating for overall wet performance. 

They have additional biting edges, which help maximize stability, and traction grooves, that actively evacuate water from the tire treads to prevent hydroplaning. In addition, these tires have the grip to keep you safe on the road in the rain.


The Discoverer SRX tires are formulated with chemically-coupled silica giving them excellent traction while minimizing rolling resistance and ultimately offering better fuel efficiency. The tires have what Cooper calls a WEAR SQUARE™. The wear square is a traction indicator that will wear off over time. It starts as a square, and slowly each side of the square will fade away as your tire’s traction starts to wear. The wear square provides up-to-date information on how your tread is lasting. 

However, do not forget to rotate your tires. Discoverer SRX tires come with an excellent treadwear warranty. The warranty varies depending on your vehicle and speed rating, but it is longer than the warranty for many other tires. Depending on your vehicle, you can get a warranty up to 75,000 miles. So if you rotate your tires as recommended, they should last you quite a long time. 

Noise level

The Discoverer SRX tires have one of the best quietness ratings of all Cooper tires. This is because they were built with functionality and comfort in mind, designed to have you commuting, running errands, and doing all your everyday driving without excessive noise. 

Most customer reviews we found stated that these tires were either equal or quieter than their last set of tires.

Off-Roading and Utility

Here is where the Cooper Discoverer SRX tires might be a little bit lacking. Because they are designed for everyday use, they are not meant for off-roading. The traction of the Discoverer SRX is sufficient to be M+S rated and will give you good traction for a slightly snowy road, but they are not built to tackle heavy mud or snow. Therefore, for intense winter conditions or off-roading, it is recommended to change your tires to a winter set or a higher traction set of tires.

The same can be said for utility. For a smaller truck or average SUV, the Discoverer SRX tires can pull a small boat, camper, or trailer, and several sizes have a Load Index rating of more than 100. However, if heavy-duty hauling is in your future, you may want to look into a tire designed for larger trucks or bearing more weight.

Recommendations and Conclusions

Overall, our research indicates that the Cooper Discoverer SRX is a great tire for all-season commuter needs.


They pack a lot of value and features into the Discoverer SRX for the price point. However, other tires in this category scored higher on the various testing factors such as performance, etc. The Cooper Discoverer SRX ranked in the top 16 of its category, scoring an overall 87%. 

Positive user reviews for the Cooper Discoverer SRX were easy to find, with many customers quoting the great mileage, low noise levels, and good price point. Some users pointed out that extreme weather conditions, especially extreme cold, can have a negative impact on the tires, and they will lose air faster than normal. 

Although there were several complaints of this happening, there were also many positive reviews of the performance of the tire on snow and ice, so the extreme temperatures seem to be the adverse factor. Overall, the reviews suggest the tires perform as advertised and within a reasonable price point. 


This tire is recommended with a rating of 87%. The tires perform well and have good features for the price. However, there are options for both higher and lower budgets. We conclude this is a well-rounded all-season tire that fits into its place in the market well, but it’s not necessary the best possible option. 


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