Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw Review

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw

This is an extensive review of Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw winter tires and how they stack up against previous models and other tires in their class.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on our research, the Discoverer Snow Claws are not receiving the consistent praise needed to instill the necessary confidence a consumer should have when buying snow tires. Unless Cooper makes performance improvements that have people forget about the Discoverer M+S, look for other Cooper Tires for your SUV. These can only be recommended for your light truck if they get studded.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Additional studs for increased control
  • Durable


  • Complaints about traction
  • No improvements from the previous model

To see how we reached our conclusion, follow along and understand that the Discoverer Snow Claws are a relatively new winter tire, so they do benefit from increased testing, and reviews are limited. 


In general, Cooper Tires is a modestly popular tire brand with a loyal customer base. They are known to be affordable and have a high focus on safety. 

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw winter tires are the new tire model released by Cooper Tires in 2020. The Snow Claw has replaced the since discontinued Discoverer M+S model and is now Cooper Tire’s focus on light truck winter tires and one of three options for your SUV. 

We have done comprehensive research about the new kid on the block. We have inspected the tire’s specifications, their designed purposes and researched tests and actual user reviews on this light truck and SUV-designed winter tire.

The Discoverer Snow Claws are designed for light trucks, i.e., Ford F-150, Dodge Ram 1500, the Chevy Silverado 1500, sport-utility vehicles, commercial vans, and full-size vans. 

The Snow Claws have Cooper’s patented Snow-Groove Technology that promises deep traction in the snow. The Discoverer Snow Claw tires have increased siping and additional studs compared to previous models. 

Cooper assures the Discoverer Snow Claws are dependable for harsh winters and clawing through deep snow. 


The Discoverer Snow Claw’s performance is a mixed bag. According to tests by Cooper tires, the tires stack up favorably relative to other tires in their repertoire. 

User reviews, in general, have positive comments about the performance of these tires, but many users feel the Snow Claw’s performance pales in comparison to its most identical predecessor, the Discoverer M+S.


Tests done by Cooper Tires showed that the Snow Claws are on the higher end of their tires in terms of wet driving conditions. The Discoverer Snow Claw has great siping that helps the tire bite into the road for control in wet conditions.

There are several positive user reviews regarding the traction of the Snow Claw. Many users have no complaints in this regard.

However, some user reviews have complaints about the Snow Claws’ performance specifically in wet conditions relative to the previous model.


According to the tests done by Cooper tires, the Snow Claws perform favorably in dry grip relative to their other tires. The same tests saw that they are mid to low in terms of performance on trails and rough roads. 

Users have no problems with these tires in dry conditions and were even given a leg up on the Discoverer M+S on dry handling.

However, the Discoverer Snow Claws are specifically winter tires and are designed according to wet, winter conditions. 


In terms of testing, the Snow Claws are exceptional at winter grip relative to other Cooper brand tires, according to Cooper Tires. The Snow Claw has an impressive design. The deep grooves, the siping, and the studs are all premier features of a great winter tire. 

Many users praise the stud capabilities and recommend getting the tires fitted with studs. This is especially helpful for light truck drivers that may be hauling extra weight.

There is an abundance of user reviews that declare that the overall snow and winter performance is not up to par with the previous model, despite the great design of the Snow Claw. 

Cooper’s other winter tire options for the SUV get overall better user reviews for their snow performance. Many reviews state that they had to use their truck’s 4×4 more than they wanted.


Relative to other tires, the Snow Claws test well in a few respects. Cooper tested the Discoverer Snow Claws against three select competitor tires. 

The Snow Claws, on average, stopped 8 feet shorter on snowy roads. On icy roads, they stopped an average of 12 feet shorter. The siping on the Snow Claws is top tier and is responsible for this increased braking power.


Discoverer Snow Claws test in the middle of the pack relative to other tires that Cooper has to offer. 

The user reviews are consistent with this idea. Users have said that the Snow Claws are how all seasons should behave. 

Some users have had frightening experiences with the handling of these tires, with specific complaints of swaying and sudden shifts. 

Noise and Comfort

Discoverer Snow Claws test favorably in terms of noise relative to other Cooper Tires. 

Users have praised the Snow Claws in terms of their noise. The Snow Claws are a much quieter option than the Discoverable M+S model. However, the M+S model is generally considered a more comfortable ride.


Discoverer Snow Claws come with a standard warranty but are not covered by their tread wear protection.

The Snow Claws are being given props in their durability relative to previous Cooper winter tire models. The design of the Snow Claw creates flexibility and allows for the natural bend of tires. 

The durability of these tires is a welcome surprise from what we expect from Cooper Tires, which is a lack of durability. 

It is important to note that these are a new model of the tire at the time of this article, almost two years on the market, so most users have not even concluded two winters. 


The Discoverer Snow Claw tires range from around $200-$300, which makes them an expensive SUV winter tire, but a cheap light truck tire. There are no user complaints regarding the price.

Recommendations & Conclusions

The Discoverer Snow Claws are fine winter tires, but they are not exceptional. Many reviews of the Discoverer Snow Claws mention the M+S model and how they just do not compare. 

The price point is only cheap if you are putting them on your light truck, but then it is highly recommended that you get the optional studs inserted. Cooper Tires offer better winter tires for your SUVs.

After breaking it down, the Snow Claws are not recommended when there are better options for performance and price on the market. 


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