Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx Review

Cooper Discoverer S-T Maxx

This is a review about the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx.

This review looks at manufacturer marketing and real users reviews to provide a general idea of what user experiences are with the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx. We have researched a range of customer experiences to provide you with a broad understanding of this tire.

We don’t necessarily account for variables not mentioned in reviews, such as precise environment or the exact ways the tire is used.

We aim to make sure that this analysis of the user reviews is as close to an average of experiences as possible. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision about which tires you should get for your vehicle.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


After researching data generated from real user reviews, we have decided to recommend this tire for only some conditions. This tire provides a comfortable ride that starts quiet but can get louder with age. Some users also report uneven or premature wear, so you might want to look at better tires for the same price. 

The tire is great in all terrains, but it can run into some traction-related issues in wet weather. For this reason, we recommend this tire in dry weather but not in wet weather. Snow is slightly more complicated since some users report that they have no problem in snow and others say that snow renders their tires useless.


  • Great performance in dry terrain
  • Often good performance in snowy terrain
  • Quiet for the most part
  • Great handling
  • Cut and chip resistance


  • Uneven wear
  • Some durability issues
  • Spotty performance in the rain
  • Can get louder with age

In this review, we will look deeply at the durability and strength of the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx. 

Read on to learn more about how it handles different types of terrain and weather. You will also find out if the price is worth the quality and durability. With this information, you can find out if these tires are the right option for you.

Keep reading to get more information about the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx!


What is this tire for?

The Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx is a mid-range tire designed to handle all terrain and off-roading during all seasons. It strikes a balance between being swift on the road and strong off of it. The company markets these tires as providing amazing traction while protecting against stones getting stuck.

This tire fits 4x4s and SUVs. The Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx has Armor Tek3 construction that adds a 3rd ply which adds robustness to the sidewall and tread. This tire also has stud holes to provide a grip on ice and snow. The tire construction also aims to produce very little noise.



This tire’s ability to handle dry terrains seems like one of its biggest strengths throughout user reviews. Even people who do not like some aspects of this tire still praise its ability on dry and rugged terrain. 

Users consistently report that traction and handling are fantastic on all kinds of dry terrain. Users were surprised at how smooth and quiet these tires made traveling on rocky terrain. The tires are designed to defend against rocks and any similar, potentially damaging terrain.


While users say these tires are consistently high-performing in dry and rugged conditions, several reviews mention that this tire can struggle under wet conditions. Mud, in particular, seems to be a problem for this tire. These problems are exacerbated if the weather is particularly cold.


The reviews on these tires are relatively mixed when it comes to snow. Some reviews Praise the ability of these tires in the snow, while others say these tires handle snow quite poorly. When deciding if these are right for you, you may need to consider other factors simultaneously. For example, the type of snow may affect your tires differently.


According to reviews. Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx tires handle well even when they become a bit worn. They provide excellent traction most of the time. Owners with many different types of vehicles report good handling. 

Noise and Comfort

Several reviews mention that these tires start quiet, becoming louder as they become more worn. All reviews seem to indicate that these tires provide a good level of overall comfort, and this claim does not go away with time. 


Many user reviews report that these tires can cup easily, and they go out of balance quickly. While this complaint was not universal, it did come up frequently enough in the reviews that this seems like a recurrent issue. 

These tires have a warranty that covers a 45-day road test. It also includes a uniformity warranty that covers the first 2/32 inches of wear then prorated until 2/32 inches of remaining depth. The workmanship and materials warranty lasts for six years. 


These tires cost about $300 per tire. Unfortunately, with the durability issues and the lack of smooth functionality in rain, many people consider this price more than they would pay again for the same product. These tires may be worth the money for you if you do not live in a rainy or snowy area. 


While this tire seems to perform extremely well in dry and warm all-terrain conditions, you may want to look into a different option if you need tires to use heavily in cold and wet conditions. However, user reviews on snowy conditions are mixed, so these may work fine for you.  

In addition to this issue, another commonly reported drawback was uneven wear on the tires. These results are not universally common but multiple users reported these results. Other than these concerns, the tire is very good at other aspects of being off-road. For example, the traction and maneuverability of this tire are extremely strong. 

Depending on your needs, you may find these tires worth the money. Someone who lives in cold or wet climates may find tires such as the Goodyear Wrangler AT/S or the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 better for navigating that climate. However, if you live somewhere dry and warm, the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx may be exactly what you are looking for. 


This tire is best for driving in dry, warm environments. Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx does especially well on rugged terrain thanks to its 3-ply Armor-Tek3. Tire impact is reduced by an angled ply construction. The shape of the tire reduces scrape-related damage.  

The tire is not recommended for all weather. Consider the climate in which you live very carefully when you look into this tire. If you decide that this tire will not do well in your climate, there are other all-terrain tires that you should consider.  


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