Continental Sportcontact 6 Review

Continental SportContact 6

Read this article for a comprehensive overview of the specifications and reviews of the Continental Sport Contact 6 tire.

To conduct this review, we began by analyzing the manufacturer’s specifications. Next, we pulled various tests performed on this tire model. Finally, we compared customer reviews to help create a thorough analysis of the Continental Sport 6 tire.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


In summary, these tires are great for various weather conditions/seasons. Drivers have great traction, grip, control, and short braking distance with these tires. When you purchase these tires, expect to have excellent handling ability. 

Unfortunately, you may have to replace them often even if you do a standard amount of driving.


  • Short braking distance
  • Grip control
  • Optimal dry and wet weather driving
  • Good traction


  • Poor durability
  • Tires of compatible prices last longer

We used various methods to reach the above conclusions about the Continental Sport Contact 6 tire. Our research results are split into three main sections:

  • Overview
  • Performance Breakdown
  • Recommendations & Conclusions

Buying the right tire for your car is a big decision. Come along for the ride and read on to decide if the Continental Sport 6 tire is the right fit for you!

Continental Sport Contact 6 Overview

The Continental Sport 6 tire is built with safety and control in mind. Drivers can use these tires in all seasons. Use them on passenger cars such as SUVs, CUVs, and vans. It replaced the Continental ContiSport Contact 5 P.

Your driving experience comes with supreme grip, thanks to BlackChili technology. BlackChili combines natural rubber, special synthetic rubber, and soot particles into an ideal shape and tire surface.

These tires provide better acceleration and shorter braking distances regardless of weather conditions. When driving up to 350 km/h, drivers have better control thanks to the Aralon350 technology.

Thanks to the company’s proprietary technology known as ContiSeal™, flat tires can become a thing of the past. The layer is inside the tire and seals 80% of tire punctures.

Continental Sport Contact 6 Performance 


The tires appear to live up to all weather conditions it is built for. When test-driven on a Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche, these tires performed well in wet conditions.

The SportContact 6 was able to harness all-wheel drive and great traction. One test summary exclaimed the tires were balanced and predictable in the wet conditions compared to Rotalla tires. 

According to one customer review, flood conditions did not stop these tires from performing comfortably. The consensus is, these tires work in wet conditions.


According to tests, the wheels provided efficient grip on dry surfaces in a Volkswagen. When tested on Mercedes, the tires have control and predictability.

The majority of customer reviews praise the dry grip and it was the most mentioned highlight.


When it comes to driving in wet conditions, these tires can handle some snow. One driver mentioned constant grip and avoiding slippage throughout the snowy road test. 

Another review said these tires were worse than their snow tires. It seems these tires can handle light snow but are not a replacement for snow tires.

Braking Distance

According to an extensive 2021 tests, the Continental SportContact 6 excelled in braking distance. 

Out of 15 tires on the test, Continental Sport Contact ranked 2nd for dry braking with a distance of 33.7 meters.

 It also came in 2nd place for wet braking. The wet braking distance was 46.8 meters.


The word “comfort” frequently came up in customer reviews. The overall grip and traction on these tires get great remarks. Some reviews refer to the grip as “insane” and “phenomenal”.

A 2021 tests conducted with eight other tires saw the Continental Sports Contact 6 take 3rd place in dry handling behind the Bridgestone Potenza Sport and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S with an average speed of 129 mph. 

On this same test, the tire ranked 4th place behind Falken Azenis FK510, Goodyear Eagle F1, and Bridgestone Potenza Sport in wet handling with an average speed of 71.7 mph. 


Unfortunately, these tires are not very durable despite their enhanced sealant technology. A few customer reviews mention getting a flat tire due to a small rock or tiny impact on the road.

There is no specific info from the company about how long the tires should last. One recommendation is to replace once tread wear is 2/32 inches. 

The main customer complaint is the wear, even in regular driving. Several customer reviews mention bad wear and the need to replace the tires soon. One official test said the wear-down was balanced in comparison to a budget tire – not another premium one. 

Expect the front tires tend to wear out faster than the back ones. Such excessive wear may be a result of less tread depth. Several customer complaints mention worn-out tires at less than 6,000 miles. 

According to polls, only 63% of reviewers said they would buy these tires again.


The Continental Sport Contact 6 is not a budget tire. The prices start at $230 and go up into the $400’s. In tests, this tire has ranked behind cheaper tires such as Bridgestone. However, it has a similar price to Michelin Pilot Sport 4s.

Recommendations & Conclusions


The Continental Sport Contact 6 is a good premium tire that can compete well with other tires when it comes to weather conditions, braking, and grip.

Based on tests and customer reviews, this brand lives up to its claim of being suitable for all types of weather. Test drivers and regular customers love how they can handle it in both dry and wet conditions. Its dry condition handling seems to get the highest marks. Wet conditions from floods to light snow don’t stop these tires from reliable action.

Unfortunately, if you want a long-lasting tire, you need to look somewhere else. Quick wear is the main complaint from customers. At 6,000 miles, these tires may get halfway worn down. 

Drivers seem to enjoy the tires but many don’t care to replace them due to wear-down issues. While the sealant technology may help prevent excessive flat tires, it does not help the tires with durability in terms of surface wear down.

Noise does not appear to be a big concern. Most customers said the tires are quiet or have a standard amount of noise.


After reviewing customer reviews and tire tests, these are competitive tires that have a flaw.

Most reviews range from good to excellent. Bad reviews tend to focus on how quickly these tires wear down. 

Grip, traction, and ability to drive in different weather conditions get praise across the board.

However, pricing can be an issue. If you stick with these tires, be prepared to spend money – often. Pay upward of $400 for your initial tires but, you will spend more money to replace them quickly. Other tires of compatible prices, such as Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, don’t wear down as quickly.