Continental ProContact TX Review

Continental ProContact TX

This is a review of Continental’s ProContact TX tire.

We don’t take manufacturers at their word when it comes to tires. Instead, we research real-world statistics, professional tests, driver feedback, and the manufacturer’s specs to review each tire. That’s how you form an honest opinion of what a tire does well and where it lacks performance.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


Based on all the research we’ve done on the ProContact TX tire, we can conclude that this model from Continental is a middle-of-the-road choice for users who want solid dry weather performance, long service life, and reasonable comfort. 

Where the ProContact TX fails to measure up is in its ultimate performance in dry weather. 

Users report that though rated for good traction in light snow, this tire doesn’t deliver the traction needed to be a top-performer as an all-season tire. It will work well in light snowfalls, and it provides excellent braking grip in wet weather, but it’s not capable of extreme performance in dry weather. 

If you’re in a warmer part of the world and snow or ice isn’t a concern, you might prefer a tire with better performance. But, overall, the combination of solid performance, excellent noise control, comfort, as well as a modest price point make the Continental ProContact TX a good choice for an all-season tire.


  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent performance in bad weather, especially under braking
  • Affordable pricing
  • Designed for fuel economy and comfortable driving


  • Not capable of top performance in dry weather
  • Mileage can be inconsistent
  • Can’t handle more than a light snowfall

Beyond weighing the pros and cons of this Continental tire, there’s a bit more to know about how it works in the real world. Our research goes much deeper and forms the basis of our conclusion about this tire and who it’s right for.

Everything from treadwear, dry grip, wet grip, snow traction, performance, comfort, and treadwear life factor into our decisions and recommendations.

Let’s get deeper into the Continental ProContact TX so you can figure out if it’s right for you and your vehicle.

Continental ProContact TX Overview

As an all-season tire, the Continental ProContact TX should provide year-round competency and reliability. As a Grand Touring tire, it also needs to offer solid performance and reliable handling. It must also provide OEM fit and finish and also compatibility with many vehicles.

Continental offers this tire in a wide range of sizes, so it’s quite likely you can find it in a size that fits your vehicle, especially if it came with all-season tires from the factory. Continental brands their ProContact series with a minimum speed rating of ‘H.’ That means every ProContact tire is capable of service at up to 130mph. Other tires in the same series have even higher speed ratings.

Continental ProContact TX: The Details

So, based on its labeling from the manufacturer, it’s no surprise that among all Grand Touring all-season tires, the Continental ProContact TX tests well against its competitors. It’s not at the top of the food chain, but it is much more affordable than other tires that offer marginally better dry weather performance.

In fact, many of the tires that do better in performance testing also don’t last as long as the Continental ProContact TX. A set of Continental ProContact TX tires is a high-end choice for consumers who are on a budget.

The cautionary note for potential buyers is that outright performance isn’t in the wheelhouse for this tire. Here’s how the ProContact TX stacks up against its competition.


Since this is an all-season tire, it needs to be a jack-of-all-trades. Is it?


The Continental ProContact TX does quite well in wet weather conditions, and testing confirmed that it’s able to provide responsiveness when pushed to the limit and offers the driver consistent feedback through the steering wheel.

This tire shined on the test track, putting in the best time and outperforming other models in its class like the Assurance TripleTred all-season. It had only a modest traction advantage, but it maintained the precision in handling that consumers expect and demand. And, the traction advantage was remarkable under hard braking conditions. 


In dry weather, the Continental ProContact TX is no slouch. It’s dependably predictable and offers plenty of responsiveness, even when pushed through a tight slalom, launched down a highway entrance ramp, or hustled around a sharp corner.

But where other tires demonstrated extremely crisp steering and composure at the edge of their grip, the Continental ProContact TX proved a little less nimble and a little less grippy. 


In the snow, the Continental ProContact TX again rises to the top of the test sheet. Where other all-season models struggle to gain traction in light snow, the ProContact TX performed admirably, maintaining grip and providing neutral feedback to the driver even at the edge of losing traction.

It’s not going to be the best choice when the white stuff is stacked up on the road, but it’s not a dedicated snow tire. Those who live in areas prone to heavy snows or that see winters with snow accumulated on their roads or driveways might want a tire that’s better suited to those sorts of conditions. 


Continental ProContact TX tires are quiet and comfortable to ride on. Their design emphasizes fuel savings, consistent handling, and driving pleasure. You can find it on many higher-end vehicles where drivers demand a quiet cabin and minimum road noise. 


Overall, Continental ProContact TX tires are quite durable. Many owners even report treadwear and reliability through 50,000 miles or more.

Continental also stands by their tire, offering road hazard (1-year), tread life (6-year), and workmanship warranties (6-year). Unfortunately, they are also linked to mileage and wear, and the tread life warranty tends to run out, just as the tire gives up the ghost.

For instance, the H-rated ProContact TX treadwear warranty expires at 55,000 miles, and that’s right about the point when owners realize they’re going to need new tires.


Cost is often the bottom line in a tire purchase. And, in most common sizes, the ProContact TX is quite affordable. In a real-world example, you can purchase a whole set of four staggered tires for a BMW 5-series for about $500. 

And that investment is bound to last you for a few years of putting 12,000 – 15,000 miles of highway mileage on them. 

Recommendations & Conclusions

If you emphasize raw performance, the ProContact TX isn’t a good tire for you. As an all-season choice, it’s a great tire for your money. There are some models that are clearly better within this highly competitive niche. 

However, if you demand the insane performance of the class-leading Michelin CrossClimate tire,  get ready to shell out a few hundred dollars more to equip your vehicle.


The Continental ProContact TX is an affordable choice for consumers who need OEM fit and finish and reliability from their tires. It delivers consistent performance and grip in all four seasons. While there are choices that are better performers, there are few that are as affordable. 


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