Continental CrossContact LX Sport Review

Continental CrossContact LX Sport

This review covers the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport—a versatile tire centered around highway driving.

After concise research on manufacturer statistics, tests, and real-world user reviews, we have collected a non-biased report of the tire’s performance, pros, and cons. Based on our findings, it is evident that Continental has a solid reputation in the automobile world, and the Crosscontact LX Sport lives up to the Continental name.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.


The data and user experiences we have gathered for our review suggest that the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is an overall solid, all-season tire choice. This tire is specifically-made for crossover utility and touring vehicles. 

All in all, the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is considered a well-balanced tire with solid braking capabilities and advanced technology. However, its abilities in heavier snow are extremely limited, and it's wet traction could use some improvement.


  • Silent & smooth ride
  • Great traction on dry and wet surfaces


  • Relatively expensive

A few unique pros to the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport are the types of technologies integrated by the brand. Its ContiSeal and Contisilent technologies differentiate it from competitors. Another perk of Continental tires is their optimized rolling resistance. 

These tires are not solid performers in weather conditions beyond light snow. Similar to many all-season tires, their traction and tread begin to deteriorate in wet conditions. 

What’s There to Know?

We have analyzed the Continental brand’s overall technologies and the Crosscontact LX Sport’s specs, traction, and more. We will also delve into the comfortability of the tires, as many SUV and truck drivers seek a smooth drive. 

We analyzed the test results of braking behavior, steering characteristics, cornering traction, handling and balance, and overall track rating. 

Keep reading to find out if the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is a perfect match for your vehicle or if you should keep looking. 

Overview: Continental Crosscontact LX Sport

What is the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport designed for?

The Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is made for crossover utility and luxury touring vehicles, and provides smooth driving, easy handling, and strong braking. 

Continental Crosscontact LX Sport Tire Specs

The tire has an asymmetric tread and a flat design intended to enhance traction, particularly on wet surfaces.

Its speed rating is H, meaning that it can only handle speeds up to 130mph. It has a solid load index of 96: the higher the number, the greater the capacity. The tire also obtained an “A” rating in traction and temperature. Tire grade “A” is the highest; traction indicates how well a vehicle stops, and temperature indicates a tire’s ability to resist heat. 

It is not a winter tire and should not be used in heavy snow, although it can hold traction in light snow conditions. 

Continental Crosscontact LX Sport Tire Technology

Continental is well-renowned for its advanced tire technology. 

The Continental Crosscontact LX Sport utilizes a self-supporting run-flat system; this allows you to safely drive up to 80 kilometers (about 50 miles) at about 50mph with a damaged tire. The reinforced sidewall prevents the tire from breaking down in the event of a puncture. 

ContiSeal lessens the effects of tread damage. This technology can instantly seal punctures up to a fourth of an inch in diameter. It eliminates the need for immediate roadside repair. ContiSilent supports smooth driving—it reduces rolling noise by up to nine decibels with its inner tire absorber. 

Continental Crosscontact LX Sport Tire Price Comparison 

Many Continental tires fall among the most expensive of the top brands but have a strong reputation. For example, a tire that runs for $150.00 for a competitor can sell for almost $200.00 under Continental. 

Continental Crosscontact LX Sport Performance and Reviews 

We have compiled the results from extensive studies to ensure non-bias and accuracy. We viewed analysis on braking, steering, traction, and handling.

Braking tests are highly significant and are very telling of a tire’s quality. A tire’s effect on steering can directly impact handling and overall vehicle safety. The higher a tire’s traction grade, the better. Handling refers to how the tire responds to actions such as steering. 

To begin our research, we analyzed real-world ratings from drivers on the road. According to reports, the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport scored higher than two competitors. This is a notable win, as the Continental Brand prides itself on its Contisilent technology. Although a close win, it also trumped competitors for ride quality and overall road rating. 

Based on reviews from everyday drivers, the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport lacks handling capabilities.

We then explored its performance on a dry test track. The reviews remained high, with the lowest ranking in steering characteristics. It ranked highest in braking behavior and cornering traction. Other reviews further solidify these results, noting its impressive traction capabilities on dry pavement and conditions with light snow. 

A wet test track is where this tire’s performance becomes lackluster. Although it did not rank the lowest, it consistently scored in the middle among competitors for all determinants. However, its cornering traction scored almost as high as the winning competitor. 

Another important determinant of tire quality is the amount of noise output. The Continental Crosscontact LX Sport scored high among its competitors in the noise category, producing minimal tread noise. This is likely due to its ContiSilent technology innovation. 

Customers on gave this product a high score for ride quality noise, deeming it an overall comfortable driver. 


Overall, the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is a solid choice for sport’s utility vehicles. 

It performs strongly on the road, mainly in dry conditions, and provides a smooth ride with minimal noise. 

However, based on TireRack’s wet test track tests, we recommend that you do not excessively use the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport in extremely wet conditions. It can hold up well in light snow but begins to lose traction in more severe conditions. 


How do I know if the Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is the right tire choice for my vehicle?

If you have a crossover vehicle, SUV, or a light-duty pickup, this all-season tire may be a good option for your vehicle. 

What are some of this tire’s best traits? 

Continental is known for its high-tech properties—its ContiSeal and ContiSilent technologies differentiate the brand from competitors. 

What are some of this tire’s weaknesses?

Continental tires lie more on the expensive price range when compared to similar tires from competitors. They also do not perform well in heavy snow.  


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