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Based on our research consisting of user reviews, and expert reviews, the Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02 tire is severely disappointing and does not live up to the manufacturer's promises. 

The tire poses driving hazards on wet roads and lacks traction in all weather conditions, frustrating drivers and letting customers down on Bridgestone guarantees. On top of the disappointing features and performance, the tire is far too expensive to be so lackluster.


  • Decent traction in the snow
  • Comfortable ride


  • Poor traction on wet surfaces
  • Prone to picking up nails and flat tires
  • Expensive
  • Poor durability and lifespan

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Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02

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User Reviews

Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02

90 Out Of 114

in All-season tires


Miles Reported


User Reviews

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This is a review of the Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02, an all-season, disappointing tire with low durability.

We researched manufacturer stats, tests, and user reviews for this article. Expert tests and customer opinions are the most important factors when deciding if a tire is of good quality or not.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of our review as well as pros & cons listed.

To give you a complete overview of the Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02, we will discuss its performance in various weather conditions, its quality of handling, durability, and overall comfort when driving on the tire.

Keep reading to learn all about the Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02 tire to determine if this tire could be a good choice for you and your needs.


The Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02 tire is a passenger all-season tire. It is for sedans, minivans, CUVs, and SUVs, and has wide grooves for durability.

The manufacturer promises year-round traction in all conditions due to the high-speed stability and unique tread design. The tread depth is 9/32nds, and the load capacity is 1875 pounds with an overall diameter of 28.5 inches. The tire is available in 17, 18, 20, and 22 inches ranging from about $150 to $280.

With that said, these are certainly not budget tires, costing 25-50% more than average tires cost. Preceding models of the Alenza tire have fallen by the wayside, as the company promotes their Alenza AS as the new luxury tire that has everything a driver could want.

The manufacturer claims the tire performs in all weather conditions, will last a long time, and provides optimal driving comfort and handling. They recommend the tire for most cars, selling it as a high-end tire.

However, many user reviews and expert opinions we researched oppose the manufacturer guarantee, saying they don’t deliver on most of the features promised.


Performance is a crucial aspect in rating and reviewing a tire. Let’s take a look at how Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02 performs in different conditions.


The Bridgestone Alenza proves to have poor performance in the rain and on wet roads. A small number of people state the tires are resistant to hydroplaning, but the negative reviews outweigh the positives.

When driving on wet roads, the tires are disastrous and an outright hazard. Users of the tire say they will avoid driving, even if it’s just sprinkling due to the lack of traction.

The lack of grip in the rain is the number one complaint people have about the Alenza. The brake-traction is so awful, people felt the need to shift to four-wheel drive to make it home safely.

The users tested the Alenza tires on smooth, well-paved roads at normal speeds. A user tested the traction driving through a mild mud puddle. The mud caused the wheels to stick and spin despite his previous tires managing fine.


When users tested their Bridgestone tires on dry roads, they reported no issues and a relatively smooth ride. However, the tires still manage to take damage and go flat.

All users state they were driving in normal conditions at moderate speeds when the flat tires occurred, frustrating the individuals that had only just purchased the new tires.

An owner of a 2020 Silverado drove on the Bridgestone Alenza tires for about 4,500 miles before realizing the treads were nearly bald, and the tires were soft.


Interestingly, users that tested the Alenza tires in the snow were not completely disappointed. The tires perform much better on snow than in the rain, which is unexpected but still inconvenient.

The tires are all-season tires, but the manufacturer focused more on snow traction than moisture traction. A user noted that fresh snow is fine, but anything slushy and tires become a sliding nightmare again, hydroplaning and setting the ABS off.

Experts rate the tires to be better in snow than rain, making them all-season but not ideal for all conditions.

Braking Distance

User reviews report that the braking distance is scary, making it hard to grab the road and bring the car to a full stop efficiently.

The combination of poor traction and poor performance makes braking and turning quite treacherous for drivers.


Handling is important for the driver experience and passengers’ comfort. The noise, comfort, and overall feel factor into handling.


The overall feeling when driving on the Alenza tires is that they are comfortable, but the lack of traction takes away from the pleasant silence of the tires. When braking and turning, people can feel the tires struggle to grab the pavement, scooting forward uncomfortably, making for a shaky feeling inside the car.

Noise and Comfort

People report the tires are as quiet as Bridgestone says they are. Maybe they would work better in these aspects if they weren’t so quiet, but at least Bridgestone came through on one thing.

They aren’t the most comfortable tires in the world, but they offer a smooth ride on a smooth road. But when trying to control the car around turns, it can feel shaky or hesitant, causing drivers to be extra cautious.


The durability of the Bridgestone Alenza is horrendous. The tires seem soft, which results in a short treadlife.

One user drove less than 500 miles on his brand new Alenza tires, avoiding uneven roads, and suffered a flat tire. But not just any flat tire. This driver reported a massive tear in the side of the tire.

All Bridgestone Alenza tires carry an 80,000-mile manufacturer warranty. But many user tests prove the tires give out after 30,000 miles or less.


For the high price, Bridgestones sells their Alenza tires for, they do not deliver on quality or durability. A 17-inch Alenza costs just under $150, and the largest size, a 22-inch tire, costs $280.

The average price of a tire is between $100 and $160, setting the Aleza on the more expensive end of tire prices. Many drivers will pay big bucks for a high-performance, long-lasting tire, but not the Alenza.

User reviews state people have to replace the tires shortly after getting them, making the price not worth it.


Based on user reviews, we recommend you do not buy this tire. If you’re looking for a durable and high-performance all-season tire, there are much better options at better prices. Consider the Michelin Defender LTX or the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady.

These tires have a lower mileage warranty, but users report they end up lasting longer than the soft Alenza tires.


In the end, the tire lacks traction and makes drivers feel unsafe, especially on wet roads. For the high-end price, you are not given a high-end tire.

If you’re looking for an all-season tire that will live up to its manufacturer’s promises, the Bridgestone Alenza A/S 02 is not that tire.


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