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How Much Does Tire Rotation Cost At Walmart?

Editor: Ilkka

Last updated: August 19, 2023

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Are you considering having your tires rotated at Walmart but aren’t sure about the cost? With their highly proficient tire technicians, Walmart has made a name in offering affordable and reliable tire services.

In this article, we will provide detailed insights into how much it costs for a basic tire rotation service at Walmart, comparing it with other providers and exploring additional related services they offer. Generally, Walmart tire rotation is affordable—and with their number of store locations, they’re an easily accessible option.

Walmart Tire Rotation Cost

Walmart charges a straightforward cost of $5 per tire for their tire rotation service, making it an affordable option for car owners–especially for what we would consider decent tire rotation service.

Walmart Service—Budget Friendly

Walmart tire service stands as a budget-friendly option for car owners, with the cost per tire being $5. This sums up to $20 when you opt for rotating all four tires at once.

In addition to basic individual services, there’s also an appealing offer of Walmart’s lifetime balance and rotation service priced at $15 per tire – again showcasing just how economical their auto care center truly is in comparison with others in the industry like dealerships or independent establishments such as Costco, Jiffy Lube or Firestone.

Comparison With Other Tire Rotation Services

Let’s take a look at how Walmart’s service compares with other providers in terms of cost to rotate your tires.

Service Provider

Cost of Tire Rotation


$20 for all four wheels

Other Places (average)

$25 to $50 for all four wheels

Walmart’s Lifetime Balance and Rotation Service

$15 per tire

Walmart’s Valve Stem/TPMS Service Pack Installation

$3 per tire

Walmart’s Flat Tire Repair

$15 per tire

Walmart’s tire rotation service offers significant savings compared to other providers. With an affordable price of $10 for all four wheels, you can maintain your vehicle’s tires without breaking the bank.

It’s also worth noting the value of Walmart’s lifetime balance and rotation service, which is a one-time payment of $14 per tire and allows for free tire rotations for the life of the tires.

Additional services such as valve stem/TPMS service pack installation and flat tire repair are also competitively priced.

Benefits of Choosing Walmart for Tire Rotation

Choosing Walmart for tire rotation offers several benefits. Firstly, Walmart provides affordable prices for their tire rotation services, making it a cost-effective option for car owners. Secondly, with numerous Walmart stores available nationwide, finding a location to get your tires rotated is convenient and accessible.

Lastly, Walmart’s Auto Care Center allows you to combine tire services with other shopping needs in one stop, saving you time and effort.

Affordable Prices

Walmart’s tire rotation service stands out for its affordability, a pivotal factor for many car owners. The service, which typically costs between $25 and $50 elsewhere, is priced only at $10 at Walmart – that’s significant savings!

Regardless of whether you need additional services such as tire mounting, balancing or stem installation, each comes with a competitive price tag ranging from just $3 to $15 per tire.

Even the lifetime balance and rotation service offered by Walmart is budget-friendly at merely $14 per tire. This undeniable value-for-money offering makes it easy for individuals to keep up with vehicle tires’ maintenance without breaking the bank.

Wide Availability and Accessibility

Walmart’s wide availability of stores makes it incredibly convenient for car owners to access their tire rotation services. With thousands of Walmart locations across the country, you’ll likely find a store near you where you can get your tires rotated at an affordable price.

This means that whether you’re in a small town or a bustling city, there’s a good chance that there’s a Walmart just around the corner offering professional and reliable tire rotation services.

So no matter where you are, you can easily take care of your tire maintenance needs without having to travel far or search for an alternative provider.

Convenience of Tire Services

Walmart understands the busy lives of car owners, which is why they offer the convenience of combining tire services with other shopping needs. Instead of making separate trips for tires and groceries, Walmart allows you to get your tires rotated while you shop for essentials or browse their wide range of products.

This saves valuable time and effort by allowing you to multitask and take care of multiple errands in one go. With numerous Walmart stores conveniently located nationwide, it’s easy to find a store near you that offers both quality tire services and everything else on your shopping list.

In addition to their affordable tire rotation cost, Walmart provides a one-stop-shop experience for customers looking to fulfill their tire rotation needs while also taking care of other shopping necessities.

Additional Services and Costs

In addition to tire rotation, Walmart’s Auto Care Center offers a range of other services at affordable prices. These include tire installation, balancing, and even lifetime balance and rotation packages for added convenience.

With professional technicians and a wide network of stores, Walmart is your one-stop destination for all your car care needs.

Lifetime Balance and Rotation Package

Walmart offers car owners a convenient and cost-effective solution with their tire lifetime balance and rotation package for tires. Priced at just $14 per tire, this package provides customers with the peace of mind that their tires will be properly balanced and rotated throughout their lifespan.

With the Walmart lifetime balance and rotation package, you can ensure even wear on all four wheels, maximizing the longevity of your tires. This added service is not only affordable but also saves you time and money in the long run by reducing the need for premature tire replacements.

So why pay more elsewhere when Walmart has you covered with their comprehensive lifetime balance and rotation package?

Other Auto Care Services Offered by Walmart

Walmart Tire Center offers a range of other services in addition to tire rotation. These services are designed to provide comprehensive care for your vehicle, ensuring it remains in top condition.

Here are some other Walmart tire services offered:

  1. Tire Installation: Walmart provides tire installation services, allowing you to easily replace worn-out tires with new ones, including tire lug nut replacement.
  2. Tire Balancing: To ensure a smooth ride and even wear on your tires, Walmart offers tire balancing. This service helps distribute the weight evenly across the tires.
  3. Flat Tire Repair: If you experience a flat tire, Walmart’s auto care center can assist with repairing it quickly and efficiently–offering tires mounting tire inflation.
  4. Road Hazard Warranty: Walmart offers a road hazard warranty on eligible tires purchased from their store. This warranty provides coverage for unexpected damages that may occur while driving.
  5. Brake Services: Walmart’s auto care center also provides brake services, including brake inspections and repairs.
  6. Battery Services: If your vehicle’s battery is showing signs of wear or not holding a charge, Walmart can test and replace it if necessary.
  7. Oil Changes: Regular oil changes are important for maintaining the performance and longevity of your engine. Walmart offers affordable oil change services using quality oils.
  8. Wiper Blade Installation: Walmart can install new wiper blades on your vehicle to ensure optimal visibility during rainy or snowy conditions.
  9. Headlight Bulb Replacement: If you have a burnt-out headlight bulb, Walmart’s auto care center can replace it for you, improving visibility and safety on the road.
  10. Vehicle Inspections: From routine inspections to state-required emissions checks, Walmart’s auto care center can help ensure your vehicle meets all necessary requirements.


Getting your tires rotated at a Walmart store is an affordable option for car owners. With a straightforward cost of $2.50 per tire, Walmart Auto Care Center offers competitive pricing compared to other providers.

Additionally, the convenience of having numerous Walmart stores nationwide makes it easy to combine your tire services with other shopping needs. Remember that while the basic tire rotation cost does not include balancing, Walmart also offers a lifetime balance and rotation package for just $14 per tire.

So why pay more when you can save without compromising quality? Trust the expert tire technicians at Walmart for all your tire rotation needs!