These tires are amazing for their intended purpose. Their exceptional grip on rough terrain is such that I try hard to avoid driving on asphalt with my truck to prevent additional stress on all the parts. When driving slowly on asphalt, the tires can give the feel of a vehicle with tracks. However, this quality makes them outstanding off-road. I get the sensation of driving a spider-like truck while off-roading. I have taken my truck up some steep and rugged terrains with many pebbles and sharp rocks, and the tires have never failed me. I would be surprised if they ever did.
One of the things I appreciate about these tires is that they are among the few available options in this size. They fit onto a factory 17″ wheel and lift the truck about an inch higher.
By the way, if you are the type who drives on fancy 20″ wheels with 5″ sidewall and pretends to go rock-crawling, you might want to reconsider.