Tigar All Season 185/60 R15 88V

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The Tigar All Season is a high-quality tire that is designed to provide excellent traction and handling in all types of weather conditions. The tire is made from a durable rubber compound that is resistant to wear and tear, and it has a tread pattern that is designed to provide good traction in both wet and dry conditions. The tire is also equipped with a special tread wear indicator that helps to indicate when the tire is beginning to wear out.
This tire is designed to be used in all season conditions.

This size tire is usually used on smaller cars, such as sedans and coupes.


Tigar is a Serbian tire company that has been around since 1932. The company offers a wide range of tires for both passenger and commercial vehicles. Their all season tires are some of the best in the business and are perfect for those who want a tire that can handle any type of weather condition.

Tire Specification

Brand: Tigar
Model: All Season
Season: All season
Size: 185/60 R15
Load Index: 88 — 560 kg | x4 - 2240 kg
Speed Index: V — 240 km\h
Car Type:Passenger
Road: City
XL / Extra Load: No
RunFlat technology: No
Commercial / Reinforced: No
Year: 2019