Laufenn X FIT HT 265/65 R17 112T

The Laufenn X FIT HT is an all-season tire that provides excellent traction and handling in both dry and wet conditions. It features a unique tread pattern that helps to reduce noise levels and improve fuel economy. The tire also has a reinforced sidewall that helps to improve durability and resist punctures. The Laufenn X FIT HT is a high-performance all-season tire designed for use on SUVs and light trucks. It features a symmetric tread design with a high-density tread compound that provides excellent traction and long tread life. The tire also has a reinforced inner tread belt for improved durability.

What does 265/65R17 mean?


The tire width is 265mm.


The aspect ratio of the tire is 65. Aspect ratio is the relative height of tire sidewall. The number refers to the percentage of sidewall height in relation to tire width.


The letter in the middle refers to tire construction. Practically all tires sold for cars are radials.

Sometimes you also see tires with RF or ZR. RF indicates the tire is run flat, whereas ZR means the tire has speed rating higher than V. These tires are also radials, as the R indicates.


Rim diameter for the tire.

265/65R17 112T tire size

The width of 265/65R17 112T tire is stated in millimeters and sidewall height in percentages. In this table you’ll find out the 265/65R17 112T tire size in inches as well as few additional metrics:

In inchesIn millimeters

Section Width


Sidewall height


Diameter / Height




Rim Diameter



660 per mile 410 per kilometer

Rim Size for 265/65R17 112T Tires

Recommended rim sizes for 265/65R17 112T tire:

DiameterWidth Range

What does 112T mean?

The load index 112 means that the tire has been designed to support 2469 lbs or 1120 kg.

The speed index T means that the tire has been designed to be used in speed up to 118 mph or 190 kph.


Laufenn X FIT HT is an all-season high-performance tire designed for crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. It features an advanced tread design that provides excellent traction in wet and dry conditions, as well as in light snow. The tire also has a robust construction that can handle the rigors of daily driving, making it a great choice for those who want a reliable and affordable high-performance tire.

Tire Specification

Brand: Laufenn
Model: X FIT HT
Season: Summer
Size: 265/65 R17
Load Index: 112 — 1120 kg | x4 - 4480 kg
Speed Index: T — 190 km\h
Car Type:SUV
Road: On/Off road
XL / Extra Load: No
RunFlat technology: No
Commercial / Reinforced: No
Year: 2015
EU Label
Fuel efficiency: E
Wet grip: E
Noise level: 72dB