About us

Purchasing new tires for your car can be tricky. What size tires you need? What are the best and safest tires? How about price – should you pay premium price, and what places sell the tires you want for the most affordable price?

We are here to help. Our mission is to simplify the process of buying new tires. We do this by offering unbiased reviews, tire finder tools, price comparisons, size comparison charts, definitions for terms and much more.

Who are we?

Our team includes automotive enthusiasts, experts and engineers. Our deep knowledge on automotive industry, practical experience on cars & driving as well as theoretical understanding of mechanics behind cars and their behaviour on different conditions enables us to give expert advice on tires for you.

Our Story

The history of the blog/website

In the digital age of 2021, amidst a sea of misinformation and fragmented data, RadialZone emerged as a beacon of clarity for tire enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. While the online realm was overflowing with tire reviews, not all were genuine. Many proclaimed their tests, but few had actually walked the talk.

Driven by this inconsistency, our founder ventured to create RadialZone – a single consolidated platform for tire information. Not just any information, but truthful, tested, and transparent insights.

The founder’s background and motivation for starting the blog

An avid car enthusiast, our founder often found himself lost in the maze of online tire reviews, constantly questioning the authenticity of claims made. This personal pain point became the core motivation for RadialZone. The aim was clear: to ensure every driver, every consumer, could make informed decisions about the very things that connected their vehicle to the road.

The evolution and growth of the blog over time

From humble beginnings, RadialZone has experienced exponential growth, thanks to its unwavering commitment to authenticity. Our user base rapidly expanded from a few hundred curious visitors to tens of thousands of monthly loyalists, each seeking the best guidance on tire choices.

Mission Statement

The blog’s mission or purpose

Our mission at RadialZone is simple: To be the ultimate online resource for tire reviews, tire tests, and invaluable insights on purchasing the best tires tailored to your needs.

How the blog aims to fulfill its mission

  • Comprehensive Database: Featuring extensive reviews, user ratings, and results from real-life tire tests.
  • Reliability: Dedicated to giving the most comprehensive information about car tires.
  • All-in-One Solution: Why hop from one site to another when RadialZone is here? We collate data from various sources to give you a consolidated view of everything tires.

How we review tires?

Our tire reviews include and take into account real user feedback, real-life tests & comparisons as well as research on the features of the tire. Our reviews gather the information about tires in one single place, so you don’t need to surf around the internet finding feedback and information by yourself.

Our reviews are unbiased and honest, and we don’t get compensation from the tire manufacturers. Our goal is to offer you transparent information about tires – whether the performance of the tire has been good or not. Whenever we find tires which do not seem to perform as well as they could, we try to find a suitable alternative to make finding tires easier.

Our Responsibility

The blog’s editorial integrity

At RadialZone, our north star has always been unbiased, honest reporting. Our allegiance lies with the truth, not brands. We’re proudly unsponsored and unmotivated by biases.

Explain the guiding principles of the blog’s editorial team

  • Evidence-Based Reporting: Our data is derived from authentic tire tests and genuine user feedback.
  • Brand Neutrality: Brand loyalty doesn’t influence our recommendations. Performance does.

Affiliate Marketing Done Right

While we do utilize affiliate marketing for revenue, our commitment remains to our readers. Equal commissions across brands ensure our reviews remain untainted and truthful.

Ethical Commitments

  • Sustainability: We champion tire longevity, promoting sustainable consumer choices that reduce waste.
  • Transparency: We pull the curtain back, ensuring you know exactly how and why we rank tires the way we do.
  • Safety: Because nothing is more crucial than your safety on the road.

Suggestions for how readers can contribute to these practices

Your feedback helps shape RadialZone. Engage with our content, share your experiences, and let’s create a safer driving community together.

Connect With Us

Your voice matters. Engage with us via our contact form, drop us an email at feedback@radialzone.com, or connect with us on our Facebook page. We’re always eager to hear from our community. Your suggestions, reviews, and feedback drive us to be better every day.